Benefits of Sea Salt Spray

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray are really starting to explode now with many guys adding Sea Salt Spray to their arsenal of men’s hair care products.

If you look at any of the top men’s magazines Best Men’s Hair Productsand you will always find a Sea Salt Spray for men on the list.

So what are the Benefits of Sea Salt Spray? We will have a look at the list below before then explaining what Sea Salt Spray is and how you can get the most from this “must have” men’s hair care product.

Adds Extra Volume and Texture

Can be used as a “Dry Shampoo”

Adds texture to fine or thinning hair

Enhances Curls

Creates a cool unkempt style

Can be used alone or as a Pre – Styler

Helps to reduce Frizz

What is Sea Salt Spray?

If you remember visiting the beach as a child, you will  remember how you hair felt after a day at the beach.

Your hair had an extra texture, volume and newfound curl. That’s because salt water is known for absorbing the natural oils in our hair, and hence the extra benefits our hair has during trips to the sea side.

If like me, you love this extra texture and grittiness, that sea salt can help you to achieve, then Sea Salt Spray might be for you.

Best Ways to use Sea Salt Spray to style my Hair?

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray includes adding volume and texture to all hair types, helping to thicken thinning hair.

If you already have curly hair, it can help to show off your curls and also reduce the frizz.

Works just as well on straight or fine hair as it gives hair that extra volume and extra texture that you normally after a day  at the beach with the sea salt in the air.

It can also be used as a primer before finishing your desired hairstyle with a hair clay or a wax.

3 ways to use Sea Salt Spray

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How to get rid of oily hair naturally

If you suffer from oily hair, it will help you to prolong washing your hair by attracting the oil to the salt. Just think of the benefits of not having to wash your hair as often as normal whilst retaining a cool look.

Dry Shampoo For Hair

Dry shampoo for your hair is another product that can also be used in the same way as Sea Salt Spray by reducing the amount of washes you need.
However, a good quality Sea Salt Spray has many more benefits to offer and is a much better alternative. There is also no need to blow dry which can damage your hair.

Helps guys with thinning or fine hair

Yes, Meso’s Sea Salt Spray for men adds texture and volume to your hair with a light hold, great for most guys with thinning hair or fine hair.
Most guys start to show signs on thinning hair at some point in their lives. Even if its simply in one small area, it can still leave a dent in a man’s ego. With a good product, you will also achieve thicker hair that will help to improve any thinning hair.

Sea Salt Spray Men
benefits of sea salt spray

Can I use it on Thick Hair?

Of course you can. Texturising spray is great for adding extra weight and volume. It’s also a great hair product for guys who want to go out without looking like they are using a hair product.

For me, I always use it for a more natural and unkempt look that feels more relaxed and informal.

Is Sea Salt Spray good for fine hair?

You can also use the spray to reduce the amount of washes you give your hair. The Sea Salt Spray helps to reduce the amount of washes you need which is great when you have thin hair.

The last thing we want to do is over wash our hair and watch our hair disappear down the plug hole.

Thick hair is a great way to hide thinning hair, which is why it can be used to thicken your hair and add extra volume. This is a real Sea Salt Spray benefit!

Why Does It Make Hair Curly?

The Epsom salt in the Sea Salt Spray gives the hair the curliness and allows the hair to look unkept.
This is great because Epsom salt keeps your hair hydrated, so you can look cool and have amazing hair, even if it doesn’t look perfect.
Beach wavy hair is another term used to describe the effect as well as surfers hair.

What Does It Do To Curly Hair?

This is a great question, and easy to answer. Those of you who are lucky enough to be naturally curly, can still benefit from using sea salt spray.

You can simply add the Sea Salt Spray when your hair is wet to enhance and add extra volume to your curls.

Will Sea Salt Spray hold curls?

Rising in popularity recently as a product that can be used on either damp or dry hair. Some people use it to get the beachy effect which is more natural and curlier.

Think of wet hair drying out on the beach under the sun. Can you remember that feeling of extra body as its drying out?

It’s the Epsom salt that gives that extra texture and volume which is great for curling your hair and giving a totally natural surfer style hair style.

If you already have curly hair, then a few sprays and your curls will be to die for and more enhanced.

This is just one of the many benefits of sea salt spray and why it has become so popular over the past few years.

Sea Salt Spray Eczema

It’s a well-known fact that people on holiday can see improvements in their eczema condition whilst on the beach and in the sea.

This is because many natural minerals in the sea water help control the eczema.

The Epsom salt found in the sea salt spray won’t cure your condition, but it certainly won’t make it any worse.

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How to use Sea Salt Spray on men’s hair

Sea Salt Spray for hair can be used as a pre styler or as your main hair product.

A simple guide on how to use Sea Salt Spray, adding texture and volume to your hair is as follows.

1 Wash your hair – Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair feeling clean.

2 Towel dry your hair and shake the bottle to combine any separated salt and spray onto your hair.

3 Dry you hair – Using a hair dryer, style your hair to lock in your hair. I always advise men to start at the roots and work outwards.

You can also scrunch your hair to achieve the desired style. I always recommend a medium heat on the hair dryer.

Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Texturising is another word associated to our Sea Salt Spray product, and rightly so.

As well as helping thinning hair by adding volume, it will also add texture.

This a real positive to give you hair that added curl and waves to make your hairs appearance look thicker and fuller.

For many people, the many benefits of Sea Salt Spray make it many peoples go to hair styling product and texturising spray.

Does Sea Salt Spray Dry Out Your Hair

Like any product, if you over use it then potentially it will dry out your hair. Sea Salt Sprays contain Epsom salt for hair volume which gives you the added volume and texture.

For most people, if you use it wisely, the benefits of sea salt spray far out way the slight disadvantages.

Most good quality men’s hair products will also have other additives that will help to hydrate, condition and protect your hair.

Can I Get Beachy Waves Using Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt hair spray is the best way to achieve beachy waves and improve limp hair.

For best results, once the drying effect on the hair cuticle has finished, you will be left with a matte finish and your hair follicles will have natural waves and a beachy texture.

Your voluminous hair will have extra oomph and you can show off those natural curls and say goodbye to straight hair.

Beach waves using a sea spray has never been this easy. for most guys, the beachy look is cool and natural look on both short hair and long hair.

Why Every Guy Should Own a Sea Salt Spray

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sea Salt Spray bad for your hair?

Like anything in life, use it properly as directed and you will be fine. Overuse it, and for sure it won’t help your hair. Wash and Condition your hair as normal and you will be fine using a Sea Salt Spray.

Can I use Sea Salt Spray everyday?

Sea Salt Spray is a great hair product, but you still need to wash and condition your hair as normal to allow natural oils to do their job on your hair.

What does sea salt spray do for straight hair

Sea Salt Spray will add some extra texture to your hair, similar to the grittiness you will feel after a day at the beach. This will also remove excess oils from your hair as well as leaving your hair feeling thicker.

Best Sea Salt Spray?

Obviously, the best Sea Salt Spray is ours! However, there are many brands now available so check out this article by GQ magazine.

Benefits of Sea Salt Spray Infographic


Sea Salt Spray  benefits are there for us all to use and we hope that we have highlighted the main benefits in this post.

How do you use your Sea Salt Spray? Leave a comment below and help others in on your best practices.

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