How To Shave Pubic Hair For Men

The thought of shaving is quite often an exhilarating thought, since it’ll refresh your looks and enhance your styling potentials. But when it comes for men to shave the pubic region, it feels like a task that’s not exciting, but needs to be done anyway.

We are here for this purpose exactly – to remove the fear you may have about this particular shaving process by offering all the things you need to know. Once you’ve read through this article, you’ll realize that you’ve become more confident in undertaking this challenge.

To ease up the process, we’ve provided the list of things you’ll be needing, a preparation & post-shave instruction along with step-by-step shaving guidelines.

We’ve also incorporated some nifty little tips to assist in these proceedings, and explored some of the frequently asked questions that men have while pubic shaving.

According to the National Library Of Medicine’s survey of men found that over four thousand one hundred and ninety-eight men completed the survey. Of these men, 2,120 (50.5%) reported regular pubic hair grooming.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this article and learn how to shave pubic hair for men!

Things You’ll Need To Shave Pubic Hair

For your convenience, we’ve sorted out the things you’re going to need while shaving your pubes. If you have these at your arm’s reach during the shaving, I can assure that you’re up for a smooth experience.

  • Trimmer
  • Razor
  • Water
  • Shaving Oil/Foam
  • Moisturizer
  • Towel
  • Antiseptics

You can have additional items around, like a soap or a shampoo, but having these basic things should give you the green signal for shaving.

how to shave pubic hair for men
man with a trimmer

Preparation for Shaving Pubic Hair

Preparation is more important than the shaving procedure itself. If you prepare right, then you’ll be minimizing all the risk associated with the pubes shaving experience.

Pick The Right Razor

Picking the right razor is very important in terms of shaving pubic hair for men. Because, not all razors are made to adjust to the tricky genital area and can often cause serious accidents.

It is wise to pick razors that are particularly made for such purposes. Body shaving razors should do fine as well, but it is still advised to check the level of flexibility the razer has to offer before buying it.


Your genital area can play host to a number of different bacteria due to the sweatiness. So it is wise and ideal to disinfect the area properly, otherwise injuring yourself while shaving can expose you to certain infections.

You can disinfect your genitals by having a warm shower before shaving, or washing with lukewarm water. You can add liquid disinfectants in the water or use a soap for proper cleaning.

Pre-shave Oil

Applying some shaving oil before you put your blades down can provide you with a smooth experience. It reduces friction between skin & blade which generally minimizes the chances of an accidental cut. However, you’ll still need to be vigilant because oiling won’t always protect you.

Keep First Aid Around

More than half of the men have faced minor injuries like small cuts to serious ones during the pubic area shaving process. Although you will be careful and do everything according to the book, it is still recommended that you keep your first aid kit around.

If you don’t have a kit, then at least keep some clean gauges or a towel, some antiseptics and medicinal cottons around. These will come in handy should there be any accidental mishaps.

How to shave pubic hair for men
Man with a razor about to trim his pubic hair

Complete Pubic Hair Shaving Tutorial For Men

Shaving your pubic region may feel like a challenging task to perform, but we have broken the whole process down into 7 small & easy steps. If you follow along, you’ll find your genitals clean from all the pubic hair in less than no time!

Step 1: Trim

Some may recommend taking a shower before shaving your pubes. It isn’t completely incorrect, as it depends on your situation down there. If you feel your pubes have grown a significant amount, then you should trim it down first with your trimmer.

Trimming after shower can be very difficult, as wet hair isn’t the easiest thing to trim through. You can use a body trimmer for this purpose. Keep the trimming guards on, because you don’t need to trim down to the skin. It will also protect you from unwanted cuts.

Step 2: Shower

The second step for pubic area shaving is taking a warm shower. You can avoid showers if you want to, but having a shower beforehand softens your pubes and cleans up the residue hair from trimming.

Showering also helps in disinfecting (as mentioned earlier), and shaving right after shower helps you clean up relatively easily. Make sure not to clog your drains, then you’ll have some embarrassing explaining to do!

Step 3: Shaving Gel or Foam

Applying shaving foam or gel ensures trouble-free shaving is in progress. It moistens the hair roots and allows the razor for a smooth operation down in your genital area.

