Slicked Back Hairstyles for Guys

Slicked Back Hairstyles For Guys

Some men’s hairstyles come and go, only lasting a couple of years. These temporary styles die out after a fashion fad is over and don’t have the impact to survive the test of your time. Others stay trendy for many years and remain a classic style that can’t be touched. Slicked back hair is strictly that.

While slicked-back hair dates back to overflow 100 years, the design gained immense popularity within the fifties with styles just like the pompadour. These days in 2023 slicked back hair is loved by both stylish men who like its retro vibe and contemporary men who need an advanced hairstyle.

The idea of slicking back hairstyles for guys may be a particularly versatile technique. It is often applied to a spread of haircuts and works well with most hair types and face shapes. consider slicking back your hair because the secret sauce to travel alongside your favorite haircut. You’ll sport a slicked back undercut, a slicked-back side part––the only limit is your imagination.

You might be wondering if you’ve got the proper hair type or face shape to urge slicked-back hair. the great news is that slicked back hair will work pretty much for all face shapes. Whether you’ve got around, square, diamond, or maybe oblong shaped face, you’ll use slicked back hair to urge a suave look.

Thin and Thick Hair will work with Slicked Back Hair

However, slicked-back hair doesn’t work perfectly with all hair types. Both thin and thick hair will work, and if you’ve got straight or wavy hair, you’re good to travel. If your hair is extremely wavy, curly, or coiled, you’ll have a tougher time.

The more unruly your hair is, the tougher it’ll be too slick it back. So, if your hair is extremely wavy, you’ve got an opportunity to tame it. However, if your hair is curled into tight coils, you almost certainly won’t be ready to slick it back.

If you’re a hair type that’s good for slicked back hair, you’ll become to get your hands on some important hair products. First, you’ll need an honest pomade. Get a light-weight hold if you’ve got thin hair or a firm hold if you’ve got thick hair.

We recommend a water-based pomade rather than oil-based. Water-based pomades are much easier to scrub out and manage. Some hairstyles for slicked back hair are given below.

Slicked Back Side Part

Side part slicked back hairstyles are popular for nearly every face shape. Square faces will be had best with a more angular style, while oval and oblong faces will be had best with most styles as long as there’s a more proportional cut, is not too long or too short on the highest or sides. This makes this one of the best slicked back hairstyles for guys that never goes out of fashion.

Oblong faces also will be had best with a method that combs the hair onto the face to assist balance the design.

Round faces generally had best when adding volume and angles to the hairstyle, ensuring to not have a blunt fringe, which may emphasize the shape. Heart and diamond faces had best with a touch of length and a side-swept look.

slicked back hairstyles for guys

Dyed Slicked Back

The world of men’s hair is usually changing and evolving, and recently, there’s been a rise in hairstyles that feature dyed hair. From low-key highlights to bold full-head dealings, dyed hair is all over today. Colored hair is often worn and styled in many various ways, and these are a number of our favorites.

The French crop may be a classic style, and it shows off dyed hair alright. The defined line up adds a pleasant touch that enhances the spiky hair on top.

Dyed slicked back hairstyle

Slicked Back hairstyle for guys – Short Hair

You don’t need to have medium or long hair to rock a slick back hairstyle. Even short hairstyles can perfectly achieve this sleek trend. So, if you’ve got a cropped cut, consider choosing a slicked-back style for a refined appearance.

However, take care of what proportion of hair product you employ to secure your style. As your hair is brief, you’ll only need a minimal amount.

slicked back hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyles for guys – Low Fade Haircut

A fade haircut, which features tapered sides and back, can add a contemporary twist to the classic slick back hairstyle. The contemporary cut is ideal for keeping hair with an extended length on top looking smart and polished. To nail this look, just select the proper level of fade to fit your style.

The low fade appears great with both short and medium lengths of hair on top. If you are doing choose a mid length, you ought to consider a slicked back hairstyle to finish your look. The sophisticated style partners perfectly with a subtle yet sleek small fade. you’ll also consider adding a beard style to your look to assist balance out the longer length on top.

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Slicked Back hairstyles for guys – Undercut

The slick back undercut is another classic hairstyle that has seen a renaissance in current years.

The look, which features a brief back and sides with the hair on the highest left longer, is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. because of its length and shape, it’s also seriously simple to style.

Wearing an undercut slicked back works so well for therefore many various sorts of hair, whether you’ve got thick or thin, straight or curly hair.

slicked back hairstyle

Slick Back Curly Hair

Curly hair is often notoriously difficult to style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a killer slicked-back look. When your hair is damp, just use a hand blower and wide-tooth comb to assist direct your locks far away from your face.

Then, if you would like to take care of your natural waves, add sea salt spray and choose a versatile hold product, like a light-weight mousse. Finally, comb your hair back using your hands and permit your locks to dry naturally for an excellent slicked back hairstyle with texture.

how to trim a beard

Slick Back Waves

Men with wavy hair, rock this hair trend with slicked-back styling exactly for your natural hair type. Utilize a versatile hold hair product sort of a lighter mousse, which can provide a touch more flexibility when it involves harnessing your curls.

Additionally, make certain to choose a messier look, which can add dimension to the natural volume created by your waves.

