Should you cut thinning hair short?

Should you cut thinning hair short?

As a 26-year-old man with thinning hair, the answer is yes. I fought against cutting my hair short for a long time. From my own experience, I was against cutting my thinning hair short to try to hold on to my hair for as long as I could. To keep your hair long when it’s obvious that your hair is thinning out is a definite no.

Does Cutting Thin Hair Short Make it Look Thicker

One of the main benefits that I personally noticed when I finally got the courage to cut my hair shorter, was simply how thicker it looked. When your hair is fine or thinning, the longer it is, the thinner it looks. Once cut shorter, it looks much thicker and cleaner.

For most guys, once you make the move to cut your thin hair shorter, the happier you will be with thicker-looking hair.

Cutting Thin Hair Short

Once you’ve made the decision to cut your hair short, it’s time to speak to your barber and ask for his advice. They will be able to identify which hair style will suit both your face shape but also your new short haircut.

Some of the most popular short haircuts and styles include a number 1, buzz cut, crew cut, fades and many more.

How To Cut Thin Hair Short At Home

If you prefer to cut your hair yourself at home, then using hair clippers to get the desired look is not too difficult. After years of dealing with thin balding hair, I simply wear a buzz cut style that is very easy to do at home. For more tips on how to cut your hair yourself, check out our post now.

The Best Short Hairstyles for Thinning Hair 

The way you style your hair can do wonders for your appearance, so really take stock of whether or not your current style is working for you. Many men try the comb-over in order to hide hair loss, but the longer your remaining hair is, the worse it can look. Cut your hair short or consider shaving it alltogether and adding a rockin’ beard!

Below are the best short hairstyles for thinning hair –

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for guys, even if they have a full head of hair. Simply use hair clippers all over your head with the same clipper size and you have a buzz cut. The benefits of a buzz cut are easy maintenance, less problems and it looks manly.

Crew Cut

If you still want to keep some of your fringe hair, then a crew cut could be for you. The crew cut allows for the hair on top to be gradually cut shorter on the top and sides. Depending on how thin your hair is will dictate if a buzz cut is an option or not.


There are many types of fades to go for including high fade and mid fades. Fades means that the hair is faded from the back and sides and is not all one length like a buzz cut. Fades taper the hair down to the skin and work really well to taper thinning hair into a faded style.

Number one

A number one is simply a buzz cut using a 1/8 th Inch clipper guard size. The clippers then simply cut the hair the same number one length all over your head. Many think of number one as the military standard haircut when new recruits are enrolled into the army or forces.

cut thinning hair short

Comb Over

Comb over’s works really well for guys who maybe at the start of noticing that their hair is starting to thin out. It’s a classic style that can work really well, especially for guys with thicker hair and who want to try a longer style before going to a shorter length.

cut thinning hair short

Comb Over With a Fade

If you really can’t take the full plunge to a buzz cut or fade, why not try a comb over with a fade on the sides? Simply comb over your thinning hair and cut the sides shorter using a fade. The look can work great for guys who are only thinning slightly and want to keep their hair for a little bit longer.


If you are suffering from thinning hair, we hope we have given you some ideas on how to make the best of your thin hair. Making the move to cut thinning hair short is never easy, but after you’ve made the move, you will see how shorter hair can have many benefits. Once I had made the move, I never looked back.

Let me know in the comments below, which short haircut you decided to get once you took the plunge.

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