How To Use Hair Powder

With so many men’s hair products on the market now in 2023, it’s hard to know what to buy.

In this guide on how to use hair powder, we will cover all the different uses for it as well as give you some of the benefits of using hair powder, so you can get the most out of this latest hair product for men.

What is Hair Powder?

Hair Powder is a white powder similar to baby powder in looks, that normally comes in a shaker bottle.

Also, known as texturizing or mattifying powders, they are a great addition to man’s hair care range.

how to use hair powder
how to use hair powder

Benefits of Hair Powder?

As we have already mentioned, the volumizing powder is also called a texturizer, simply because it will add extra lightweight texture and volume to your hair.

For men with thick hair, you will notice the immediately added texture to your hair which is great for styling your hair how you want.

For guys with thin hair, the volumizing powder will add extra volume to your hair. This is a great help to thicken your hair to hide any thinning hair.

For guys with oily hair, the powder helps to absorb the oils and takes the greasy hair look away leaving your hair looking better.

The powder is also very light with an invisible hold, and therefore, doesn’t feel heavy on your head.

  • Adds extra texture and volume
  • Thickens thin and fine hair
  • Absorbs oil in the hair
  • Easy to restyle during the day
  • Invisible hold keeps the hair in place
  • Can be used with other hair care products

How to Use Hair Powder to Add Volume and Texture

  • Apply directly to the roots of the hair to add extra volume and absorb any oils
  • Sprinkle all over your hair using the shaker bottle to add extra volume and texture
  • Style your hair and you’re all done!
  • Restyle as required throughout the day using its invisible hold
  • Simply scrunch up the hair and restyle as many times as needed
  • For extra hold, add another hair product such as a hair clay or pomade

How to Use Hair Powder on Short Hair?

Texturizing powder works great on short hair simply because it adds extra volume and texture to make your hair look thicker and with more body.

This really helps guys with short hair who are trying to grow their hair out and need that bit of extra texture to get the desired style.

Simply follow the same steps as shown in the list above. Add extra volumizing powder if required, to get the required texture and hold.

Hair Powder on Thin Hair?

Thinning or fine hair can be a man’s worst nightmare and for good reason.

With thinning hair, comes fine and blow-away hair. Most guys need to add extra texture and volume to hide the thin and fine hair.

This is where a texturizing powder comes in very handy as it’s quick and easy to apply with almost instant results.

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Take Note-

One thing to remember is that all powders are matte finish, so your hair will lose some of its shine.

Powders can also make your hair dry, so make sure you hydrate your hair prior to use with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Best Hair Powders

Below are some suggestions for the best hair powders currently available.

The products below are simply recommended suggestions and are not full reviews.

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