Combed slick back

A combed-back look may be a minimal and classic version of the slicked-back style. It’s simple to make, requires little product, and appears neat and classy, making it a superb option for busy men you’ll achieve the design by combing your hair back while employing a bit of pomade for a smooth finish. The outcome should have a natural volume and not look flat or wet.

slicked back hairstyle

Slick Back Half-Pony

If you’ve got long hair, a slick back half-pony maybe a hairstyle well worth trying. Simple and classy, this look is ideal for modern-day gents. For subtle combat, the design just leaves the lower half of your hair loose. For a bolder type, cut it off for an undercut. regardless of which your choice, always remember to brush your hair back when generating the half-pony to make sure a smooth, slick back.

slicked back hairstyle with pony tail

Slick Back with Beard

A traditional thanks to interpreting slicked back hairstyles for guys is to enrich this hair trend with a beard. choose a light-weight beard or strategic scruff to amplify the design of your slicked back hairstyle.

Be mindful of your face shape and therefore the proportions of your features when trying out this trend. Facial hair will add a dimensional portion to your slicked-back look, making a complementary look.

slicked back hairstyle with a beard

Slick Back Pompadour

The slick back pompadour may be a traditional hairstyle that has seen a resurgence in recent years. As such, it’s a superb style that’s both classic and on-trend. to make the design, you would like to realize a neat, smoothed-back style that’s filled with volume.

To do so, try using volume-boosting products and blow-drying your hair the wrong way up to direct roots upward.

Pompadour with slicked back hairstyle

Long Slicked Back Hair

Men with long hair styles can also rock a slicked-back style. Perfect for formal functions, a sleek look is right for giving grown out locks a classy touch. To fix the hairstyle, just comb your long mane back and tuck it behind your ears.

Then, use a versatile hairspray for a soft appearance or a firm-hold mousse or wet-look pomade for a bolder aesthetic. Remember though; you won’t get to use tons because the weight of your hair will help keep it in situ.

Long black hairstyle

Slick Back with Volume

The blow-dried slick back requires an honest quality volumizing hair product like a pomade or a mousse, which can add depth to the hair and provides it a distinctly different appearance than the standard shiny, wet look.

This version of the favored hair trend hinges on volume, so ensure your nominated product boosts hair thickness without adding frizz.

Swept back pompadour

Modern Slick Back Hair

For contemporary combat, the slicked back style, make certain to loosen things up a touch. By adding volume on top and many textures, you’ll create a stylishly contemporary version of this traditional look.

Also, remember to use a minimal amount of product to take care of a natural appearance and your fingers rather than a comb for a wonderfully imperfect finish.

Man with designer stubble

Slick Back with Grey Hair

If you’re a silver grey fox, you ought to consider rocking a slick back hairstyle, because of its sophisticated and sleek appearance, this style is ideal for older gents.

However, as it’s also an on-trend look, a slick back also can add a youthful touch to your appearance. But, make certain to feature a tactile texture to your style to stay it modern.

Best Hair Care products for slicked back hair

There are tons of hair products out there for men’s grooming, and lots of them are excellent.

When it involves the slick back hairstyle you would like something that’s getting to hold your hair in situ. That said,  without making you appear as if you’ve slid down a greased fireman’s pole and something which won´t dry out your hair and scalp and cause flaking.

Water Based POMADE

Slicking back hair is all well and good but getting it to remain there’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

Employing a good quality water based pomade on damp hair may be a good way of getting hair to remain in situ whilst giving that classic slick, the vintage finish still wanted by today’s modern gent. It’s essential for a slicked-back hairstyle look of any style.

Sea Salt Spray

An essential creator of adding extra volume and texture, Sea Salt Spray is for people who need a slicked-back look that isn’t so, slick.

Combing hair completely off the face can allow your complexion to seem more chiseled, accentuating the jawline and drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. The coarseness of the Sea salt creates natural volume and texture and is ideal for a more defined look.


This is perfect for people who dare to sport the slicked back undercut. This particular quite style requires an excellent short buzz cut underneath and around 4-6 inches to play with on top.

When done well, this style emissions suave complexity and effortless cool, but naturally, this artistic take quite a little bit of maintenance.

Getting the longer hair to carry on top is often a challenge, but with a robust hold provided by products like Murdock’s Matt Mud, you ought to be ready to keep your style all day long.


A decent shampoo and conditioner set is important for hair that’s inundated with the product the bulk of the time. Whilst great quality styling products can help to realize the right look, applying these to hair daily can dry it out and even cause damage if the hair isn’t washed and conditioned.

To stay hair voluminous and healthy whilst styling it however you wish, wash employing a sulfate-free formula which will not only keep hair soft and hydrated but will protect the scalp and follicles from chemical-based products.

Good Quality Men’s Hair Comb

Whether you’re keen on to whip out a comb and slick back your hair publicly or want to discreetly tame your mane within the privacy of your bathroom, there’s no underestimating the extent of slicked-back style which will be achieved with an honest comb.

From foldable combs to suit in your shirt pocket, to those with leather cases convenient for travel. My top tip would be to buy a good quality comb to help you get the best results, especially the longer and thicker your hair is.

Our Final Thoughts

Slicked back hairstyles for guys offer a lot of different options depending on many factors such as your hair type.

We hope from this list that we have covered all of the most popular slicked back hairstyles for guys and if we have missed any, please let us know? We will be more than happy to add any extra hair styles to the list.

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite style and why?

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