Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson
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Through a friend I was fortunate enough to be able to try some the range of products available from Meso Grooming - Sea Salt Spray and the Pomade being the most frequent. I'd had trouble in the past finding a product which didn't leave my hair too sticky, heavy or looking like it could do with a good wash and having tried many others in the past, I wasn't sure if this would work for me - however I was pleasantly surprised by the look, shine and overall body of my hair once applied. Needless to say they have been my brand of choice ever since, instantly replacing my other grooming products and have recently further invested in other products from their range. The items packaging and style is very easy on the eye and would also make a perfect gift for that special someone, in dealing with my orders and as a returning customer I have found the staff to be very friendly and use their knowledge and expertise of grooming products to help their customers identify their every need. These products and the range available comes highly recommended!
Veronica McPartland
Veronica McPartland
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Ordered the Sea Salt spray after seeing a great article in QX magazine, loving the product and looking forward to buying again!
Ian Beav
Ian Beav
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Recently ordered of meso outstanding products an they arrived earlier than i expected

What does Sea Salt Spray Do?

Sea Salt Spray is one of the most versatile men’s hair care products available. Salt water has a dehydrating effect on hair, this give it a natural wavey look and a  slightly crunchy feel. Remember the days at the beach with the salt hair feel, that’s what Sea Salt Spray does for you. If its that beach feel hair or simply adding extra volume and texture, a quality texturising spray may be for you.

  • After washing, 
  • Towel dry your hair before spritzing in some before drying.
  •  You can either use a hair dryer or leave wet to give the cool wavy surfer look.
  • If you want to give extra strength and style to your hair, then why not add a wax or a hair clay to get the final look. 
  • Why not try our HAIR CLAY to give added volume and texture.

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Sea Salt Spray Ingredients 250 ml Meso Men

Sea Salt Spray for Men

Texturising Hair Spray for Men

Men’s texturising spray styling product – Great for thickening thin hair – Matte finish. 250 ml. Alcohol Free with No Animal Cruelty and UK made, its a great addition to your Men’s Grooming and hair styling armoury.
1 ADD NATURAL WEIGHT and hold to your hair,  matte finish and strong hold. Used by both men and women to give extra thickness and body to your hair. Natural lift for your hair.
2 GREAT FOR ADDING BODY – helps thinning hair add volume by preventing the hair from drying out.
3 BEACH WAVE STYLE- Create the beach look hair style. Coconut and Mandarin masculine fragrance.
4 Made in the UK – Formulated by Barbers to the highest standards and quality. Best ingredients used.
5 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Comes in a cool aluminium can with black spray pump 250 ml.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Salt Spray has many benefits for men’s hair. It can add extra volume and extra volume as well as extra curls. For a more in depth loos at the benefits, read our article Benefits of Sea Salt Spray.

Simply spritz some salt spray onto dry hair and you will be able to get the messy beachy look that most guys love! You can also simply spray on damp hair to give that extra lift and bounce with a cool unkempt look.

Absolutely yes! Sea Salt Spray benefits include the ability to add extra volume and texture to your hair. This is especially good for guys with thin or fine hair.

Yes, hair spray containing sea salt will add extra volume and lift to your hair. It’s great for getting that extra thickness that you feel when you go to the beach and the salt air adds extra volume to your hair naturally.

Sea Salt Spray for men
Thin hair
sea salt spray for men

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Why Choose Meso ?

Our Hair Styling and Men’s Grooming products are made to the highest UK standards and we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our range. Our products are formulated by top barber professionals who have worked in barber shops and salons. They understand what today’s men want from men’s hair  styling products and you can be guaranteed that all of our products are animal cruelty free. Readmore about Meso at our About Us page HERE