Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers

When you are deciding on the right set of hair clippers it’s easy to just grab the first set that you find, whether corded or not, but there are a few factors that you will want to consider.

Today we’re going to pit corded vs cordless hair clippers so that you can see, at a quick glance, which areas each of these types of hair clippers shine in.

Let’s start with your overall hair clipper power.

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers: Power

Power considerations are one of the biggest reasons that your barber typically has a corded set of clippers. Cordless clippers come with their own proprietary chargers and there’s not really a standard.

This means if you need to replace the power source you might have to do a little hunting.

Corded clippers also have a consistent set of power, being plugged directly in, and since you don’t have a battery that’s losing its ability to charge over time you get a solid flow of power that is both consistent and reliable.

Corded Hair Clippers - Best Seller

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers: Manoeuvrability

Manoeuvrability is where cordless hair clippers really shine and if you have a higher-end model then the power considerations can be much less of a concern.

Without that cord hindering you a cordless set of clippers has the advantage of being easy to get where you need it.

When your barber is clipping your hair or your beard this is less of a problem but for your own personal set, when you are sitting in front of that mirror trying to make sure that you get a smooth, even overall cut, that extra manoeuvrability you get by not being chained to that cord is extremely useful.

Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers: Cost and Longevity

The other big reason that barbers tend to go with corded clippers is the cost.

Cordless clippers are nice and manoeuvrable but a corded and cordless set of clippers of the same quality are going to vary quite a bit in price.

That cordless hair clipper is going to be more expensive.

On the whole, corded clippers tend to last longer as well, because your cordless clippers are going to have to be constantly recharged and over time your battery will be able to hold less and less charge until eventually you’ll need to replace it.

If you are using hair clippers at home, then most probably you will be looking at a price point rather than longevity.

using hair clippers at home
How to use hair clippers

The final verdict: You really do get what you pay for

Ultimately, the biggest payoff in cordless clippers is being able to cut your own hair without having to feel like you are in a limbo competition.

This pays for itself in your personal time, so it may be worth it for you to drop a little extra cash in a higher-end cordless hair clipper if you want to get the advantages without worrying that you’ll have to replace your clippers soon.

That is only a good solution if the clipper is personally for you only.

If you will be giving your family haircuts as well, then a nice corded model will do the job and last a very, very long time.

 So, what’ll it be, corded or cordless?

With these facts the answer should now be quite clear. We hope that you enjoy your new hair clippers!

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