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How to grow a Jax Teller Beard

After watching the Sons of Anarchy, what changes does the movie make you?

Well, you probably got a sudden interest in motorbikes, leather jackets, and even in growing a Jax Teller beard.

Jax Teller’s beard is incomparable when it comes to facial hair. With that, many are dreaming of achieving that style, shape, and length of beard.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn the easy steps how to grow a Jax Teller beard successfully.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Who is Jax Teller – Sons of Anarchy

The role of Jax Teller is the favorite tv character in the TV series Sons of Anarchy. He is a fictional character portrayed by Charlie Hunnam with his dashing appearance and blue eyes..

In the series, Jax works as the President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO), which is based in Charming – a fictional town in California.

Jax Teller wanted to preserve the organization established by his father by eliminating criminal elements in his town.

The series also shows how Jax aims to be a man from a law-abiding family regardless of the violence and criminalities in his area. The other main characters in the show include his old friend Ryan Hurst.

The idea of Jax teller is based on Prince Hamlet of Denmark and is the same Hamlet from the William Shakespeare play.

Jax dons a short ducktail beard which is also a very thick beard, in the kind of style of the Vikings. He is also notable for having a lower jaw line that women find attractive and along with Teller’s long hair, this gives him a bad boy rugged biker look.

How to Grow a Jax Teller Beard – Simple Steps

  • Keep your cheeks hair-free while achieving a straight chin line.
  • Make sure to create a line that connects the beard and the mustache. Thus, you need to be extra careful when trimming the hair through your cheek line.
  • Keep your mustache short by trimming longer hair with scissors.
  • Trim your beard upwards and maintain it to your desired length.
  • Maintain a little longer hair around your jaw or side of the beard. It would be great to use proper beard oil to avoid split ends.
  • Shave the hair on your neckline less than an inch before Adam’s apple.
  • Maintain a good shape of your beard by brushing it upwards. Push the hair back gently and with full control.
  • Finish the step by massaging your chin and hair with beard oil to prevent dry skin and beard dandruff.

What Type of Beard Does Jax Teller Have?

Jax Teller is known by his fans for having a unique ducktail beard. This full beard style adds sophistication to the character while keeping a touch of class and ruggedness look to his square face shape. This beard style is also known as the Charlie Hunnam beard style, as they are very similar. The Charlie Hunnam goatee is also another very popular beard style that has grown in recent years.

As its name suggests, a ducktail beard looks like a duck’s tail. This is also known now as the Jax Teller son’s of Anarchy Beard and the good news is that it won’t need constant maintenance.

The length for this beard style ranges from long to short of achieving a more groomed and stylized look.

But, Jax Teller made a medium-length ducktail beard more popular among beard growers which enhances his facial bone structure.

how to grow a jax teller beard
how to grow a jex teller beard

How Long Will it Take to Get a Jax Teller Beard?

Male fans of Sons of Anarchy patronize the Jax Teller beard. If you also want to imitate the slick beard style worn by Jax Teller, you may ask how long it will take you to achieve a certain length.

Well, the answer may depend from man to man.

But in general, you can achieve a beautiful and sleek Jax Teller beard for more or less two months.

On the other hand, it would be great to use beard oil to speed up the growing process of your beard hair and to help get that thicker beard style that Jax wears so well.

What Hairstyle Does Jax Teller Have?

Aside from his beard style, the Jax Teller haircut also caught the attention and appreciation of his fans through his hairstyle. Jax Teller short hair is also popular for his slicked-back ducktail style beard with short sides.

If you want to achieve Jax Teller hair or this kind of hairstyle, you should keep a medium-long hair length to be as long as 8 inches.

You can also use regal gentleman vintage pomade for a good hold to get that really authentic Jax Teller finish.

This might take some time, but you will surely love the result. You can do this hairstyle by yourself or ask a professional barber to do the work for you for a more sleek look.

What Other Hairstyles will Work with a Jax Teller?

Jax Teller has a handsome face that any hairstyle looks better on him. The following are the different hairstyles that will work with Jax Teller:

Short Hair – Short hairstyle in Jax Teller will give him a reckless and clean yet messy face feature.

Long Hair Cool Cut – The ducktail beard of Jax Teller will look much better with a long hairstyle. This will flatter his facial features.

Slicked Hair – Jax Teller will look more attractive and masculine with a slicked hairstyle. This looks good on him because of his naturally long hairstyle.

In fact, the actor who played Jax’s character personally loved this hairstyle.

How to Trim and Maintain a Ducktail Like Charlie Hunnam/Jax Teller?

Charlie Hunnam, popularly known as Jax Teller, is popular for his ducktail beard. If you are also dreaming of maintaining a good-looking ducktail beard style, you may be asking how to trim and maintain it.

Since this beard style requires quite a long beard hair, it may need high maintenance.

Although you can trim and maintain it at home, it would be best if you would leave the work on a steadier hand of a professional barber.

You need to complete four steps when planning to trim ducktail beard style in your home.

These steps include carving out the rough side of your ducktail beard, cleaning the edges and shortening the sides, cleaning your neckline as well as your cheeks, and combing the hair.

We highly recommend you use high-quality beard oil when it comes to its maintenance. Doing so will make your beard look shinier, sleek, and clean.

Aside from that, applying enough amount of oil will make your skin more moisturized and hydrated.

Aside from beard oil, it would be best to use strong beard wax that will help you to better shape and style your ducktail beard.


Jax Teller is one of the most popular male characters in the Sons of Anarchy. What made him popular was his amazing beard style and sleek hairstyle.

If you are also planning to achieve this beard style, follow the earlier simple steps.

In addition, don’t forget to trim and maintain your beard for a cleaner and more appealing look.

A ducktail beard will help you to achieve a Jax Teller look with your motorcycle and leather jacket.

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