Unnamed and Annonymous Sources Policy 

At Mesomen, we recognize the significance of safeguarding sources and acknowledge the utilization of anonymous sources when it serves the public interest. However, our reporting places a premium on transparency and accountability, and we endeavor to minimize the reliance on unnamed sources whenever feasible. 

In instances where we do employ anonymous sources, it is only after thorough deliberation and a stringent verification process. We mandate that sources possess firsthand knowledge of the information they provide and are willing to furnish documentation to substantiate their claims. Furthermore, we undertake efforts to corroborate information from anonymous sources through alternative sources or supporting documentation. 

Transparency with our readers regarding the use of anonymous sources is paramount. We strive to offer comprehensive details about the sources and their reasons for opting to remain anonymous, elucidating why their insights are integral to the narrative. 

As a general practice, we prioritize the utilization of named sources whenever possible and encourage our reporters to cultivate robust relationships with sources willing to be identified. We firmly believe that this approach is indispensable in fostering trust among our readership and upholding the highest journalistic standards. 

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