Advertising and Sponsorship at Mesomen 

At, we offer bespoke advertising solutions to our brand sponsors and partners, aiming to connect them with our discerning and knowledgeable audience. 

Our Approach to Advertising 

Similar to our editorial policy, our advertising and sponsorships adhere to stringent guidelines to maintain integrity, transparency, and accountability. All sponsored content and partnerships undergo thorough review and approval by our editorial team to uphold the trustworthiness of our platform. We ensure a clear distinction between sponsored content and editorial material, preserving the authenticity of our editorial voice. 

Transparency and Disclosure 

Transparency is paramount in our advertising practices. We are committed to clearly disclosing the nature of advertising and sponsorship relationships. Sponsored content is prominently marked to ensure transparency and provide our audience with full awareness of the commercial nature of the material. 

Our Commitment to Quality Content 

At, we strive to be a trusted source of product information and coverage. Our content is meticulously curated under strict editorial guidelines to deliver accurate, relevant, and engaging content that empowers and informs our audience. We aim to inspire, educate, and facilitate positive purchasing decisions through our approachable and authoritative content. 

Funding and Revenue 

As an independent publication, is primarily funded through advertising revenue generated from our website, apps, social media platforms, and partner publications. We collaborate with sponsors to create co-branded or branded content, always ensuring clear labeling to maintain transparency and credibility. 

Advertising Standards and Guidelines 

  • Review Process: All written advertising content undergoes thorough review and approval by our editorial team before publication to uphold our editorial standards and integrity. 
  • Ad Acceptance Policy: We reserve the right to reject or remove any advertisements that do not align with our editorial policy or ethics. We do not accept ads for harmful, illegal, or objectionable products or services. 
  • Clear Distinction: We maintain a clear separation between advertisements and editorial content, ensuring that all ads are prominently identified as such to avoid confusion. 
  • Affiliate Revenue Disclosure: Some of the products featured on may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we may receive a commission, but rest assured, our editorial decisions are independent and driven by the quality and relevance of the products. 

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