Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives

Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives

The hair clipper is one of the most important tools for men’s grooming.

However, they are difficult to work with and cause many men to be afraid of them.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the hair clipper is getting more and more perfect, and it is becoming a common household appliance.

Of course, you have to use hair clipper oil to oil your hair clipper regularly.

Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable when grooming your hair. Hair clipper oil is very important for your hair clipper maintenance.

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Hair Clipper Oil – What It Is?

Hair clipper oil is a lubricant that is used to lubricate the blades of hair clippers.

It is a thin, oil-based liquid that is used to reduce friction between the clipper blades and the hair.

Using  clipper oil is not a requirement, but it may prolong the life of the blades and reduce the amount of noise they make.

If you have ever used a haircutting machine without the clipper oil, you have probably noticed how much louder it is.

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What Should an Alternative Hair Clipper Oil Include?

There are numerous products on the market that are marketed as an alternative to Hair Clipper oil.

They usually contain a list of chemicals that may or may not be harmful. The ingredients in many of these products are not necessarily natural.

Some ingredients used include mineral oil, alcohol, propylene glycol, and even silicone oil. These ingredients are not necessarily natural, but they are useful for other uses such as cleaning and medical applications.

Great hair clipper oil alternatives are those that work effectively without breaking the bank.

They should also be easy to use and should be suitable for both men and women.

Most importantly, they should be made from natural ingredients, because as we’ve already discussed, it’s better to avoid synthetic products.

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Hair Clipper oil alternatives

3 Best Alternatives to Clipper Oil

Hair clipper oil has been the backbone of a lot of men’s hairstyles for decades.

But, in recent years, a lot has changed. New hair clippers and trimmers are constantly hitting the market and with the new types of hair clippers oil.

The truth is, the older hair clipper oils are no longer necessary, and you can use a lot of different kinds of oils to get the best results.

Mineral Oil – Well, for starters, mineral oil is actually a liquid form of petroleum, and it’s frequently used as a cheap alternative to hair clipper oil.

 As a result, it’s important to know that mineral oil is actually a toxin that can cause serious damage to your hair clipper while it may be cheaper.

 In fact, a study was done and found that mineral oil may actually cause more damage than hair clipper oil because it stays on the blades longer.  

As a result, you should only use mineral oil with a brand new clipper or one that has had the blade completely removed.

Baby Oil – while it is true that there are many hair clipper oil alternatives that are available on the market today, few are as effective and long-lasting as baby oil.

Baby oil, in particular, is a great choice because it is made of a special blend of coconut and mineral oil that is designed to keep hair clean, soft, and shiny.

This oil is applied after you have dried your hair. This will not only help prevent static but will also help your hair to look its best.

Essential Oils – There are several reasons why Essential Oils are one of the best hair clipper oil alternatives. Essential oils are a natural and environmentally friendly way to protect your hair from the damage of overheating.

Some essential oils can be used to block out the smell of burnt hair, making your hairdressing experience more pleasant. Essential oils can be used before, during, and after hair clipper use, while hair clipper oil cannot.

Also, using Essential Oils will help you to achieve a shiny, healthy head of hair.

What Oils Should Not Be Used

Hair clipper oils are usually vegetable oils or other oils that are commonly used in your pantry.

Many times, the oils are used alone, or they are used in conjunction with other oils to provide a variety of benefits.

However, one of the most important aspects of using the oils is to make sure that you do not use the following as a hair clipper alternative:

3 -in-1 Oil – This oil can gum up the blade, which can then cause the cutting blade to stop working properly.

Wd40 – The main issue with WD40 is that it is made with silicone and is therefore very sticky.

This sticky residue can attract dirt and give your hair a dull, unappealing appearance.

Coconut Oil – It is composed of saturated fats, which will leave your blades clogged.

It is also very sticky and will leave residue on your clippers that will eventually wear down the blades.

Silicon Oil – It is too viscous for hair clippers. It can actually make your hair clipper malfunction.

 Canola Oil – It is used to reduce friction between the moving parts to make your hair clipper as efficient as possible.

It is because of this fact that as you use your hair clipper more, it becomes heavier, and that causes more wear and tear on the moving parts.

 Sewing Machine Oil – It will make your hair dry and brittle.

Also, breathing in the fumes from this oil for a longer amount of time can cause nausea and headaches.

Olive Oil – It is acidic, and this means that it will eat away at the blades of your hair clipper, and after a while, they will not work as effectively as they should.

Beard Oil – While this works as a lubricant for the blades, it also leaves your hair dull and oily.

Vegetable Oil – adds undesirable fragrances and colors to your hair.

It can also clog the blades of your clippers and prevent them from properly cutting hair.

Jojoba Oil – It lacks the right kind of consistency to work properly with the blades.

The oils that are used for cooking or frying food can be extremely damaging to your hair clippers.

The clippers are made of very delicate parts, most of which are made of steel or metal. The oils will start to corrode the clippers and shorten the life span of the product.

If you want to make sure that your hair clipper continues to work properly, you should consider choosing another alternative that will guarantee the best possible results.

Final Thoughts

Hair Clipper Oils alternatives are obviously are not as simple as you might think.

For me, I personally love my hair clipper oil as it does what it says on the tin and its what recommended by the manufacturers such as Wahl and Braun

That said, people like  try alternative hair clipper oils for many reasons, and we hope we have covered all of the main alternatives in this article.

Do you have a favorite hair clipper oil alternative If yes, Share it in the comments below so our audience can benefit from you experience. 

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