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Can You Get a Facial with a Beard? Ultimate Guide (2023)

Can you get a facial with a beard? Irrespective of whether you are about to crash your 100th Zoom meeting or socializing for leisure, there are many reasons to continue taking good care of your facial hair, especially your beard.

Indeed, regular combing and the use of beard oil and balm are good. But what if you are ready to leap into the big leagues of improved beard pampering?

This post will be your beginner’s guide on how to get a facial with a beard and how you can incorporate it into your grooming routine. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Should a guy shave before a facial?

Can you get a facial with a beard? When it comes to having a regular facial routine maintenance, men should always have to shave their beards before having a facial.

It should be done the morning of their first facial appointment. Keep in mind that men’s facial treatment involves a neck, face, and shoulder massage. Thus, if you have too much beard, your esthetician will avoid that because she does not like to irritate her hands and cause irritation.

Thus, this area of the face often gets ignored.

Is it ok for a guy to get a facial?

To the inexperienced, facials are an extravagance that suits women who are lunch than the average Joe. However, that thinking is wrong. A facial is a treatment done by a licensed professional made to address the skin.

They normally involve cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extractions, and a custom mask. It might sound like a routine you follow at home, but where your at-home skincare routine is like washing your car, a facial is like washing it.

Man of dark color taking care of his skin

No matter what type of men’s facial treatment you receive, you will get the benefit well beyond anything you can do at home:

  • Facials are a power wash to your face
  • Get rid of blackheads better than a pore strip
  • Facial exfoliates better than at-home treatments
  • Getting a facial is a good way to learn more about your skin
  • Professionals have better tools to get rid of acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues
  • They can be extremely relaxing
  • Remove dead skin cells and supports healthy pores
  • Offer you a youthful and healthy skin

Is a beard considered facial hair?

Have you decided to put the razor down and start growing a beard? Maybe you have dreaded it for years. At some point, you have wondered when a beard is considered facial hair.

At what length should it be recognized as a beard? Keep in mind that a beard is hair growing on the chin and lower cheeks of the face. Other guys would argue that hairs on the neck categorize
as well.

man with beard and tattoos wearing sunglasses

If you make the decision to start growing your hair, that’s the point you consider yourself a bearded person. Beards come in all types of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes, and each type of
beard will need some form of grooming, trimming, and styling at some point.

Is a facial with a beard relaxing and pain-free?

Yes, a facial with a beard can be extremely relaxing. Indeed, you can find a fast, no-stress facial easily. However, part of the draw of facial treatments for most people is that they are relaxing
and totally pain-free.

You can expect most of these spa treatments to last at least an hour and can be valuable
screen-less time. They force you to give up control and let somebody else take the wheel for once. That’s what you will absolutely love about having facial spa treatments.

Will I see instant results from a facial?

Keep in mind that the immediate benefits of a facial like exfoliation, massage, scrubbing, and moisturizing often last between five to seven days. During this time, your skin will feel and look plump, radiant, and hydrated.

bottles of skin care products

If you want to extend the good results of a good facial, you keep these aftercare steps in mind:

  • Eat a diet that lessens processed foods and sugar
  • Avoid spending time in the sun without sunscreen or direct protection
  • Lessen your alcohol intake and drink loads of water
  • Get plenty of vitamin A, C, D, E, & K together with all the B vitamins
  • Drink lots of water, especially if you live in a dry climate and have breakouts

Will I learn about my skin from the facialist?

Yes. You will learn many things about your skin doctor. It is just safe to say that men’s facial skincare looks different than a woman does. Apart from basic grooming—moisturizing, shaving, and things such as trimming their beard—most of the opposite sex keep things simple.

But since men share the same skin issues as ladies, this is not always the ideal approach. Just like women, men suffer from oily skin, dry skin, clogged pores, sensitive skin, and painful acne.

Here are some of the things you will learn from your esthetician or dermatologist about your skin:

  • Skin type

Men are more likely to have oily skin than ladies because of their high testosterone levels. That could lead to uncomfortable and clogged pores and blemishes if not cleared.

  • Shaving exfoliates

The relationship of men have with their skin is more likely to revolve around their shaving

That’s why an esthetician suggests using this to your advantage. Whether you shave in the morning or the evening, you need to think of the skincare routine as part of the post-shave regimen. The morning is the ideal time for prevention and protection of damage, while the evening is for repair and hydration.

In the mornings, applying an antioxidant serum with vitamin c together with sunscreen will be great.

How frequently should you get a facial?

You don’t even need to get a facial that often to notice huge results. In reality, you should get a facial every four to six weeks. But realistically speaking, get one at the chance of seasons, so you are coming four times away.

It is a great way to begin each season fresh and prepare the skin for any environmental changes ahead.

At-home facial or see a professional – which is best?

Can an at-home facial replace the one you would get from a professional at a spa? Whether at home or at a spa, the focus is all about caring for the skin. However, are homemade facials as efficient, safe, and useful as spa facials?

Let’s find out. Homemade facials are amazing. They are fast that make you feel and look better, plus they offer a soothing and relaxing respite.

The best part here is, apart from way more reasonable than a spa treatment, is the freedom to customize the facial to your skin type and sensitivities and have it whenever you have time—no commute or scheduling necessary.

Most of the staples of a homemade facial may even be available in your own kitchen from nut meal, seed, oatmeal, yogurt, and milk are all good ingredients to add to an exfoliating and cleansing facial.

By making your own skincare products, you can pay more attention to what ingredients are in your facial care routine and end up on your skin. On the other hand, the benefit of seeing a skincare specialist lies in not having access to their skills from treating all skin types but also in the selection of products they have at their disposal.

Take note that professional skincare products provide more active ingredients to remove dead skin cells, address different skin problems, and produce results. On top of that, as many men experience more than one problem concurrently, it is best to count on the expertise of a skincare professional to deal with facial treatments and home care use to prevent any contradictions.

How to schedule a facial for your wedding, birthday, or big event?

Are you someone who is booking the first facial of your life? What are the things you should expect and need to know, so you are ready for the best experience?

Remember that the ideal way to prepare your skin for a facial is to consider the goals you’re
trying to accomplish—what problems are prone to your skin, and which skin issues would you like to treat? Allow your esthetician to perform a careful consultation and make suggestions as to what offerings and skincare products will fit your needs.

Is there anything you should do before your facial appointment? You may be thinking that there’s absolutely nothing you need to do. But you’re wrong. You must stay out of the sun before a facial, preferably up to a week before.

Would you like to focus heavily on deep cleanse and extractions? It is best to schedule your
facial for the end of the day when you do not have to go anywhere.

If it’s in preparation for a big day, schedule your appointment for a few days prior.

Final thoughts

Can you get a facial with a beard? Now that you know the secret to men’s facials, grab your
phone and schedule an appointment today, or if you want, you can make your DIY facial at home!

A weekly session is an excellent way to keep all your skin underneath that beard, both covered and uncovered, feeling and looking its healthiest.

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