How much should I tip my barber

How Much Should I Tip my Barber in 2023?

Tipping your barber is the same as with anything, if they give great service, then tip them well. If they don’t, then a tip is not required or a small tip may be left if you feel uncomfortable not leaving one.

Tipping your Barber is simply what you can afford for a job well done. For most, between 10 – 20% would be more than adequate. So for example, a haircut that costs £15 would give a tip of between £1.50 and £3 depending on how happy you are with your Barbers Hair Cut.

Why Do We Tip Barbers?

In the old days before my time, our parents used to tip everyone from the milkman to the bin men and everyone in between. Nowadays, we’re less likely to tip services unless they go above and beyond what we expected.

That being said, if I visit my barber and have a straightforward hair trim that takes 15 minutes and costs £15 then I am more likely to simply tip £1 to £2 as a gesture of thanks.

However, if I have had a full wash, blow and trim, and have been with my barber for over an hour, then a decent tip is more acceptable and appreciated.

How Much Do Barbers Earn?

Most Barbers are actually not on fantastic money and most Barbers earn between £18,000 to £24,000. This means that extra income from tips is really important to help these guys out.

Most Barbers work really long days, standing on their feet, so its not as easy a job as many think.

Can They Earn Extra Money?

Yes, Barbers can actually earn some extra income by recommending products such as Hair Clays, Hair Pomades and more.

Good Barbers

If you are lucky to have found a good barber near you that gives great service, why would you not tip them? 

I say this, because, in today’s society many people give bad service and get away with it. So to find a great barber that gives you a great haircut must be worth a tip, surely?

I treat my barber like a friend now, and when I walk into the barbers we are on first-name terms. This makes me feel both appreciated and part of a small family.

This inclusion helps me to give a tip without even thinking of the monetary cost, it’s simply what it is, a tip for a great haircut and service.

How much should I tip my barber

How To Find Good Barbers

Good Barbers do exist and for most people it’s simply trial and error over a period of time.

Recommendations are a great way to find a great barber. If you have any friends that have a great hairstyle, ask them which barber they use? Most guys will be happy to recommend their barber and to help you out.

Look at your local barber’s websites and check out their reviews. If they have a good list of reviews from genuine guys, then this is definitely worth a try.

If you can’t find a good barber, why not cut your own hair at home by following our top tips – How to Use Hair Clippers

Final Thoughts

Tipping Barbers is not compulsory. However, if you find a good Barber that cuts your hair the way you like, then tipping should become your norm.

Let me know below if you tip your Barber and how much you normally tip?

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