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QX magazine’s Tony Flynn reviews Meso men product range.

QX magazine’s Tony Flynn

Meso has recently been looking for a face and influencer to help grow our brand. After many months searching, we finally came across Tony Flynn’s profile.

This guy has a great presence, knows what he is talking about and not least of all, looks great!

South of France photo shoot for Tony Flynn

The latest fashion trends with Tony Flynn

The initial contact

We then started the process of contacting Tony, he was always fast at responding which was a massive plus for me.

From start to finish, this guy excelled in every sense of the word. At every stage of the process Tony some how managed to over deliver and exceed all expectations.

So, who is QX magazine’s Tony Flynn for those who have not come across his talents yet.

Well firstly, he has a very loyal following on Instagram as a fashion and lifestyle influencer with over 25k followers.

Tony Flynn in the south of France showcasing some of this summers latest fashion trends

The Style Guru

The website offers top tips on fashion, men’s grooming and lifestyle for today’s discerning male.

If you are looking for some great tips and advice on what to wear, how to wear them and what grooming products to use, Tony is your man.

He has written some great articles for some top brands including Jack Black, Pall Mall Barbers and many more.

He was also the first person in the UK to start offering an online personal shopping experience for men. In today’s busy lifestyle, we all wish we had more time to get the look we are after.

What Tony can offer?

If that’s you, then check out the link below to see what Tony can offer.

With his invaluable style knowledge and contacts, Tony is able to offer a first class service with detailed styling requirements straight to your email. How goods that!

Even better, is the fact that Tony can also offer you discount codes to all the best places to shop online, which means you can also make some great savings on your next wardrobe.

As if that was not enough to keep this fashion guru busy, he is also a regular weekly style and fashion column writer at QX magazine.

QX magazine is London’s and the UK’s free weekly LGBT magazine with a weekly reach of over 160,000 through print, online and social media.

QX includes a great diversity of article  ranging from style, fashion, bars, clubs and much more.

You can check out QX online here  at https://www.qxmagazine.com/

Tony Flynn looking great on a boat in the South of France sporting the latest fashion trends.

After Tony had completed our collaboration for Meso, totally out of the blue, he announced a little surprise for us.

He had only gone and given Meso a fantastic review and full page spread in the latest QX magazine edition.

To say we were delighted would be an understatement! At no point during our collaboration had Tony done anything but exceed all expectations, and then without warning, he blows us away again!

If you want to read Tony’s article for Meso, have a read here at QX

If you are serious about growing your brand and need someone who goes way above and beyond what you expect of him, then please give Tony a dm at his Instagram page @_tonyflynn or contact him at [email protected]


There are many so called infleuncers out there and I am sure that many are doing a great job.

But if you are looking for some one who will go above and beyond to help grow your brand, then Tony really is the real deal! Would you like to try Meso….click here!

QX magine article from Tony Flyn n for Meso men

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QX magazine article by Tony Flynn for Meso

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