Hair Clippers Buying Guide

Thinking of getting a home hair clipper for convenient and timely haircuts? Then, there are a few important things you have to consider before going shopping for the perfect clipper in 2023.

Believe me, you wouldn’t want to end up with a bad clipper and a bucket full of regrets. I’ve come across quite a lot of clippers, and some features stand out.

And while the internet is filled with useful shopping guides – like this one on WiseBarber.com – it still helps to know how to choose the best tool for you.

Therefore, here are ten things you should consider when shopping for a home hair clipper.

What You Should Look For In A Home Hair Clipper?

1. Is It Corded Or Cordless?

Would you rather have a home hair clipper with a cord that gets in the way but is powerful enough to be used for hours? Or have a simple cordless one that’s easy to handle but runs out of battery?

These are questions you have to ask yourself when shopping for a home hair clipper. These tools usually come in two types: corded and cordless.

With corded clippers, you get to enjoy sufficient power and can run them for hours at a stretch. But, on the downside, you need to have an outlet close by for every haircut.

But cordless clippers are a little different. They are more flexible and rechargeable, so you can fill up every time the battery drains. It’s great if you love to cut hair outdoors. But, your cutting time is often limited to the amount of runtime your clipper has to offer.

2. The Accessories You Get

Hair Clippers Buying Guide

What accessories should a good home hair clipper have?

If it comes with indispensable accessories like blade oil, cleaning brush, guard combs, shears, small trimmer attachments, scissors, and a comb, then you’re making the right choice.

A good example is the Wahl Professional Peanut which comes with four attachment combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a red blade guard.

Your home hair clipper should reduce stress during haircuts, not add to it. With all the necessary accessories, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

3. The Clipper’s Blades

Of course, you shouldn’t shop for a home hair clipper without checking out its blades. These come in different types, and the product you buy will determine which one you get.

When checking blades, look at their size, material, durability, and sharpness. Usually, these come with guard combs labeled with numbers that indicate the length of the haircut when used.

Also, go for blades that are designed to offer great precision and comfort during use. Remember, well-trimmed hair is much easier to style using the right hair products.

4. Motor Speed And Strength

The motor on your home hair clipper determines how noisy it gets. Most people ignore this vital feature and end up with regrets. Well, this shouldn’t be you.

Much like the engine is in a vehicle, the motor is the equivalent in your clipper. You have to choose between the rotary motor, pivot motor, and magnetic motor. But the rotary motor is usually perfect for heavy cutting of both wet and dry hair.

5. Ease Of Maintenance

If you don’t clean and maintain your clipper regularly, how long do you think it would last? Maybe a few weeks or a month at most.

Of course, your clipper’s efficiency, effectiveness, and lifespan depend on your level of maintenance. But don’t go for clippers that are difficult to maintain.

Still, you have to lubricate the blades and remove hair residue after every use.

6. Put Some Emphasis On Functionality

Hair Clippers Buying Guide

Get this. A versatile kit is a powerful kit. Imagine having a home hair clipper that can also take care of nose hair and snaps back to give you a perfect cut on the sides of your head.

You never know what you would need to trim. Therefore, a versatile kit will always come in handy.

7. The Clipper’s Housing Material

Usually, the casings of home hair clippers are made of plastic. Note that housing material contributes a lot to the durability and effectiveness of the clipper.

It would also help if you were sure that the blades are made of high-quality, durable materials for an optimum cutting experience.

8. Blade Size Adjustment Mechanism

So, what does the taper lever do?

Well, it makes it easy for you to make fast and accurate blade size adjustments on the fly. So, if you want a nice fade, you can get it easily and switch quickly for a better cut.

Cool, right?

9. Guide Combs…?

Does the hair clipper come with sufficient guide combs?

These are important. The number on each comb represents the length of hair you would have on your head after using the clipper with the said guide comb.

Therefore, pick a home hair clipper with several high-quality guide combs.

10. Lastly, Pick Quality Over Price

Note, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I always recommend going for a home hair clipper that gives a high level of quality for fantastic haircuts rather than a cheap one.

In Conclusion…

Now, you know the top features to look out for when shopping for a home hair clipper. The good news is that there are tons of clippers that are both affordable and high-quality.

With this simple checklist, you have everything needed to find a quality home hair clipper for you.

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