Beard Styles For Bald Men- Ultimate Guide

There are many beard styles for bald men, with the most popular being the 2-day stubble, classic goatee, swashbuckler and the rebel.

Baldness can happen to your man at any point in life. And before it does, you better ease
him onto it so that he owns it like a pro!

For bald men, the beard is a weapon of choice, as it helps camouflage your facial flaws like a long chin or red patches and infuses more strength onto your face.

But at the same time, your beard need not look like an overgrown caterpillar with no definite shape or is so thin that it seems barely alive.

Your stubble must look sleazy and breezy without any hint of messy ness. This gives your sharp crown a more luminous look, subtracts your age, and makes you worthy of a woman’s

Beard Styles For Bald Men 2022

Bald head with a beard made its cameo long back in fashion and is continuing to take the front row seats at luxe events, starting from Zinedine Zidane, all to Prince William! So if you wish to spice up your signature smirk, this guide is the right path!

Do Bald Guys Look Better With Beards?

Do you know why every bald man should rock a beard? According to science, bald men look
severely dashing to the eyes. Vin Diesel, Dwanye Johnson, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Jason Statham, we can do this all day!

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their hair! Sadly, the man you are seeing might be losing the hair on their head due to inevitable hormonal changes, but hey, as long it grows back on his beard, all’s forgiven!
Your hairline may be receded, but when you develop a bushy, well-kempt beard, it gives your face an upside-down look, which makes men look younger than their age! Consider this as a way of nature compensating for their loss. So, if this is not reason enough, we don’t know what is!

Surveys suggest that having a bald head makes a man stand out from the crowd for his shiny crown and gives off a strong personality to his dimensions.

A man who looks confident, and feels satisfied, is considered very attractive. Studies have found that women may dislike a bald head, but they all prefer their man to have heavy stubble compared to a clean-shaven look. (Men, you better take notes)

We don’t know if this has happened to you, but if there is an attractive bald hunk in our radius, we will find it!

Let’s be honest here; if there’s anything women love in a man, it is the voluptuous beard! In case you haven’t noticed, women dig on the tough guy look.
Albert Mannes’s experiments found that a completely shaven head has created a powerful charm around it and is seen as more dominant. Bald men are less likely to be rejected in the job sector than men with hair.

So, it’s good news for you if you are starting to show signs of baldness! Go and grab that razor already!

beard styles for bald men
man with bald head and glasses

What Beard Suits A Bald Head?

Two-day Stubble – Try picturing Jason Statham’s signature look in your head. You just have to end things with your razor for a little while and use a trimmer to help you out instead. This keeps the length of your beard intact and blends with the stubble on your head.

beard styles for bald men

This kind of beard is one of the best beard styles for bald men. So, who’s up to feeling classy and cool?

Slightly Shaggy – The only trick here is to let your beard grow! When it finally grows, it’s a bit longer on the chin and shorter on the sides. Use a trimmer once a week because you don’t want it to look laminated. Keep it minimal with a thin layer of hair on your head. If you are on the hunt for short beard styles for bald men, slightly fuzzy, that is the way you do it right!

  • Classic Goatee – We all love The Rock and his classic goatee! To ace, this look, keep your hair confined to the chin, and the stache, with feeble lines connecting them. Overall the length has to be held the same and short.
goatee beard on a bald man
goatee beard on a bald man
  • Slightly Pointed – The beauty of an excellent hybrid look like this one adds more crispness to your facial outlines and delivers an intense kind of beauty. This kind of beard may take a while to grow out, but when it has, ensure the sides of your chin are neatly manicured and trimmed. This look has been rated as one of the best long bead styles for bald men and creates an illusion of your cheeks and neck being softened up so that your beard gets all the attention.
bald guy with pointed beard
Bald guy with a pointed beard
  • The Swashbuckler – Hugh Jackman, in this bald head beard style, is a sight for sore eyes. This style can sometimes be perceived as a bit aggressive, but it plays out the whole situation with its undeniable charm. The handlebar mustache gets all the fancy treatment like trimming, shaping, and luxury products to lock them in place. There’s also an unmissable pointed goatee to complement all the air around you.
beard styles for bald men
  • Silver Fox – Did we tell you that your beard needs to go gray before your hair does! Keep it short and scruffy like Bruce Willis, or let it grow to add a more polished look. There’s one rule here, don’t hide from your gray whiskers!
bald man with silver fox beard style
bald man with silver fox beard style
  • The Rebel – If you have donned this look on you, you have an air of attitude about your personality. The goatee is allowed to grow longer and later pampered with an excellent trimmer, while your chiseled jawbones maintain a rugged look instead of a shy clean shave.

Do Bald Men Need Beards?

Women love it, so think about it! Statistics show that women felt bald men with beards were
10% more masculine, 13% stronger and dominant, and 6% more confident.

Then, if you are losing your head, this is a sign from above that you can sculpt the design of your face the way you want. Being a baldie with a beard also takes you back on the clock and gives you a younger appearance. This creates an overall balance in your head’s contours and facial dimensions and shows your personality a nice edge with minimum effort. Have you ever wondered what Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Michael Jordan, Larry David, and Domenico Dolce have in common? A bald head! Needn’t we mention that they are all successful! People are psychologically biased to see men with bald heads as real and dominant leaders.

Also, do men even realize that they can hide their double chin with a groomed beard without anyone knowing about it?

man with blue eyes bald head and beard smilling

Why Do Bald Guys Have Good Beards?

Does growing a beard make you go bald, or does going bald, make you able to develop a good beard?

To break this myth’s confusion, we asked around many scientists, and here’s what they told us. The hair follicles in our face and scalp are super sensitive to DHT (or Dihydrotestosterone) and testosterone, especially in men who are showing male baldness. However, the effect of DHT is a lot on your facial hair. This makes you genetically more eligible to grow a thick beard. It is because facial hair growth has an androgenic nature, whereas the hair loss in yoru crown may be affected by variable factors.


Do Bald Men Look Better With A Beard?

Yes, a beard looks great on a bald-headed man simply because the shaved head draws the eyes down to the beard.

Which Beard Is Best For A Bald Head?

A Stubble beard is still one of the most popular and iconic beard styles for bald men. The Goatee beard is still also popular.

Do Girls Like bald Guys?

Hell yes, recent surveys have shown that women find bald men attractive with over 87.5% of women surveyed confirming they love bald-headed men.

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