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How to Trim Sideburns with Beard (2022)

If you have longer sideburns, you will want to learn how to trim sideburns with a beard.

Sideburns were originally called burnsides after Ambrose Burnside, who had very thick and distinctive sideburns.

However, over time, the name changed to sideburns due to the fact that they were actually on the side of your face.

While the sides of your beard should be kept longer than your face, you should still keep your sideburns short.

You can also trim them at an angle so that the sides blend in with your beard. This will make your sideburns look more symmetrical.

You can also use clippers with a shorter length. With your own beard, the next step is to get the right length for your personal preference and to achieve a natural look.

The best way to trim your sideburns is to follow the direction of your hair growth.

They should end between the ear and the fullest part of your face. For best results, try a dry run by pressing various guards against the hair to see how much you need to trim.

Then, begin trimming the hair from the top of your beard, working your way down. To achieve the best result, you should begin with the largest guard, working your way to the smaller ones.

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After trimming your sideburns with a beard, you should wash your hair and dry it before you start taming it. Before you begin trimming your sideburns, you should use a dry run to make sure you don’t over-cut or undercut.

Always remember that you can always cut more hair later. When cutting your sideburns, start with the largest guard size and then work your way downward.

I normally use an imaginary line and using electric clippers, I follow the natural cheek line and make sure I have the right guard size.

This will also help you to identify any stray hairs and ensure you use a beard brush to get your beard hairs in line.

How to Trim Sideburns: Best Sideburn Styles

Whether trimmed conventionally to mid-ear or grown to the base of your ears or outside, sideburns exist for reasons, but the most common one is that they assist in balancing facial features.

Trimming or shaving your sideburns is a vital part of a good haircut. However, they may need some cleaning up between visits to the stylist or barber. Proper shaving provides you with a polished look. 

When to Trim Sideburns?

A lot of men are asking when is the right time to trim sideburns. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate; therefore, there is no rule on how often you must shave your sideburns.

If you have tapered and thin sideburns, perhaps you have to shave them up from time to time than somebody with fuller and wider sideburns

Sideburns must be shaved once they look bulbous, whether between cuts or every haircut.

Ask a stylist or a barber to taper your sideburns so that you get more time between cuts and do not need to do it at home and mess up. 

Best Sideburn Trimmer

To obtain the best look or perfect shave, buying good and high-quality clippers, trimmers, or an electric razor is vital.

This can assist your shave and grooming your sideburns without problems.

The best sideburn trimmers depend on the style and shape you want.

Experts suggest products like Philips Norelco Series 700 and those clippers from Wahl Professional. Braun Series trimmers are also a good option. 

how to trim sideburns with beard
Man with sideburns and a beard

How to Trim Sideburns in Six Easy Steps

If you are asking how to trim your sideburns, well, the whole process is simple.

For beginners, you will need high-quality cutting equipment; you can choose from clippers, trimmer, or razor with the best size guards

Here are the steps to follow when cutting your sideburns. This will assist you in obtaining a perfect and even cut. 

  1. First, wet your hair. Prior to trimming, you will need to clean or wash your hair and ensure it is free from grease and oil. 
  2. Comb downward your sideburn that is their naturally the direction of hair grow
  3. Choose the guard size for the cutter. The guard you choose is based on how long you wish to cut your sideburns. If you’re cutting your sideburns, you need to utilize a razor. If your sideburns are tapered, you might need multiple combs to slowly blend the length.
  4. After attaching the appropriate guard to the cutter, put the tool against the side of your face; therefore, the comb is swill out with the surface. Then run the cutter up the side to trim the sideburn according to the length you want. In case you’re clean-shaven, turn the cutter upside down and make a line to figure out how long or short you like to keep the sideburns.
  5. Cut and shape the sideburns as you wish. If you’re shaving, an electric shaver or a razor can be valuable in obtaining a flawless cut. Don’t forget to comb down the sideburns so the cutters are able to grab the hairs.
  6. Repeat the whole process on the other side. Take your hands index fingers and put them under both of your sideburns to check and compares. Doing this enables you to ensure you do not end up with sideburns that are not level on both sides of your face. If not aligned, you can make necessary adjustments.

Shaving Sideburns

It is advisable to cut sideburns using a trimmer or a razor. A high-quality cutter will cut the sides very shorts and leave a bit of stubble; however, shaving the sideburns off can just be obtained using a razor.

Knowing how to cut the sideburns using a razor becomes vital if you like no sideburns.

Sideburn Styles

You have many kinds of sideburn styles to select from. From short to long and modern to classic, the best sideburns are able to flatter your face as well as complement your beard length and haircut.

Between length and width, you will need to choose a style prior to beginning the cutting. Make sure to choose the style you want.

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Long Sideburns

This type of sideburns work well for gentlemen regardless of the shapes of the face, and you can shape it to go along with your style.

A long sideburn can frame the face, make a rough flair as well as look stunning with long, medium, and short hair on top.

Prior to trimming your long sideburns, consider what designs and styles match your face dimensions. This is also ideal with all hair lengths, textures, and lengths.

Short Sideburns

The short sideburn style is ideal for clean-shaven faces; classy fashion faces as well as short to medium haircuts.

Smooth and clean-cut, this style of sideburn looks handsome on gentlemen who work in offices and should keep a professional business look.

Tapered Sideburns

For men searching for a contemporary twist on a classic design, a tapered sideburn is stylish and cool.

The same as a fade haircut, a tapered sideburn is obtained by slowly tapering your hair by going shorter in length.

Thin Sideburns

This is ideal for men with short hair and those who choose to utilize products to slick back hair into a retro style.

Once you have a beard, thin sideburns fit in well and are simple to do at home. This style also stands out and is exceptional, allowing you to try different styles and looks.  

Thick Sideburns

The thick type of sideburn comes in an array of bold designs and styles which can highlight jawlines and good cheekbones.

Many thicker sideburns are full, long, and wide, which makes a design that looks like mutton chops.

thick sideburns with a beard

Pointed Sideburns

This is a very popular style of sideburns for men who wish to look cool.

Attractive and modern, a sharp-pointed sideburn can come down from the sides or up from the beard.

No Sideburns

This is perfect for men who don’t have time to maintain additional hair, so no sideburns usually is the outcomes of a haircut. If you really want to keep your sideburns, remember to tell your barber prior to them cutting your hair.

Sideburn Fade

Guys with beards are gravitating to the popular and in-demand sideburn fade


This is ideal if you wish to tidy your appearance without the need to cut the entire beard. This is also perfect for men with short and medium-length hair.


Sideburns are an important part of a man’s beard, whether that’s a long beard or a stubble type. Your face shape and different facial hair styles will dictate the desired length.

Using an electric beard trimmer with shorter guards with a steady hand is needed to get the desired straight line using the right tools.

We hope you have enjoyed how to trim sideburns with beard and if you have any tips for our readers, please leave them below in the comments.

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