How to Trim a Happy Trail

 How to trim a happy trail for a natural and inviting look is only one of the many questions that men have in their minds.

There is a tried and tested method that we have learned, and we are thrilled to share it with you now.

What is a Happy Trail?

A happy trail is a vertical, narrow band of hair, which expands from the pubic hair to the belly button.

It is subtle, natural as well as attractive hair distribution to have on the stomach.

There’s a variation where it really expands further than the belly button towards the lower part of the chest.

But, in this guide, we’re going to concentrate on the most popular variation, happy trails hair.

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How to trim a happy trail

Should I shave my Happy Trail?

Manscaping and male grooming all come down to a personal preference.

For some guys, their happy trails hair, the hairs around the stomach will be ok to look at and might only need a very quick trim.

For other men like myself, its a full blown trim with trimmers as my body hair is thick and dark.

All guys happy trails will be different, so please watch the videos as well to get a feel for the best way for you to shave your happy trail.


Exfoliating Before You Start

Exfoliating is one little secret, which sets manscaping newbies apart from the professionals.

It helps in providing the best results, and what is more, it is also good for the skin.

This step must be done the day prior to getting to work on a happy trails hair. It also helps lessens post-trim irritation.

All the tugging and trimming of hairs can cause razor burn, itching, razor bumps, and follicles irritation.

Getting a 1 MM Trim around the edge of your belly button is important to prevent the above and an important part of the process.

Trimming to 1mm

The first step in trimming a  happy trails hair is to start around the edge of your belly button.

When the it grows in the belly button, it traps lint making it looks unattractive.

So, no matter how often or little you groom, this is a very important step that a guy should consider, set your trimmer to 1 mm, which is the shortest setting, keeping the blade in an angled line of your belly button to get rid of the hair.

Use a 1 to 2 mm guide to trim the hair above your belly button leading to your chest.

Once the belly button is nice and trimmed, keep the trimmer in the same setting and trim the hair above the belly button above the abdominal area.

Getting rid of the hair in this area will highlight your abs, which is one of the best assets of a man. So, make sure this area is cleaned and well-trimmed.

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3mm Trim of Your Belly Button

3 MM trim on the sides of your belly button is the next step.

This trim length will give a gradual fade down to your pubic hair part for an overall natural appearance, and at the same time, it will enhance the appearance of your happy trail.

Go over both sides of your happy trails hair as much as required before going forward to the most important thing.

9mm Trim

9MM trim over your happy trail down to pubic hairs.

You can do this by setting the trimmer to the 9MM setting to keep your happy trails hair in check and, at the same time, keep its natural appearance.

Move your trimmer in the opposite direction of the hair grows many times leading down to the pubic hair.

How To Shave Your Happy Trail

Now that you have successfully trimmed , now you need to know how to shave happy trails hair.

This will depend on how hairy your stomach is, so be prepared to shave your stomach to some degree.

You should now be able to see the trimmed areas that you have just completed, and now you just need to simply shave any excess hairs around the area.

I would use a high quality razor and shaving foam to make sure you get the best results.

Once your stomach is shaved, add some post balm cream to take the sting away or a good quality moisturizer.

Final Thoughts on Happy Trails

Its easy to trim and although it won’t be seen for most part of the time, its a great look when your in the mood with your partner or at the beach.

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