Should Men Shave Their Armpits

It is common for women to shave their armpits, but should men do it to?

In a survey conducted by Men’s Health in the year 2019, out of 4,044 male respondents, 68% agreed that men should shave or trim their armpits for either aesthetic or athletic reasons.

It might be unconventional in the past years, but not anymore.

Shaving armpit hair have the same effect and benefits for both men and women.

According to Healthline, shaving is not only for aesthetics.

It can also help reduce sweating and the production of body odor.  

So, should men shave armpits like women do and why can’t men do the same?  

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Why Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

I am not sure if you know, but shaving your armpits  does have some benefits.

So here are the good reasons why you should learn how to shave your armpits.

Less Odor

Body odor is caused by accumulated bacteria mixed with the fluid or sweat coming from apocrine glands present in armpits and genital areas.

Apocrine glands produce lipid-rich fluid, which is odorless but becomes odorous when in contact with bacteria.  

Armpit hairs contribute to the buildup of bacteria, as these are a perfect place for them to multiply.

The under arm hairs with bacteria on them trap the moisture caused by sweat, and when the two components are made in contact with each other, a foul smell emerges.  

Thus, removing armpit hairs decreases the factor where bacteria build up—the lesser the odor-causing bacteria, the lesser the smell.

should men shave their armpits?
Should men shave their armpits?

Better Performance

For some men, especially for athletes’ bodies, hair poses a risk of worsening body injuries because these can be good places for bacteria to reside.

But of course, it can lead to such even when shaved if injuries aren’t properly cleaned.  

In addition, underarm hairs make sweating much more, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling such as itching.

Since being an athlete is already sweaty, reducing or removing the hairs gives a much cooler sensation.

This can help in athlete performance, and for some, shaving hairs can boost mental state.

Aesthetic Purposes

Women have different perspectives of what’s attractive or not, but one thing that makes a person attractive is neat.

It is undoubtedly true that some women prefer men with hair on underarms, but some also prefer clean shaved.

Even you yourself may find it good-looking, so it is up to you, if it’s what makes you more confident, then so be it.

Hence, confidence contributes to someone’s aesthetic attributes.

How Shave Your Armpits

Are you now planning to shave your armpits?

If so, here are the ways to have a great shaving experience.

Trim Your Armpit Hair First

Do not skip the process of trimming and shave right away, especially on your first time.

Trimming the hairs will make it much comfortable and easier to shave.

Your shave will not be too messy, and you will have a much clearer view while you shave.

 In addition, if you immediately proceed to shave, the hairs may clog your shower drain, which a bit annoying and unpleasant.

Prep the Skin before Shaving

When you’re done trimming, get a shower to help get your body wet and clean.

Showering or making your body wet will soften the hair, which will make your shaving go smoothly.

After which, you may then exfoliate your skin.

It can help you remove the dead skin cells and other debris on the skin to have a smooth shave.

Exfoliating can also prevent you from having ingrown hair.

The use of products with beta hydroxy acids or salicylic acid is advisable when exfoliating to avoid pore-clogging after shaving.

This process can be skipped at times, but it is up to you.

Choose the Right Razor

Using a multi-blade razor sounds promising, but beware, it will just cause a razor burn.

Razors with multiple blades can make your hairs and skin get trapped in between, which may cause tearing and damage to your skin.

Use high quality single-blade razor instead to have a much closer and safer shave.

 Do not ever use a dull-bladed razor because you will have the most uncomfortable and painful shaving experience.

Some guys prefer to simply use a hair trimmer instead to shave their armpits, but this will not get as close as shave as the razor will.

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man shaving his armpits
man shaving his armpits

Apply Shaving Cream

Before the actual shaving armpits, apply shaving cream to help your armpit to become slick.

This way, the razor will glide smoothly, which can prevent it from getting stuck while in the process.

What shaving cream should you use?

Choose a shaving cream that is translucent with moisturizing content and is alcohol free for you to have a clear view and to avoid irritation.

Men shaving armpits should always use good quality shaving foam, avoid cheaper brands if possible.

men shaving products
man with shaving foam on his hands

Start Shaving your Armpits

You have finished the prep process already.

It is now time to shave. Be sure to gently glide the razor on your armpit to avoid accidental nicking.

For the best result, shave from all directions because armpit hairs grow in a random way.

Moisturize after Shaving

When you’re done with shaving, do not forget to moisturize your armpit to avoid irritation.

Do it after drying the area gently, then apply the moisturizer.

It will give you a much cleaner and smoother feel.

How Often Should You Shave Your Armpits?

Shaving your armpit can be done depending on how fast your underarm hair grows.

It’s also up to you if you want to keep your armpit hairless throughout.

But, one thing is for sure, shaving your underarm every day is unnecessary and not advisable because underarm skin is a sensitive one.

Besides, shaving also takes some layer of skin cells every time you glide your razor.

So, it will take two or more days before your hair grows noticeably.
In addition, the Skin sensitivity of a person varies; some have a susceptible skin.

So, for men among the group with sensitive skin, you should shave once in a while, depending on your underarm reaction.

So for men shaving armpits, remember to follow these basic rules and your armpits will love you for it.

Tips for Shaving Your Armpits

There are a number of best practices to having a great shave. These include:

  • Do not ever share razors as they carry the users’ bacteria and other particles.  
  • Always hydrate your skin after shaving.
  • Never shave over a wound, sore, rash, or cut as it may cause infection
  • Replace your razor regularly, do not ever let a dull razor touch your skin.

You’re all set now, and you can start shaving your armpit.

Just make sure to observe the proper and best practices in shaving to avoid infections and skin damages.

Final Thoughts on Men Shaving Their Armpits

So there we have it, we have covered should men shave their armpits including the benefits of men shaving their under arm hairs


For most men, the thought of shaving under their arms will be a big no no.

But for some guys, its a must do process for reasons mentioned above.

However, with manscaping now being very common in men’s grooming, part of the ritual for men to look better

Do you have any tips that you may have that are not covered in this post? If so, add them below and we will aim to add any relevant tips.

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