Best Short Hairstyles for Men

Every man in this world has different choices for hairstyles. Some people love to keep their hair long, some mid-length hair, and most people prefer short hair.

Well, there are rumors on short hair; there are limited hairstyles for short hair. All these types of rumors in 2023 are false.

Also, in this article, we will prove these rumors wrong so, continue reading this article to see which are the best short hairstyles for men (2023).

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We’re going to discuss the best hairstyles for men with short hair in this article.

Now short hair has always been very popular because it requires very low maintenance, meaning you never use a lot of shampoo and conditioner to wash it.

Also, you never need to use a lot of styling products, it’s very easy to style, and it looks great.

Five common hairstyles for short hair

So what are the best short hairstyles for men in 2023? Well, that’s what we’re going to clear up in this article.

Buzz Cut

Now, this men’s hairstyle never gets old because you don’t need any products to style it. After all, it’s already styled.

By being short so no maintenance but make sure you got a good skull shape before you try it. If you have an oval face shape or a rectangle face shape, then this hairstyle will probably look good on you.

Buzz cut

The crew cut with a fade

Crew Cut

Now, this short hairstyle will never go out of style.

The length can be very short on top, or you can leave it a bit longer which is what we prefer because then you can style it in different styles like the spiky side-swept or messy textured style.

It will fit in great with most face shapes and then especially with a beard or Stubble too.

High and tight

high and tight

This hairstyle is like a brother of the crew cut because it’s the same as it. The only difference is the high-end Titus cuts and shorts around the side and back of the head.

The hairs on the top are left longer. A little bit shorter hair on top looks more athletic, and it’s easier to style and also it fits in with most face shapes.

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quiff hairstyle

Now, most guys with short hair will look good in this style. It is especially good for men with a receding hairline because when it is longer upfront and shorter everywhere else.

It looks like you have more hair and remembers not to pull it too far back. Also if you do have a big forehead, don’t put it up to a high because then your face will look a lot longer.

Side sweep

Now this one is a classic hairstyle and is good, especially for those guys with straighter hair.

If you don’t want to trim your hair too short for this style you normally want your hair on the side to be a little bit longer, so your barber will usually trim it about an inch and a half.

But if you want, you can also cut it shorter.

Remember this is a nice and natural look, so you don’t want to add too much hair product because you want your fingers to just run through your hair.

Conversation with the barber for the perfect haircut

Remember your last haircut, how do you feel about it, when you move out of the shop.

You can also feel disappointed with your haircut due to poor barbering. It can also because of your poor communication with the barber. There are some basic tips on how to talk to your barber.

Always confirm with your barber what type of hairstyle you want when you first sit in the barber’s chair.  Try to give them a general description of the style you want.  If you want a more modern style, you might want to bring a photo of the look.  Tell them exactly how much you want to be taken off. One barber’s trim rules may differ from another barber’s close shave, so you have to be specific say like an inch off the top.  If you don’t know exactly how much long hair you want, then let your barber know. let your barber know if you want a taper haircut. Taper usually change hair length from the head top and down to your neck.  The taper usually starts long at the top and gets shorter as you go down the neck. You must be clear with your barber about what kind of neckline you want.  A blocked neckline shows cutting a straight line through the natural neckline which will make a squared block.  If you’re conscious about your skinny neck, then we are sure a blocked nape can give you a wider thicker neck.  Always tell your barber first about the texture in your hair. Many modern men’s hairstyles require some texture.  Clear it with your barber telling him how you want your arches. The spaces between your hairline and your ears are called arches.  Let your barber know how you like your sideburns. Basic details you should give him include how long and how thinned out you want them.  You might also like our Men’s Grooming Guide

Advantages of shorter hairstyles of men

Well, each and everything has positive and negative sides. But, in terms of shorter hair, there are many advantages than its cons.

We got some good reasons why you might want to consider short hairstyles for men.

The first and foremost thing of short hairstyles for men is the ease of styling. Do you even know how easy it is to style your hair? It’s so much less effort to style, and a shorter styling time is required.  Its second advantage is that you can easily maintain volume throughout the day. Shorter hair increases hair cells that help your hair stay in one place.  Longer hair looks great when you first style it, but it can be a little bit of a pain to maintain a hairstyle throughout the day.
men's hair care products
Half the amount of hair products will be used to style your hairstyle if you have shorter hairs.  The next point is the use of a blow dryer which will have a reduced drying time.  The advantages of having short hair are texture also. Do you know how much texture you can get in your shorter hair?  We would say that you can get some pretty good texture. So, why shorter hairstyle gives you a rugged look. One main problem with having long hair is that since it’s been on your head for a longer amount of time, it creates some split ends and not be as healthy as it possibly can.  Hair gets thicker and healthier and more alive with shorter hairstyles.

Mistakes men do with shorter hair

If our hair is short it does not mean we don’t want to smell good.

You might be doing things that are damaging your hair, and that is going to lead you to baldness sooner.

We are giving you some tips to avoid the mistakes that you could be making because of short hair follicles matter.

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Short hair styled by a barber
We have seen a lot of brothers having short hairstyles for men but they make the mistake of washing their hair too often.  Yes, that means using shampoo on your hair every single day is not good for your health, especially with short hair.  The biggest mistake that short-haired guys make is not getting haircuts often enough.  If you are a long hair dude, you can wait a whole month when you get a haircut, but shorter hair guys can immediately see when their hair starts growing back.  So, short hairstyles men should have a regular haircut to maintain their style and it can result in it being more costly than long hair. Using lots of hair products is another big mistake. Short hair never requires more products to be applied. Due to short hair, these products can contaminate your forehead, and it can result in acne.

50 easy and stylish short hairstyles for men

So, at last, it’s time to reveal all the short hairstyles that we have selected for you guys.

All the hairstyles we selected are for short hair only. These hairstyles are comfortable for all the seasons over the year so, scroll below to see them.


Pompadour with slicked back hairstyle

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Spikey haircut

Spikey hair cut

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

Shaved Head

Shaved head

Hipsters with Fade

Hipsters Hair

Quiff with fade

Pompadour with Fade

Faux Hawk with fade

Faux Hawk with fade

List of men’s hairstyle 

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