Sea Salt Spray For Men Texturising Hair Spray

Sea Salt Spray adds extra volume and texture to hair.

Adds thickness to help thicken thinning or fine hair.

Best Texturizing spray, simply spray on hair.

Men’s Salt Spray for hair is the “must-have” product for versatility.

Can be used on its own or as a Pre-Styler.


£14.95 Inc VAT

Sea Salt Spray for Men

Men's Texturising Spray

Men’s texturising spray styling product – Great for thickening thin hair – Matte finish. 250 ml. Alcohol Free with No Animal Cruelty and UK made, its a great addition to your Men’s Grooming and hair styling armoury.
1 ADD NATURAL WEIGHT and hold to your hairmatte finish and strong hold. Used by both men and women to give extra thickness and body to your hair. Natural lift for your hair.
2 GREAT FOR ADDING BODY – helps thinning hair add volume by preventing the hair from drying out.
3 BEACH WAVE STYLE– Create the beach look hair style. Coconut and Mandarin masculine fragrance.
4 Made in the UK – Formulated by Barbers to the highest standards and quality. Best ingredients used.
5 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Comes in a cool aluminium can with black spray pump 250 ml.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Salt Spray has many benefits for men’s hair. It can add extra volume and extra texture as well as extra curls. For a more in depth view, read our article Benefits of Sea Salt Spray.

Simply spritz some salt spray onto dry hair and you will be able to get the messy beachy look that most guys love! You can also simply spray on damp hair to give that extra lift and bounce with a cool unkempt look.

Absolutely yes! Sea Salt Spray benefits include the ability to add extra volume and texture to your hair. This is especially good for guys with thin or fine hair.

Yes, men’s texturising  spray containing sea salt will add extra volume and lift to your hair. It’s great for getting that extra thickness that you feel when you go to the beach and the salt air adds extra volume to your hair naturally.

Sea Salt Spray for men
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Our Hair Styling and Men’s Grooming products are made to the highest UK standards and we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our range. Our products are formulated by top barber professionals who have worked in barber shops and salons. They understand what today’s men want from men’s hair styling products and you can be guaranteed that all of our products are animal cruelty free. Read more about Meso at our About Us page HERE