How to Manscape Downstairs

How to Manscape Downstairs

There comes a time in a man’s life where they eventually have to take care of all the unwanted hair downstairs. Even if you usually ignore all that hair in your private areas, you eventually will have to shave or at least trim them for hygiene. This process is quite delicate and requires a fair share of time to ensure that you do it effectively and efficiently. 

In this guide to manscaping, you will learn all that you will need to know about manscaping and how you can prepare for it. Although the reason for manscaping downstairs varies from person to person, you should consider removing that hair once your uncomfortable or if it ruins outfits. After all, nothing is more important than caring for yourself.

We have even provided you with two great videos to help you out when manscaping downstairs . We are all busy, so if you haven’t got the time to read the article, simply watch the videos below.

How to prepare for manscaping – Hygiene Essentials

Naturally, you need a fair amount of preparation in order to know how to manscape easily as well as properly. The items that will follow will ensure that you can take care of the hair downstairs without breaking a sweat. You are likely to find all these essentials at the nearest store from you. So lets get into how to manscape properly.

Use a good manscape razor or trimmer

Needless to say, you will need something sufficiently sharp to groom all the hair down there. Whether you decide to purchase a manscape razor or trimmer will be completely up to you as the two have completely different purposes. A manscape razor is good if you plan to completely remove all the hair, while a trimmer is made for only partially shaving hair

It is essential that you take your time choosing a good razor or hair trimmer

for you if you want to be quick and efficient with your manscaping. A disposable razor is a perfectly viable option if you do not want to spend a big sum of money on a razor. Provided you choose the right brand, a disposable razor will work its wonders and purpose. This also goes for trimmers. Given your budget and purpose, finding your ideal trimmer is also very important to achieving a natural look.

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easiest way to manscape
how to manscape downstairs

Pre shave oil

It is natural that your skin will need protection, especially when you will use a sharp object on it. You should have a pre-shave oil at the ready before you go removing hair downstairs. This ensures that your razor or trimmer will easily glide across your skin, which will greatly decrease the risk of cuts as well as irritation on your skin. Pre shave oil will make easy work of your manscaping session if applied properly and sufficiently


It is also incredibly important to apply lubricant on the affected areas in order to prevent further irritation and make sure that your skin is healthy and moisturized. While lubricant can also be applied before shaving, it is also recommended that you apply it after wards as well. 

First Aid

If you are not experienced and careful enough with a manscape razor or trimmer, you will likely get a few cuts on your private areas. This is why it is also essential to bring a healing ointment or cream in case you accidentally cut yourself. The last thing you want to happen is to have an infected wound downstairs.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Manscaping Downstairs

What should you shave when manscaping

Now that your hygiene essentials are all prepared and ready, it is time for the actual process of manscaping. Now, you may be asking, what should I be shaving down there? Well, the answers are provided here for you.

• Pre-Trim the area. Whether or not you plan to shave completely, you will have to trim your pubic hair one way or another. This should ideally be trimmed to about a centimeter or even less if you can to make sure that shaving is easy and safe. For instance, you need to trim down a beard first before shaving it; and the same goes for pubic hairs. Just make sure not to injure your skin with your trimmer accidentally. • Apply shave oil. As mentioned before, you will want to apply some sort of shaving oil on your scrotum area. This makes sure that the blade of a razor will glide easily across your skin and decrease your chance of accidentally cutting yourself. • Shave and pull as you go. It is essential that you pull on the loose skin for smooth shaving. Do not make the blade of the razor glide over folds or ridges on your skin, as this is the most common reason people get cuts.
manscaping with wax
manscaping with a razor

Know when to wax and when to shave

Knowing when to wax or shave will vary from person to person. Some people will simply have hair that grows faster than others, requiring more frequent shaving. It is advised that you wait until your hair is about a fourth to half an inch in length for waxing. On average, this will take a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks.

On the other hand, you can shave however often you decide to. As long as you do not shave to frequently that your skin becomes irritated and red, you are free to shave whenever you think it may be necessary.

Lubricate the areas

Lubrication is extremely vital to maintaining and keeping your skin healthy. You definitely do not want your scrotum area to be dry or irritated in case you may need to shave again. This is also because lubricating these areas after shaving is simply a general good hygiene practice.

To ensure that the skin around your scrotum does not suffer, you must apply the right amount of lubrication around your downstairs areas.

Shower after you shave

A shower after you shave will do much good on your skin. You likely will have hairs stuck to your scrotum area or leftover oils from shaving. A nice long shower and wash will remove unwanted things around the crotch area and even call for a pleasant and nice experience. A cold shower is your best choice as it will close your pores and make sure that dirt and germs do not accumulate in your newly shaved regions.

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How to Manscape and Where

Now that you have managed to manscape downstairs, and assuming you are armed with the right grooming tool, why not get some more bits done. Below are the main body parts that you can manscape and a short over view of what to do.

how to manscape downstairs

Manscaping Eyebrows

Manscaping eyebrows

Manscaping your eyebrows should not be too difficult as you only have a small shape of hair to trim. However, get it wrong and it could potentially look awful.

You can either get a professional to wax and trim around your eyebrows. If you prefer to do this yourself, you can simply brush your eyebrows hair upwards, and then simply use a pair of scissors to trim along the border to neaten them brows up.

Manscaping Your Head

manscaping your head

Most guys who are lucky enough to have a full head of hair can skip this part.

If, like me, you have less on top than you would like, its an option. Simply shave you hair down as far as you can using hair clippers to give you an even hair cut. Now you can simply use a good quality razor with lots of shaving foam to shave your head

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Manscaping Ear Hair

Manscaping ear hair

As simple as it sounds, manscaping ear hair is not to be rushed. 

You can either use a razor to trim any hairs sticking out of your actual ears. Once they are trimmed, you can then go inside the ears with a nose and ear trimmer to get those hairs ready to sprout out. Always be very careful when placing any object int your ear for obvious reasons.

Manscaping Nose Hair

Manscaping nose hair

Trimming your nose hair will probably be the easiest of all the manscaping duties. 

You can simply use a small sharp pair of scissors to get to those protruding hairs and also trim inside your nostrils.

You can also use a nose trimmer which I prefer to use myself. Its a great tool to have for both your ears and nose.

Manscaping Chest Hair

Manscaping Chest Hair

There is a huge amount of guys that love their manly hairy chests. Some women find it really sexy, so you can understand why some men don’t want to part with their chest hairs, including their happy trail.

If you are brave enough, then why not use some hair trimmers to get rid of most of the hair. Once the hair is very short, you can get the good old manscape razor to work, not forgetting to use shaving foam. You can also get your chest waxed and we would definitely recommend using a professional service.

You can also learn how to trim a happy trail here.

Manscaping Leg Hair

Manscaping leg hair

Most guys see hairy legs as part of their manliness. For athletes and others, its got to go.

If you want the best results for shaving your legs, get some tips any women in your family.

Depending on how often you need to shave, you can either use a hair trimmer or use razors once the initial bulk of the hair has been removed.

Manscaping Under Arm Hair

Manscaping under arms hair

Guys are now starting to see all hair as a hindrance and under arm hair is no exception. 

Whatever your reason to trim under your arm pits, its a job that is not as easy as it looks.

Women shave their under arm hair regular, so take note from them. Once shaved using a trimmer or razor, make sure you apply some after balm to take the sting away.

Manscaping Guide

We hope that you have enjoyed our full guide on how to manscape. We have looked at how to manscape downstairs as well as touching on the other parts of the male body that are ok to manscape.

If you have any tips on how to manscape like a pro, leave your comment below.

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