Men’s Grooming Tip’s for the seasons

Men’s Grooming Tips for the Seasons

As we all know most countries go through seasons that can affect the way in which we look after ourselves. 

Let’s look at the men’s grooming tips for the seasons for 2023. Let’s start with winter.

Winter Skin Care

First of all, winter is the time of the year when people are looking forward to Christmas and it’s a time for partying and office parties. It’s a time that most people see people that they may not have seen all year and the last thing we want them to think when they see is “boy, is he looking rough!”.

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Taking care of yourself during the cold winter months isn’t as hard as you might think with just a little bit of extra TLC for your skin, hair and beard. That’s why we decided to help guide you through the Men’s Grooming Tips for the Seasons!

The cold weather tends to dry out our skin and that’s why a good quality moisturizer or face cream is essential. Don’t forget, we can also have winter sun as well which can play its part in drying out your skin.  Like anything, if you don’t look after your skin it can soon start to dry out, look rough and start to inherit wrinkles. The truth is that a simple daily routine to wash your face thoroughly and then apply moisturizer is not too much of an effort for most people.

 You can also add a face mask of an evening to draw out any unwanted toxins that will help to replenish the skin overnight.

Tips for your hair and beard

For your hair and beard things are also not as difficult as one might think. Good quality shampoo and conditioner for your hair will bring any hair back to life. Then you can simply apply some Pomade to help keep your hair looking like a film starts.

If you don’t want to wash during the colder month, then try a Sea Salt Spray. This can be used as a dry shampoo to allow you to get the look your after, but also give you extra time in between washing your hair. Try our Sea Salt Spray HERE

For the man with a beard, it’s even simpler. Apply your favorite beard oil after a shower and hey presto. You will have a great beard that smells and feels like new and is ready to party with. When winter ends, you will be glad to have taken the time to look after yourself and kept up your good grooming habits.

Summer is here!!

When summer starts, there is a different devil in the midst. Yes, the Sun! It’s the one thing that we all love and yet it can damage people skin and hair in no time at all. If you have ever seen the little old lady who has spent her whole two weeks holiday sat on a sun bed, then you will get where I am coming from here.

How to use Sun Screen

The first and most important of any holiday in the sun is sunscreen. If you, like me, try to avoid using the stuff because its greasy and oily which helps the sand stick everywhere then there is an alternative. These days there are dry oil sunscreens and they have the same sunblock factors as any other type. They really are a blessing and so easy to apply. A quick rub in and it will dry naturally and will stay on even in the water. Check the bottle details first but most now are waterproof and have high sun factors.

Protect your head with a hat

I hate wearing a hat but if life me your golden locks are starting to thin out then a hat is a must. If you forget to wear your hat or sunscreen, you will defiantly know about it the next day.

Protect your eyes with Sunglasses

As it is famously said, the French wear sunglasses during the whole year including winter. The main reason is to protect their eyes from drying out from the sun’s rays. This will in turn dry out and age your skin and hence why the French always wear sunglasses, give it a try.

mens grooming tips for seasons
man with sunglasses on

Conclusion to Men’s grooming tips for the seasons

Whatever season we are in, the fact remains that good grooming habits will set us up for not just this season, but also for later in life. Add that daily moisturizer and as you age, the benefits will become obvious to everyone. Good habits will last a lifetime and pay for themselves over the years. Check out our full men’s grooming guide HERE

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