Complete Guide to Hair Fibers

How to Use Hair Fibers – Complete Guide

Hair fiber conceals bald patches and produces a fuller appearance to the hair. These magnetic, tiny fibers add bulk to the area of thinning hair, giving a natural texture to it.

The problem is, finding the best product out of the bunch available in the market. If you are dealing with Alopecia, the following article comforts you in understanding the hair-building fiber.

You can also know how to use hair fibers and points to be wary in selecting the right option so that you never fall out.

Who can use Topical hair fiber?

Topical hair fibres are derived from wool or rice keratin, rayon, or human hair and must be applied daily.

Any male or female who has the following conditions can use hair fibers

Thinning hair
 Graying hair
 Flat hair
Add volume to hair
 Heal the color difference between scalp and hair

how to use hair fibre powder

How to apply or hold hair-building fibers? The ingredients

Hair fibre is a no-non-sense product for shaping and holding the style without surgery.

The building fibres are mostly made from keratin, a natural component of hair, while the others may be.

 Boehmeria nivea or Ramie
 Rayon
 Viscose
 Polyethylene terephthalate

To create a fuller look, these keratin fibers are sprayed onto existing hair. These fibers cling to existing hair due to the contained static electricity charge and give a natural coverage.

Numerous ingredients ensure how to make hair fibers stick. Phenoxyethanol and Chlorphenesin are used in most cosmetics including hair fiber, root allergic reactions, dermatitis, and anaphylaxis.

They can cause nervous system disorders in newborns if a
pregnant or nursing mother comes in contact with the chemical.

Best Hair Building Fibers

Color– Hair fiber has varying physical and mechanical properties. Selecting the best hair fiber also depends on individual color choices.

To achieve a more natural look, use a combination of colors that match your natural hair color.

Forms of hair fiber- Unlike permanent hair fibers that require a specialized substance for sticking modern hair building fibers do not need any glue to fix.

The two most popular forms of hair fiberspowder and spray– are easy to use. The fiber spray applicator allows you to target specific spots.

You simply shake the bottle and spray the fibers directly onto your head.

How to use hair fiber powder? Application

Comb the hair before for better application of the product and even styling. In addition to this, combing assists in reducing flaking and deposit.

Whereas, a soft hair fiber comb is a must-have tool for people using hair building fibers.

It may assist in adjusting the hairstyle without removing the hair fibers. The hair fiber applicator spreads them evenly, giving a more natural look.

Furthermore, hair spray is another tool to include in the grooming kit.

To set the fiber, spray the target area with a humble hairspray after applying hair fiber. It prevents them from rubbing off and flaking.

how to use hair fibre powder

Is hair fiber waterproof?

It is often a wandering concern in every beginner’s mind. Apply the hair fibers to dry hair only. The fibers do not bind to wet hair, preventing it from even distribution.

If someone uses the product, they should refrain from swimming as the hair fibers are not waterproof. They will drip it off.

How long does hair fibers last in your hair?

Yet they aren’t permanent hair fibers; the results of hair fibers are long-lasting. It remains locked in until you wash the hair fiber out.

Tips on how to make hair thickening fibers last long

Get hands-on reviews of the product you feel like purchasing. Buying high-performance product ensures they won’t smear or smudge when you sweat and remains unaffected. 

Hair spray not only restores the shine of matte fibers but also, helps to fortify the bond between the natural hair and hair fibers.


Hair is a cherished asset from era to era. It gives individual identity and is significant in social assimilation.

Hair loss devastates the sufferer’s quality of life. Non-surgical camouflage treatment with hair fiber is a blessing to people suffering hair loss.

Choose an organic keratin-made hair fiber over cotton hair fibers.

They naturally gel with your tresses. The good thing is most users at the thinning stage of hair loss never progress past this stage.

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