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Men's Grooming Guide 2021

Men’s Grooming Guides by Meso should take you through every aspect of the male grooming routine from skin care to hair care. In this definitive men’s grooming guide, we cover  everything from skin care, hair care, beard care and even seasonal adjustments to your grooming routines. Get the best tips and videos in this one complete article.

So let’s jump right in and get started.

We have all been there. and promised ourselves that we will make the changes we want in the New Year. If you are like me, you will know that I always start the New Year with tons of positivity but by mid-way through January I am left feeling deflated and feel like I have left myself down.

 Hopefully, this Men’s Grooming Guide with tips will help you out!

 Well I have discovered that the best way to beat this is by setting yourself realistic target which will allow you to achieve your goals. Here are some very simple and realistic tips to help you make the most of 2021. 

How to prevent dry skin?

So, let’s get started. Normally after an excessive amount of alcohol over the Christmas period, my skin starts to look and feel puffy. This includes me feeling overweight and generally not great. If this is you too, then you can easily put this to bed early on in your skin care routine

Skin Care Routines

 Simply cut out the alcohol and start to drink some water. That’s it! Even a couple of glasses of water a day will slowly start to help your skin to recover from its beating. Don’t forget as well that your skin has had to deal with the elements of winter which can be tough enough on the skin alone.

The cold air takes away the moisture from the skin and we also have central heating in most homes to dry the skin even further. This can lead to your skin drying and becoming flaky which is not the look we are after.

How to look after your skin

If like most men, you fail to use moisturiser every day then start to get into the habit. This can quickly start to replenish your skin and help you to feel fresh and vibrant once again.

Moisturise daily and see the results!

Even a small amount of either moisturizer or oil in the morning and before bed can start to have a positive and long-lasting effect within a short period of time. Check out how to get rid of oily skin permanently 

Below are a list of some great skin care guide’s for any men’s grooming routine.

Skin Care Tips and Advice

If you need any further help with your skin care routine then watch this video.Real Men Real Style offers some great tips for keeping your skin in great shape. Check out our article on skin care, especially if you suffer with oily skin.

2021 will see Men’s Grooming getting some new product ranges such as eye rollers flooding onto the market. The idea is that each product will specifically target one area such as the eyes rather that a moisturiser that simply does everything.

That’s why industry experts are predicting big things for the eye rollers as they target reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

This could also be great for moisturisers with most men’s skin being thicker and it produces more Sebum so it is naturally oilier.

Add in the daily shaving routine and your skin is taking one hell of a battering. That’s why under the targeted solutions I am sure we will see a rise in the moisturiser with anti-aging powers and skin strengthening serums. If like me, you travel a lot then you can now get moisturisers that also include sun protection (SP) which means you can stay looking good and keep safe at the same time.

Did you know that the French have the best skin of all Europeans? It’s a well-known fact that most French people won’t leave their homes without sun cream and high-quality sun glasses, even I the winter months!

Check out our post on Men’s Grooming tip’s for seasons.

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men's grooming guide and tips

How to Shape Men's Eyebrows

Men’s eyebrows are normally overlooked when talking about men’s grooming guides and tips.

That’s why we wanted to include them because after all, a bushy pair of eyebrows can look like a badly needed haircut if left unattended. This video gives some great tips and tricks to help ensure you get the best out of your eyebrow trimming. If you like Jair Woo’s video, then why not check out his other pot here at Ask Men

Korean Skin Care Tips

This is a new word on me too but stick with me on this one and I will explain further. For years, the Far East has been known as a leader in men’s grooming ideas and products. It’s a massive market over there and men in the Far East are not afraid to try their best to look good.

For most men, a couple of years ago, the thought of wearing a face mask was a step too far but not now. Men’s sheet face masks are big business and with big stars such as Justin Bieber proudly posing on Instagram wearing one, it’s no surprise that their popularity is growing.

 Other products looking at making a splash in 2021 include toners, emulsions, tinted moisturisers and concealers.

Skin Care for men

Is it ok for guys to wear make up?

Make Up for Men is now Trending!

 Well, as you will have noticed over the last few years most male TV starts and celebrities wear some foundation at the very least with other stars going the full mile with even lipstick.

 So, embrace the trend and start off with a simple foundation or concealer especially if you suffer from redness of the skin or spots. Its then up to you have comfortable you are to progress onto other products especially the lip stick which is now available in men forms.

Hair Grooming Trends for 2021

With long hair being on trend for a while now, it looks like shorter hair come be back in with a chance. The long hair look was all very well if you had the hair to do it with, but for most long hair can be unmanageable in our daily jobs and routines. Check our Meso Men’s range of hair care products.

Short hair is back!

With shorter hair coming back into style, it’s easy to see why a quick shower, dab with a towel and out the door could be a more realistic look for the working guy. If you have the time to maintain a longer style of hair that suits your style then go for it.

Nobody is saying that its short hair all the way but for some fashion-conscious trend setters it’s a definite look to at least investigate.

Even if you do opt to have shorter hair, don’t forget to still treat it with the respect it deserves. A good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp type will be a great investment that should never come as a compromise.

Classic hairstyles are back

With shorter hair coming back into style, it’s easy to see why a quick shower, dab with a towel and out the door could be a more realistic look for the working guy. If you have the time to maintain a longer style of hair that suits your style then go for it. 

