Beard Styles Without Sideburns

Beard Styles Without Sideburns

Beard styles without sideburns are cool and have a sharp look.

If you’ve grown a beard at some point, you probably know that sideburns can be a bit of a pain in the primmer.

They can be tough to trim, especially if you are beginning your beard grooming journey.

And if you’re like me and started off growing a beard, then later grew sideburns, you know how bad it can be to try to trim them.

But there’s no need to fret: there are plenty of beard styles that look every bit as good and are easier to maintain including shorter beard styles.

Does your beard need to connect to sideburns?

Beards are now a ubiquitous part of the male identity.

As fall approaches, most men look to trim up their facial hair in preparation for the cooler weather.

Given the newness of beards, most of us learned our first lesson in trimming a beard by shaving off our sideburns—because sideburns are what we’re used to.

But it may be time to reevaluate your beard’s connection to sideburns and to trim your beard accordingly.

In many cases, trim along with your sideburns (trimmed much lower than what you’re used to) is all you need. Sideburns don’t have to be connected to your beard.

There is no rule about having sideburns be connected to your beard, but some people prefer to.

If you want to have sideburns, you can add them after you get a haircut, and you can wear a beard, too.

Sideburns make you look younger.

What is a beard without sideburns called?

Sideburns are essentially a barber’s version of a goatee.

However, beards without sideburns or sideburns without a beard are more than just different facial hairstyles.

Sideburns are more than just hairs that grow from the sides of your nose, and without sideburns, your beard can fall out of place.

Beards without sideburns are simply beards that are cut differently or styled differently.

But, aside from aesthetics, what does it all mean? Here’s what you need to know about beards that are cut or styled without sideburns.

Beard Styles with No Sideburns

1. The Soul Patch

The soul patch beard or tribal beard is a short beard style that originated in the 60s and 70s – and it’s often seen as a symbol of rebellion.

It’s associated with the punk rock and hippie movements of the mid-to-late 20th century.

The soul patch is worn with a small goatee, but the goal is to create a “patch” of facial hair that extends from the center of your chin downwards.

2. The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard is a style of beard that originated in Amsterdam in the 17th century.

The Van Dyke beard takes its name from the Dutch painter and portraitist Rembrandt van Rijn, who wore a Van Dyke beard in some of his paintings.

The beard was short, wavy, and worn just below the chin. This beard style can also be worn with a stubble beard and a handlebar mustache

3. The Chinstrap

A chin strap beard is a term for a beard with the bottom half shaved while the top half is left to take the form of a scraggly beard.

Some people grow chinstrap beards as a fashion statement, while others do it for religious reasons.

The beard is typically left to grow long and heavy and is worn by many Buddhists and Sikhs.

The beard can also symbolize celibacy, or in this case, religious abstinence. The chin puff refers to the hair directly below the lower lip on the chin area.

beard styles without sideburns

4. The Full Goatee

Goatee styles beards are a beard with a goatee attached. The goatee, sometimes called a goatee beard, has a long, thin chin hair mustache.

The goatee mustache has a long, typically sideburn-like piece that extends above the upper lip.

The hair is sometimes dyed or colored, and with the goatee beard, the hair of the goatee is usually dyed or colored.

A goatee beard often has a short, round beard. This beard style is also known as the circle beard by some guys which works well on a round face shape.

You can also grow it slightly longer to give you a long goatee which is also one of the most popular beard styles.

5. The Verdi

The Verdi beard has slowly earned itself a new following, gaining traction in recent years.

The look is retro and rugged, with well-defined facial hair that begins just above the jawline and continues to a full beard.

Although celebrities like David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper sport the look, the Verdi beard is not as easy to grow as it looks.

It requires a strong jaw and strong jaw muscles to keep it in place. This style of beard is a great option for guys with oval face shapes.

You can measure a Verdi from the lower lip to the chin area, which should be no more than 10cm in length.

The Verdi must also have a distinctive mustache style to show off the facial hair style on your face.

If you have a patchy beard, then this might be one style to give a miss to.

beard styles without sideburns

6. Amish beard

The Amish beard is also commonly known as the chin curtain or chin beard.

Amish beards don’t have a mustache to identify that they do not engage in Military Service.

Within the Amish community, the Amish beard symbolizes that a man is married, similar to a guy wearing a wedding band.

To grow longer beards, and achieve the friendly mutton chops look, it will take a long time to grow fully.

Long lengths of beard do take time and patience but once at the desired length, it does not require much maintenance.

7 Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is named after Italo Balbo who was an Italian commander and aviator.

This is one of the best beard styles to use when looking for a cool new beard style.

This full beard style separates the beard from the mustache and the best thing is that it looks great with short hair.

The mustache is a standard style but the beard goes across the jawline and into a small soul patch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Adopt Beard Without Sideburns Style?

Some men feel that a beard without sideburns can look manly.

It is a style that is popular among some men, and it is a good way to look more masculine.

But others are not fans of this style, saying it confuses men because it makes them look older and older.

Should I shave my sideburns?

After years of growing facial hair, and years of regretting it, it’s a relief to shave it off finally.

But what if you don’t like it? Are you stuck with a facial fuzz that looks utterly unsuited to your face?

Well, not really. You can restyle your sideburns, and for guys, this can mean shaving them shorter or leaving them long, depending on what look you’re going for.

Are sideburns part of the beard?

Sideburns are facial hair that extends from one cheekbone to the other side of the face.

While sideburns may be most associated with men, women can also have them.

Sideburns are facial hair that can grow along the side of the face, just below the cheekbone.

Sideburns are actually a classic style, and while many people today shave their sideburns to keep their beards short, some still like to leave their sideburns long and bushy.

Are long sideburns attractive?

Long sideburns, like sideburns in general, are a type of facial hair that is often considered a sign of sexiness.

And, as with all trends, the style has cycled in and out of popularity over the years.

Where should men’s sideburns end?

Sideburns can be tricky to grow and maintain. Depending on the face shape, they can either be too short or too long.

Regardless of the shape, they can detract from a man’s appearance or make him look vain.

Limit the sideburns to about 1/3 of the ear’s length.

Are beards unprofessional?

The days of clean-shaven professional environments may be over, at least according to some studies.

A good number of companies are letting employees grow facial hair as part of their dress code.

As if growing a beard was the challenge. Facial hair affects everything from job interviews to first impressions, yet some are still debating how beards affect your professional image.

Beards have been around as long as man has.

In fact, many cultures consider facial hair a sign of health and vigor, and some have regarded bearded men as trustworthy, noble, and wise leaders.

But too many professionals, beards can be a major distraction.

Is it ok to have a beard style without sideburns?

Sideburns are a trendy beard style, but not everyone is a fan, especially for men.

So, is it ok to have a beard style without sideburns?

Well, it depends. The general consensus is yes, beards with sideburns are accepted in different workplaces, although some employers feel sideburns can make some men look aggressive.

Make sure you inform your boss of your beard style before collecting that promotion.

This guide will teach you how to grow a beard without sideburns

, so you can confidently ask for that promotion.


Beard styles without sideburns can be a style that is not that easy to pull off. However, we hope that this post has given you some inspiration to try out some new beard styles.

Do you have a style not featured, but think it would help our readers? If yes, add a comment below.

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