Step 4: Shave

This is the most crucial step of this process. Go for the PSS method for a better result – Patience, Short Strokes and Stretch.

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What you need to remember is – patience is the name of the game. Be patient, and don’t be hasty.

Short Strokes

Shave in short & light strokes, don’t try to go for long ones because you’ll lose the sense of depth. As the genitalia is a tricky area, keeping it down to simple is the ideal way to go.

Stretch Your Skin

The wrinkles in your pubic region can give you a hard time. You need to be very cautious & gentle. Stretch your skin so that the blades don’t find any obstacles.

You can apply the same method for shaving your balls. It’s wise for you to shave as far as you can see. Trying to shave the regions out of sight can get messy if not done correctly.

Step 5: Wash

Once your shaving is done, wash the region with cool water. While washing, you’ll be able to figure out if your shaving process has gone smoothly – if there is a chunk left out from shaving or has there been any cuts or bruises.

Step 6: Moisturize

Post-wash drying should be followed by a step of moisturizing. This will help you reduce irritation in the newly shaved areas caused by friction.

Step 7: Antiseptics

Apply after shave balms or antiseptic gels if you feel there’s been any cuts in the pubic region. DO NOT keep the cuts untreated because they may be prone to bacterial or fungal infections if left uncared for.

Post-shave To-dos

There are a few post-shave activities that you should do for the sake of preservation and health related safety. Scroll down to learn about them.

Clean The Trimmer

You should always clean the trimmers right after the shaving process. You can wash it, brush out the hair or place it in the self-cleaning kit. However you may do it, you HAVE to do it. Otherwise it could result in fungus, jammed residue or dulled blades.

Disinfect Shaver Blades

The shaver blades should be cleaned thoroughly after each shave. Using a disinfectant while cleaning is an added bonus. You can use alcohol strips or wet tissues for this purpose. It greatly mitigates the risk of an infection if this razor is used in the following shave.

Dry The Shaver/Trimmer

Both the shaver and trimmer need to be dried properly before being put away. Damp blades can create a number of issues, so it is advised that you make sure the blades have dried nicely.

Some Handy Tips & Tricks

Here we offer you some handy little tricks you can use while shaving to minimize some of the related common issues.

Use A Towel While Trimming

Instead of sitting on the toilet, you can lay a towel down on the floor and trim over it. It helps you to get rid of the hair easily, and without the risk of jamming your pipes.

Shave In The Shower

Shaving in the shower will help you quite significantly. You’ll have easy access to water, the residue foam will wash off conveniently, and you won’t have to bother about hair particles flying in all directions.

Keep The Trimmer Guard On

While trimming, keep the clipper/trimmer guard on. As the trimming doesn’t need to be perfect because you’ll be shaving anyway afterwards, keeping the guard will lower the chances of trimmer-induced cuts.

Apply Moisturizer Or Press Hot Towel To Reduce Itching

Itching after a clean shave can often cause discomfort and itching. What you can do is, press and hold a hot towel in your genital area. It’ll give you some instant comfort. Also use moisturizers or balms to reduce itching.

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Here we have answered a few commonly asked questions regarding pubic hair shaving for men. We hope these would clarify some concerns you may have had.

Q: As a male, how often do you shave or trim your pubic hair?

A: The frequency of shaving or trimming pubic hair actually varies on needs. You could shave your pubes once every two weeks to two months – completely based on your requirements and situation of hair growth.

But if you want to maintain a regular shaving routine, then you can shave or trim your pubes once a month. It’ll keep the area clean at all times.

Q: How to remove male pubic hair without shaving?

A: There are alternatives to removing male pubic hair without shaving. Follow this article for ideas and procedures that you can follow as alternatives.

Q: Do all men shave down there?

A: Not all men shave down there, but statistics show that over 80% of the males have shaved their pubic region at least once in their lifetime.

That said, it completely depends on your and your partner’s preference, as there’s no strict guideline of where you MUST shave or not.

Final Thoughts

This marks the concluding point of our in-depth guide. Hope you’ve found it useful and find some application in your real life pubes shaving situation.

Our advice for you would be to take plenty of time for the pubes shaving process. It shouldn’t be done in a haste, because that makes room for errors that you don’t want to happen down there.

Be gentle, follow our guide & apply the tricks we’ve taught you, and you’ll do just fine!

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