Nobody is saying that its short hair all the way but for some fashion-conscious trend setters it’s a definite look to at least investigate. Even if you do opt to have shorter hair, don’t forget to still treat it with the respect it deserves. A good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp type will be a great investment that should never come as a compromise.

Beard Grooming trends for 2021

In the past couple of years, you would have had to have lived in the sewers to have not seen the rise of the male beard. It’s been everywhere and any man worth his weight in testosterone has had a go at trying to look like a player with the beard look.

Men’s Grooming just has to include beards and stubble!

Designer Stubble

 Most guys have simply gone for the stubble look rather than the full-grown beard look but for many the latter has seen a large rise in beard grooming products. Check out our stubble length guide for men 

With everything to keep that beard looking good and natural we have now had a wide range of products such as beard oil, beard balm, beard thickeners and beard moisturisers to name but a few.This year however, the men’s beard is going to be cut down to size with shorter well-groomed beards being the fashion statement for 2021. This will mean a rise in men’s beard grooming products as companies try to use the targeted solutions for every eventually in a man’s beard.

Get yourself a good barber

If you really want to look the part then why not get yourself a quality barber! Finding the right barber can be so rewarding as you have a guy on your side who knows what you want and more importantly what suits your face.

With the recent influx of barber shops opening on every high street it won’t be hard to find the very own expert. We have a guide to choosing the right haircut and how to get things right when you visit your barber. Click here to read the full article.

Grooming Tips for the seasons

As we all know most counties go through seasons that can affect the way in which we look after ourselves. How could we get through the cold winter January without the thought of a summer holiday! With the sun comes a whole range of skin care and men’s grooming problems.

With the heat of the sun comes every man’s worst nightmare when chatting a woman up on the beach. Yes, the dreaded smell of sweating. It’s not easy to see why, women can be put off even before you’ve had the chance to buy her that free drink. 

Well don’t worry, we have put together a full guide to men’s grooming for all the seasons so check it out below. Of course, through each season offers different challenges so today we will look at the two main seasons of Winter and Summer.

Winter Men’s Grooming tips

First, let’s look at winter. It’s the time of the year when people are looking forward to Christmas and it’s a time for partying and office parties. It’s a time that most people see people that that may not have seen all year and the last thing we want them to think when they see is “boy, is he looking rough!”

To take care of yourself during the cold winter months isn’t as hard as you might think with just a little bit of extra TLC for your skin, hair and beard.The cold weather tends to dry out our skin and that’s why a good quality moisturizer or face cream is essential. 

Like anything, if you don’t look after your skin it can soon start to dry out, look rough and start to inherit wrinkles. The truth is that a simple daily routine to wash your face thoroughly and to then apply moisturiser is not too much of an effort for most people.

 You can also add a face mask of an evening to draw out any unwanted toxins that will help to replenish the skin overnight. For your hair and beard things are also not as difficult as one might think. A good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair will bring any hair back to life. 

Then you can simply apply some Pomade to help keep your hair looking like a film stars. For the man with a beard, its even simpler. Apply your favourite beard oil after a shower and hey presto. You will have a great beard that smell and feels like new and is ready to party with.

Summer Men’s Grooming tips

For the summer months, there is a different devil in the midst. Yes, the sun! It’s the one thing that we all love and yet it can damage people skin and hair in no time at all. If you have ever seen the little old lady who has spent her whole two weeks holiday sat on a sun bed, then you will get where I am coming from here.

How to use Sun Screen

The first and most important of any holiday in the sun is sun screen. If you, like me, try to avoid using the stuff because its greasy and oily which helps the sand stick everywhere then there is an alternative.

These days there is dry oil sun screens and they have the same sun block factors as any other type. They really are a blessing and so easy to apply. A quick rub in and it will dry naturally and will stay on even in the water. Check the bottles details first but most now are waterproof and have high sun factors.

Check out the video below and our full article on grooming tips for the seasons 

Get yourself a Hat

I hate wearing a hat but if life me your golden locks are starting to thin out then a hat is a must. 

There are many types of hats now to fit all heads but the main thing is to get one that suits the shape of your face.

I absolutely love baseball caps but they don’t like the shape of my head. They simply don’t look good on me and they make me feel uncomfortable.

Find yourself the right style of hat that you feel comfortable with and you will have a friend for life, literally. It’s also great for your confidence when you know you look and feel good.

How to wear sunglasses

I can remember my first set of good quality shades like it was yesterday. A friend of mine had just bought a pair of BLOC sunglasses and he asked me to try them to see if I could notice any difference in quality from my cheap pair.

Wow, was the answer! Yes, they really did make a huge difference and even to this day, my preferred sunglasses are BLOC and I have a pair in the car for driving always.

So, don’t forget

The French are the masters of young looking skin so never treat the sun with disrespect. It can leave your skin looking old and frazzled if you let it, so moisturise daily and get some good quality sun shades.

To put it bluntly!

Ok, so we all have a million and one things that have priority over our grooming routine like gym memberships and booking the summer holiday. Just remember, that we all want to look better and that includes being well groomed. In today’s life, women don’t just want a man to dress and look good, but they also want them to smell and feel good.

So, start on a positive and get those wash bags sorted and ready for some new accessories to make you look and feel great, even if it is only for your own benefit for now! What’s your best tips for men wanting to look good?

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Men’s Grooming is now big business and we hope we have covered all of the topics in this men’s grooming guide

If you have any top tips for men’s grooming, share them below for our audience.