Straight razor VS Disposable

We all have decisions to make regarding our male grooming routine and shaving options is one of them.

Let’s have a look at straight razor vs disposable razors including the pros and cons of both.

First of all, let’s look at what both types of razors are so that we understand what each type of razor is before looking at how to use them both.

Pros and Cons


Straight Razor

Straight razors definitely give the best shave.

Less chance of a nick of a cut.


Cheaper and easy to use.

Easy for travelling


You need to spend time mastering the art of shaving with one.

You have to learn to look after the blade.

Not as close a shave.

More chance of a nick or cut to your skin.

First of all, let’s look at what both types of razors are so that we understand what each type of razor is before looking at how to use them both.

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Straight razors

Straight razors have been around for years and years and have been very popular for barbers who shave their customers.

Many people will have a vision of a cut throat barber shaving his client with a large knife life razor, this is what’s called a straight razor.

They are generally made of one large piece of metal ( normally stainless steel) that has a handle that has to be maneuvered to the shape of your face.

They generally requires a lot of practice and skill to perfect the art of shaving without any nicks or cuts.

Disposable Razors

On the other hand, disposable razors were introduced around 1900 by Gillette and have been used by many modern men as their go to razor.

This is simply down to convenience and speed with the disposable Gillette razor being easy to use and readily available in shops.

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Which Type of Razor is Best for You.

This need a to be looked at in a little more detail. The straight razor is definitely a better quality shave and with practice, will result in much fewer nicks and cuts.

However, the razor has an art to it that needs to needs to be mastered and this is what puts most people off buying a straight razor

To get the razor to shave correctly, the blade must be maintained to a sharpness that will allow the blade to not nick or cut you.

This takes time to practice and is perfect to literally get the blade ready for shaving. 

The upside is that the blade, once properly sharpened, will last between six to twelve months as long as the blade is stropped when is used. The strop allows the blade to stay sharp and gives more life to the blade.

You can also find companies who will sharpen the blades for you like artisans but these are becoming harder to find these days.

The straight razor has not really evolved much over the years, however, a shavette is 
the latest improvement.

It allows the blade to be kept clean when used in Barbershops after each use with a different customer. 

Basically, it’s a sanitizing way of keeping up with hygiene which is obviously very important in today’s men’s grooming society.

Which is the easiest to use

Without doubt, the disposable razor is designed for today’s fast life and it’s very easy to get the hang of how to manoeuvre across your skin and contours

The disposable razor is easy to pick up new blades for and it’s literally a throw away concept that is less expensive.

You can buy a Gillette Mach 3 one week and if you don’t like it, you can swap to many of the other brands very easily.

With a straight razor, there is definitely a learning curve that needs to be adopted before you can get the hang of it and became a master.

If you haven’t got the time of the patience to learn, then stick with a disposable razor.

Which Razor Gives The Best Results?

This is easy, a straight razor. The closeness of the shave is almost perfect and you can feel your skin is like glass.

If you art looking to go a couple of days without shaving, for instance when traveling, then the results from the straight razor will give you at least a few day’s grace.

On the other hand, the disposable will give you a decently close shave but it just won’t be as close.

Even with the two blades compared to one straight blade, the shave is not near as close. 

straight razor vs disposable razor

Which Razor Is Best On A Work Day?

The safety razor does the job just as quickly as the disposable, so in this scenario, this really is down to personal choice.

However, if you’re running late and decide to shave at the office restrooms, then a disposable would definitely be best and even an electric razor in this situation.

It’s a rarity but most men at some point end up running late, and if you have an afternoon meeting, you need to look good and the disposable can be your best friend.

When Travelling, Which Razor Is Best?

For travelling, a straight razor is not ideal for very obvious reasons.

For me, I can swap between the two shavers depending on the situation. When travelling, it’s just much easier to pack a disposable and for me, whilst on holiday a close shave is never my priority.

Razors, which one is best for you?

We have given you the best of both worlds of razors, with a look at both straight VS disposable razors

Do you have your favourite type of razor and why? Share with our readers, what  experiences you have using a razor and why you chose one above the other?

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