Men's Hair Volumising Powder

Hair powder for men by Meso

Men’s Hair Volumising Powder is a must have men’s grooming  and hair product. You can use our hair powder for styling to help you get extra volume and texture.  With invisible hold, you can  rework your look during the day whilst giving your hair the strength to re style as you go. 

Great for guys looking for an easy and fast to use  men’s hair care product. Use it on the go as part of your grooming kit. Hair styling powder for men comes in a travel friendly 20g bottle. 


How To Use Styling Powder Men's Hair

The best thing about our Men’s Hair Volumising  Powder is how easy it is to use!

Place a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand

Apply directly to your hair 

Mess it up a little to distribute all of the powder into the hair

Create your style and required look

Rework and restyle as and when required. Add some extra powder for desired look

Hair volumising powder from Meso adds volume and texture to mens hair

Is Volumizing Powder Bad for Hair?

If you use the product as per the instructions, then the product is perfectly safe to use. When using any hair product, we fully recommend not leaving the product on your hair for too long.

Wash your hair as normal to prevent any build up of product which could potentially cause dryness, itching or flaking of your scalp.

Check out our Product Range

Meso offer a full range of Men’s Grooming and hair care products that are formulated specifically for guys!  Our products also offer hair solutions to thinning hair with our signature Sea Salt Spray. This will add extra volume and texture to thicken your hair. You can also use it with our Grooming Clay and Styling Creme.

Meso are a family run business that has over 30 years experience within the Barbering industry and we have used this knowledge to formulate the best products available on the market. We offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not 100% happy with your purchases.