How to use a flat top comb

How To Use A Flat Top Comb

Would you like to know how to use a flat top comb to get the perfect flat top hairstyle?

Well, it’s time to upgrade your looksby having a perfect hairstyle using a flat top comb.

Using a flat top comb can help you to achieve the right style for your hairs appearance.

In fact, there are lots of men who want to have a flat top cut since it can look fresh and neat.

Men do prefer this kind of hairstyle because they are comfortable with this style, which provides them great confidence in their overall looks.

If you are one of them who wishes to have a stunning look because of having a flat top cut, then you may choose this kind of hairstyle.

This is a perfect choice for those men who have short hair. In this article, you will be guided on how to have a flat top cut and on how to maintain its good-looking hairstyle.

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How to use a flat top comb

How to use a flat top comb

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How to Cut a Flat Top Using a Topper Comb?

One of the tools that you can utilize to have a flat top cut is to use a flat top comb or a Topper Comb as some people may know them as.

To achieve a flat top haircut , you will need a topper comb and a pair of sharp scissors or a set of Hair Clippers.

You may opt to use a traditional topper type of comb which is about six inches wide, since this kind is suitable for those not well-experienced in haircutting.

Using these two common tools in haircutting, you may then follow the six  steps below to achieve a flat top look or simply watch the video below:

If you need help using hair clippers, check out How To Use Hair Clippers

6 Simple Steps to a Perfect Flat Top

  • 1 Sort out your tools needed and make your accessories ready on hand. Clean your oil and put some oil on it. Before you start the haircutting, wash the hair and blow-dry it first. In this way, you can achieve a neater and much cleaner cut.
  • 2 Think about the proper lengths for the sides and back parts. Then, attach an appropriately sized guard or blade to it.
  • 3 You may start haircutting at the head’s back portion. Then, direct the trimmer to the parietal ridge. Be cautious on haircutting this part and think for ample space on the head’s top to have a clean flat top. Utilize the clipper around the head sides, utilizing an imaginary line as your guide.
  • 4 Now, you need to utilize the flat top comb for the upper back portion and the sides. Remove first the guard clipper. Then, slide the flat top comb onto the hair based on your preferred angle. You may taper its cut by slightly angling your comb. Trim or cut the hairs which protrude through the comb’s teeth. Rest your clipper on a comb as you guide it on the teeth of the comb at proper angles. Make sure that the angles on equal sides are perfectly matched.
  • 5 Cut now the top of the hair. Make sure that the head of the person is facing forward and upright. Your comb should be parallel on the floor, and make sure that you have a proper angle before cutting.
  • 6 Once done cutting, check if the sides and the top of the head are properly matched. If necessary, you may use your topper comb to revisit some areas. After that, utilize a trimmer in outlining the parts around the neck and ears.

With these simple steps, you can surely learn how to have a perfect cut flat top.

How to Achieve the Flat Top Look at Home?

Achieving a flat top hairstyle  look at home could be possible if you have a good pair of sharp scissors or a pair of hair clippers plus a topper comb.

You can make use of these two important tools to cut hair and achieve its ultimate hairstyle.

First, you just need to imagine how it looks like before you start to do the cutting. You may start at the back portion of the head, followed by the side portion.

Once done, you can proceed to the top portion of the head to have a clean top flat cut.

Just make sure that the angle on both sides and top portion of the head are evenly matched so that you can have a perfect outlook.

How to Maintain a Flat Top Hairstyle?

Maintaining a flat top hairstyle is not that difficult. If you’re always comfortable having a clean and shorter haircut, then you may opt to maintain a flat top hairstyle.

But if you’re not well-experienced in cutting hair, then you can ask for some pieces of advice from your hairstylist or barber.

You can learn how to
rearrange your hairdo even you’re at home. When maintaining this hairstyle, you need to make use of the flat top comb in a proper way and at the right angle to make sure the cut is perfectly even.

Conclusion on how to use a Flat Top Comb

We hope that after reading this article you are now know how to use a flat top comb to achieve a flat top hairstyle.  Do you have any tips or hacks to help our readers, if so add them to the comments below.

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