How to prevent beard acne

How to prevent beard acne

Beards are everywhere and have become so popular over the past few years. With many stars sporting trendy bristles it’s not hard to see why they have become the latest fashion accessory for men.

However, let’s remember that a beard is for life (well almost!) and must be looked after and cared for in the same way as we wash our skin.

If we don’t care for our camouflage then our worst nightmare beard acne could arrive and take up camp in your mane. So, is your beard acne the same as face acne? Well apparently, not according to dermatologists. So how to prevent beard acne, lets have a proper look?

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Beard Pimples

Beard acne is accumulated over days of not giving our muttonchop’s a good wash and oiling. Dirt and bacteria hang around and after a while they start to itch and cause the acne. Most men simply don’t wash and look after their beard in the same way as they do for their hair on their heads and bodies.

Some guys simply have a reaction to growing a beard especially if it the first time. I remember putting off growing a beard for years because the itch was so bad. For whatever reason, I can now grow a beard no problem and with the minimum of itch, thankfully.

So, what daily routine can you follow to keep you mane in tip top condition to prevent the dreaded itch and acne.

8 Reasons Not To Shave Your Beard

If you ever get that feeling to shave off your pride and joy, just think of these reasons why you should never shave off your beard.

  1. Beards make you stand out from the crowd!
  2. Beards give you a look of importance.
  3. Beards can help to improve your confidence and well being.
  4. Beards are good for your skin if groomed and looked after.
  5. People see beards as authority and a sign of maturity.
  6. Beards can change your look and give you an edge.
  7. Beards allow you to ponder whilst stroking your mane.
  8. Beards can keep your face warm during the colder days.

Tip’s to prevent Beard Acne

Beard care and maintenance is very important, so lets help by following these simple steps below.

1 Wash your beard on a regular basis but not every day. Too much washing is not good so look for a good quality beard shampoo that allows regular cleaning.

2 This might sound obvious for some but not for everyone. Don’t use a hair dryer on your beard if you can help it. Obviously if you are in a rush and a quick blow dry is needed then go for it. However, blow drying your beard can cause dryness which can result in flaky skin which can then lead to acne.

3 Each day, use a cleanser for your skin. In today’s world, men’s cosmetics have become the norm so don’t be afraid to pamper yourself even though you are a tough and manly bearded guy!

4 Get yourself a good quality beard comb! You will not regret it as it’s the best way to straighten out those bristles and for preventing in grown hairs.

If you have stubble, check out our stubble length guide for men.

Moisturise and Exfoliate daily

Moisturise your skin daily. If you keep your skin healthy and hydrated then the chances of acne will be greatly reduced. Find a product that suits your skin type and if it works for you, stick with it.

Exfoliate daily. Yes, exfoliate! I know it sounds like a posh wash but it really can be as simple as using a face cloth. If you want to use a loafer you can do (no laughing!) but it just doesn’t suit me, honest. I prefer the sugar scrub’s which are also known as granular cleansers. I normally get some as a Christmas gift and they work for me but again it’s down to personal preference.

I read an article recently and a top skin doctor recommended you should exfoliate your skin daily from our teenage years right up-to our 90’s. Enough said!

Beard Care tips to prevent acne 2018

Buy some Beard Oil

Get yourself a good quality beard oil. It will help to keep both your beard and your skin smelling fresh with the bonus of soothing your skin. After a shower, I normally use one or two drops to put some life back into my beard.

It really does make me feel clean and you can get many different types with a smell to suit all tastes.

Choose the right brand for you

If you use a beard care product and it does not get the results you want, change it! Too many people fall into the trap of using a brand because they are loyal to a brand. That’s great if the product works and your skin is healthy. However, if the acne persists, look at alternative brands and try to experiment to see what results.

Use a sun screen if it’s a sunny day, you’re on holiday or if you live in a hot country (lucky buggers!).

This is one way to prevent your skin from drying out and it will also help to prevent skin cancer so it really is a win win situation.

Beard Care Products

How can you prevent beard acne or get your beard looking great without some beard care products


Below is a great guide from Beardaholic which gives some great tips on what type of beard products to use. Have a read, I am sure you will find it useful. You can also check these guys out at Beardaholic.com

How to prevent beard acne

Conclusion to how to get rid of beard acne

So, you have taken all the tips above, now what.

Ok, so some people just can’t wear a beard for various reasons. If you want to grow a beard to simply cover up your face acne then this could be the wrong move to make.

If, however, you take care of your beard and follow the simple tips above, then there is no reason why you should not have a great beard.

Don’t forget that a beard is for life (well almost!) so treat it well and it will look after you.

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