Men's Hair Care Products

Sea Salt Spray for Men


Meso Sea Salt Spray for men adds volume and texture to thinning and fine hair. It is a stronghold/matte finish and can be used as a pre-styler or with our hair clay/wax.

Our men’s hair care product range can help you to get your men’s grooming routine to the next level.

Meso Hair Care Product Range

Meso Men’s Hair Care Products are Barber quality, and are now available online. Made in the UK, our hair care products aim to offer solutions to guys who may have thinning or fine hair. Men’s hair care products can not only help to add volume and texture, but are also great for styling your hair.

Our hair styling range  include Sea Salt Spray, Grooming Clay, Styling Creme, Volumising Powder and Deluxe Pomade.

Sea Salt Spray men


Men’s hair care is what we are passionate about! Meso hair care products work on long hair, curly hair or short hair.  Meso Men offer solutions for thinning hair and fine hair.

Hair care for men is our priority and we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not 100% happy with our men’s hair care products.

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