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Free Men’s Grooming samples

Free Men’s Grooming Samples

Who doesn’t like the word Free in 2023? In this guide to free men’s grooming samples, we will take a look at all the latest free samples for men to help you look better for free.

We will cover free hair care, free skin care, free shaving kits and free men’s grooming kits.

In terms of looking good, it is not just about what men wear, but about what comes in what men wear and how men take good care of their bodies.

As increasingly more men are cautious about what they put on and how men look, it is no doubt that men are spending lots of cash on grooming and skin care products and more time in moisturizing, shaving, and plucking in the bathroom.

This is true since a lot of men are aware of the significance of caring for their skin. While some women may adore a tough-looking man, it does not entail unkempt and scruffy, and it indicates a well-groomed tough man.

Hence, what precisely does it take to appear sharp and be well-groomed? There are a variety of key tips of important men’s grooming products, which can widely be considered when it comes to shaving products, and pre-shaving and post-shaving products.

Free Men’s Products

Free men's products

Free Men’s Shaving Samples

Harry’s razors free sample

Harry’s razors offer a free trial sample of their German engineered razors. Their razors are designed for close and comfortable shaves.

By owning their own factory, Harry’s is able to cut out the middle man and offer high quality shaving products for really sensible prices.  With over 20 million razors already sold worldwide, this proves what a great razor Harry’s have come up with and its definitely worth a free trial.

Harry’s razors offer a free trial and have customisable options to pause, modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

Their high quality men’s razor are 5 blade cartridge using a rubber flex hinge, lubricating strip and precision trimmer. You will also get a foaming shaving gel and blade protector to help protect your razor’s blades when not in use.

The handles come with a choice of colours as well as being a weighted core and ergonomic shape.

The various colours available for Harry’s Razor’s are –

  • Bright Orange
  • Indigo Blue
  • Tropical Green
  • Premium Chrome

Gillette free trial set

Gillette is synonymous when it comes to men’s shaving products. Established in 1901 by King C. Gillette, the company have prided themselves on being the leading men’s razor blade company for many years.

As a company they have always been innovative and over the years, their razors have always been classed as high quality razor blades.

Gillette have now also moved into the subscription box mode as people look for convenience. Gillette offers various subscription models with the first month’s samples being free. Its a saving of around £12.74 and all you have to do is sign up to a subscription package and then cancel once you receive the items.

For more information check out the Gillette subscription packages here.

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Free Men’s Hair Samples

Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo

Success begins with modest things, and that is particularly true in terms of the everyday grooming routine of men. In addition, for men who have been making use of similar shampoo bought from the local department store for a long time now, it is time to change that habit. Because of that, the proven and tested Baxter of California is available in a chic package. Additionally, it contains vitamin F and protein in order to strengthen the scalp and hair. Everybody love that mutual approach and men will see the difference in their hair while using this shampoo.

Try the Baxter’s Free Trial Set and save £25. You just need to pay for shipping which is the standard offer for any free samples.

The free sample pack contains-:

Daily Fortifying Shampoo Sample (0.3 oz. / 10 ml)
Daily Fortifying Conditioner Sample (0.3 oz. / 10 ml)
Travel-Size Daily Face Wash (2 oz. / 60 ml)
Travel-Size Deodorant (1.2 oz. / 35 ml)

Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo, 16 oz

Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade

The good old folks at Blind Barber understand a couple of things with regard to the proper way of cutting, styling, and finishing the hair – and that ultimate touch is specifically important for men who have taken their time to compose a well-serene ensemble somewhere else. For circumstances where men need to amp up the hairstyle, then Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade is the best men’s grooming product since it has a strong yet soft hold.

Blind Barber offer a free trial package so you can see for yourself how good their products are before making a full purchase. Check out their Free Trial Hair Care range here.

HIM’S Free Trial Set

While a lot of men have discussed what to do for luscious hairs, what if men find themselves fighting a rather losing encounter on that front part of the head. It is best to purchase a Hims Complete Hair Loss Kit, which is a product that best treats hair loss and combat the symptoms of its source.

In addition, the product even contains supplements intended to deal with hair loss, something that other products for hair loss do not fairly offer.

Try HIM’S Free Trial Set Here

Layrite Men’s Hair Pomade

For men who are looking for a more high-quality and intense hold, then it is hard to pass up what Layrite Cement Clay provides to the grooming routine of men. This is a classic grooming product that harkens back to pompadours, as well as the times of classic white T-shirts and blue denim.

With a smooth matte finish but with a strong hold, Layrite Cement Clay is an adamant, everyday use hair clay for men.

Finding a free sample for such a quality product was always going to be hard, so we have done the hard work for you. Below is the link to the Pomade Club who offer free samples for many brands of Pomade. Layrite is one of the companies that participate with the club so check them out now.

Get Free Hair Pomade samples Here

Free Men’s Skin Care Samples


Kiehl’s offer free and complimentary samples with every order online. Kiehls are one of the worlds most established skin care companies and their men’s skin care range is as good as any on the market today.

To get your free samples, simply click on the banner below.

Kiels Free Skin Test Online

Kielh’s is also offering a free skin test online. This is great for any guy who wants to get a free men’s skin care test to confirm which type of skin care product is best suited to each individual.

Check out the offer here at Kiels skincare test

Shave Mob – Save Up To 70%

Shave Mob do not offer free samples or trials. However, due to their massive savings of up to 70% on their razors and shaving products, we thought that they were at the very least worth a mention.

Oars + Alps Natural Charcoal Solid Face Wash

If there has been a buzzed-about component all over the world for men’s grooming products the past couple of decades, it has to be charcoal.

When properly used, charcoal can revive and purify the face, which makes it the perfect complement to the skincare routine of men, and possibly the best ingredient to comprise in the face wash.

At Oars and Alps, you can get a trial pack that isn’t actually 100% Free. However, its such a great product with such a good reputation that we just had to add it to our list due to the low price of just £7 for their sampler set that includes

1 Shine-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lip Balm

2 Cooling + Cleansing Wipes

1 Mini Face + Eye Cream

Check out the Trial price at Oars & Alps Sampler Set Here

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Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Among a lot of important steps in terms of looking after the face, using the most excellent moisturizer has the tendency to be ignored – but can pay significant dividends in the long term and short term, more essentially.

This moisturizer product is ably named provided its utilization of SPF20, which is another vital ingredient to an advantageous mug.

To get hold of Jack Blacks Free Products all you have to do is to subscribe to their  mailing list to be the first to get Free Jack Black Products.

Free Condoms for Men

All men should wear protection in certain circumstances. Durex is the main brand, and here you can get some free Durex condoms in a sample pack. 

Durex Free samples

Free Samples For Men Websites

To add some extra value to you guys, here are a few websites that just promote free samples including men’s free samples. Check them out and let is know in the comments which is your favourite?

Send Me A Sample

Does what it says on the tin, literally. With many companies and brands using this site, you can get many samples from different brands in different niches such as mens grooming.

Free samples at sendmeasample.net

 Latest Free Stuff

More free stuff, including men’s free samples to try out at home.

Try now at latestfreestuff.co.uk

Final Thoughts

Every body loves Free samples and we hope our guide to free men’s grooming samples helps you guys out.

If you have seen any free samples for men, please share them blow and we will add them to our list.

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