How To Use Beard Trimmers

How To Use Beard Trimmers

A beard trimmer is a precious tool in the grooming kit of a man. A trimmer will clean the winter bar you worked on to make it appear deliberate and professional. It will even help you trim your beard if you choose not to be clean-shaven. It is easy to use and maintain your beard trimmer. From changing the guard to having the blades oiled, you will have a decent trim and clean your trimmer in minutes.

1. Types of Beard Trimmers

There are various types of  beard trimmers that vary in price and efficiency. You want to find a trimmer that gives you enough strength to shave uniformly while it is charged and doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

Some beard trimmers have a vacuum option and several various length

settings that help with cleaning up. While other beard trimmers offer you power and a long-lasting battery to achieve an even shave. Most beard trimmers let you pick from three different beard comb lengths.

Most men just need a few options to trim their beards. If you are searching for a simple trimmer that equally cuts your hair, you can buy an inexpensive one and save yourself a few pounds.

Waterproof beard trimmers are a great option. These trimmers will save you time by allowing you to shave in the bathroom. Waterproof trimmers will be easier to clean.

The top beard trimmer brands are Wahl, Andis, Braun, Gillette, Remington and  Panasonic but most brands these days have to pass safety tests and should be safe to use.

how to use beard trimmers
how to use beard trimmers

2. Find the best length for your beard

All men have a different standard of what looks nice in facial hair. The easiest way to determine the length that suits you is to shave your face entirely and let your beard grow. Then think about what sort of trimmer you ought to keep until you have achieved the target length of facial hair.

Firstly, you have to note your desired beard length. If you want your beard to be complete and have a nice fade as it goes down your face, upper lip and neck, then a powerful trimmer with three guards would perform fantastically.

You don’t need a trimmer with many power choices or loads if you want anything shorter and more clipped like a  5 o’clock shadow. Much of the time, you can shave without a guard using just the blades on the shaving handle.

If you want a particular facial hairstyle like a goatee beard or a chinstrap, you might want a trimmer with multiple trimmer heads and guards. You need something to change the normal trimmer with a smaller collection of blades to make it more precise.

3. Purchase a beard trimmer that suits your needs

You should get a decent beard trimmer that suits your requirements now that you know your choice and your preferred length of the beard. Typically, you get what you pay for when it comes to beard trimmers. This may not imply that you have to invest a lot of cash, but purchasing a trimmer with tons of equipment and functions for a smaller price tag does not provide outstanding results.

If you realize that you need just a couple of guard choices, it might not be expensive for your trimmer. Anything in the £20 mark providing many guard choices is likely to be accurate.

A beard trimmer with variable speeds, a long-lasting battery, multiple guards, and trimmer head choices for £20 won’t disappoint when it comes to trimming your beard.

4. Oil your trimmer

If you have a trimmer that needs oil to function correctly, make sure the trimmer is oiled up. Place on the blades a couple of drops of oil and then run the trimmer.

You can use the oil that comes with the clippers, or you can use a WD40. After application, wipe any extra oil off on the blades with a smooth, dry cloth.

When oiling your clippers, you must ensure that any extra hair that might be in the blades has been cleaned out. Turn the clippers on and drip the oil on them to saturate the running blades. Next, run the blades for approximately 20 seconds, then wipe your blades well and make sure that the blades’ tops are dry, so the hair does not cling.

5 Bear Trimmer Guard Sizes

Do you know what beard trimmer guard size to use? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below is the most popular guard sizes for your beard trimmer.

A big thanks to Niall Sullivan for this guide, check him out at https://www.niallsullivan.co.uk

beard trimmer guard sizes

6. Start shaving

While shaving, you have to start long and shorten at the end. If you have a broad beard and want to cut it to a decent yet still present length, begin with your guard comb number 3 and go over all the beard.

You ought to shave against the grain. Your facial hair is going to develop out and down. Point the blades to the grain and shave upwards against the grain. Place your face against the flat section of a beard comb to achieve the best results.

Shave your neck and face in the same way. If you don’t see any length changes, you might have to move to a lower guard such as 2.

7. Switch to a lower guard

When you’ve gone through your face and neck, it’s time to trim your neck nicely. For a lower guard like a, one buzz hair right under the jawline from Adam’s apple. Shave in an upward direction.

If you choose to be shorter than a 1 guard, take the guard and shave on your trimmer with the blades. You may even keep your 1 guard unshaved under your jaw for around two inches. After that, fade the area by shaving the area with a 2 guard.

Trim your beard until it ends between your jawline and your throat’s first wrinkle.

8. Clean any strays

Making sure you evenly shave your beard and neck by checking for leftover hair in the mirror. You may want to shave the 0 guard blades on your trimmer below the Adam apple.

If you like further fade or trim your 0 guard collar, take a razor and completely shave the region under your Adam’s apple.

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9. Remove the guard for shorter styles

If you choose to wear a 5 o’clock shadow, shave without a guard. Simply shave your whole beard and neck with the blades on your trimmer head with a shadow of 5.

You can still clear up some trouble areas of facial hair once you’re over with your beard trimmer by using a straight razor. The upper lip is an area that I always need extra care when trimming.

Using the trimmer without a guard to hold the bottom of your mouth clean and free from hair. Smile with your mouth closed and cut your hair uniformly over your upper lip. Be careful if you do not use a guard as your hand may slip and remove a bit of hair from your beard.

Our Final Thoughts

How to use a beard trimmer is a subject that covers many areas and we hope we have touched on most in this article.

How do you use your beard trimmers? Share your hacks with us below and lets all help each other to get the most out of and to use a beard trimmer properly.

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