How to Braid Your Beard

How to Braid Your Beard- Braided Beard Styles

Many men recognize the rugged and cool look a braided chin beard gives them. If you have a long beard and looking for a trendy beard style that suits any facial shape, braiding your beard could be the best choice.

Often known as one of the Viking beard styles, let’s learn how to braid your beard. There are various braided beard types that you can choose from, no matter your facial hair length. You can do a single braid or have multiple braids, depending on if you have a thick beard or not.

Most of you may think that only long beards can be braided, but a short beard works well too.

But did you know that you can do a specific braid style for your mustache or goatee? If you want to grow your beard based on your desired length, there are numerous products on the market you can use for that purpose. This post can be your guide to achieving a braided chin beard.

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Steps To Braiding A Beard

Many of you may think that braiding a beard is quite complicated. The truth is no matter what beard style you want to make, you only need to follow simple steps. You only need to familiarize yourself with the basic beard braiding process to create different braided beard styles.

You need to grow at least three inches of full beard without patches. It is essential that your facial hair is long enough to weave strands together.

Here are the steps to follow to achieve a braided beard. First, you need to ensure that your facial hair is clean and well-conditioned by using a skin-friendly conditioner and shampoo. You may also apply your favorite beard oil after drying. Moreover, it is important to detangle your beard, especially if it is long, to have a smooth braiding process.

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Next, create three separate beard sections. How you divide your beard will differ depending on the beard style you want to create. For example, separate three beard sections from the chin when doing a French or Viking braided beard.

You can use a rubber band to make the braiding process easier, especially if you are a first-timer. Take the first section of facial hair and place it over the second strand to start braiding. Repeat the process several times until you reach the edge of your beard.

After that, you can tie it with a small or transparent elastic bands. Overlapping and interweaving the three sections of your beard are the basic steps of beard braiding. To achieve a more unique and twisted look, you can add other braiding accessories, such as hair ties and beads.

If you have a long beard, you have lots of customization options to choose from. You can use beard beads to show off your beard hair. However, shorter beards also give you a masculine and rugged look, depending on the beard style you want. Use your creativity or browse the internet to have braided beard style ideas.

Types of Braids

  • Small braids or short braid

Great on shorter hair and will depend on your face shape. Does not work as well on round faces but you can achieve a viking style even with a little bit of beard hair.

  • Double Braids

As the name suggests, this is simply two braids that hang down either side of the center of your chin.

  • Different Braided Beard Styles

There are various braiding styles that you can choose from and here are some of the best braided beard styles to give you some great options:

  • Braided Chin Beard

A braided chin beard is perfect for those with shorter facial hair and can give you a shabby look. To create a braided chin beard, you only need to braid a strand in the middle of your chin. This braided beard style works well with guys with full facial hair in the background for a bolder and more edgy look. You can add hair beads and ties that will compliment your facial shape.

  • Cornrow Beard

Cornrow braided beard is one of the newest and most unique braided beard styles for men. This gives you a stylish and more masculine look that can boost your style. Although cornrow is the newest and trendiest style, first-timers might have difficulty doing this alone.

Doing a cornrow braid is a little more complicated than a basic braided beard style. Thus, we recommend you let a professional do the work for you.

  • Viking Beard Braid

Most of you have probably watched a movie with an actor having a Viking beard braid. Mostly, this braided beard style suits men with longer facial hair. Many rugged men have patronized Vikings for several centuries as it gives a more masculine look. First, men who wore Viking braids were the warriors to protect their facial hair during the battle.

Compared to chin-braided beards, it would be best to grow your beard longer than four inches to achieve this Viking beard style. Many alpha males wear this beard style to boost their confidence and boast about their cool facial hair. The best thing about the Viking beard is that it is effortlessly stylish and versatile.

This means that it suits men with different hairstyles and face shapes. However, the masculine vibe Viking beards offer to men in a ponytail or top knot is different. You can tie your badass Viking beard with tight rubber bands.

  • Fishtail Braid Beard

Fishtail braid beard may seem complicated, but it only follows the basic steps of beard braiding. You can achieve this intricate facial hairstyle look by braiding and twisting only two sections of your beard.

This is the most recommended beard style for first-timers who want to experiment with their facial hair. Compared to other braided beard styles mentioned, this one does not require high styling maintenance and too much effort.

You need to section your beard into two to do this beard style. Hold the first section, take one small strand from it, and pull it over to the opposite side. To this step, to both sections until you are satisfied with the braided length.

  • Beard Ponytail

Another simplest and easiest to make beard style is the beard ponytail. This requires you to grow your facial hair into a long full beard. If you have a longer beard, it is best to tie your facial hair twice or thrice. This stylish beard style gives you a more masculine and badass finish.

  • French Braid Beard

If this is your first time braiding your facial hair, we highly recommend you try a French braid beard. To achieve a French braid beard, you need to divide your facial hair into three equal sections. As mentioned earlier, you need to twist or weave each strand over another until you achieve your desired length.

  • Goatee Braid

This new beard style incorporates the favorite goatee beard with a braid. As the goatee is normally a shorter beard style, tight braids will work well and offer a stylish look to your new style.

  • Wizard Twirl

This become popular after Gandalf’s popularity in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This long beard style will take some time to grow out but once at the correct length, it will simply be a case of twirling your beard to the desired look. This is classed a long braided beard style and proper care is needed once you get the desired look.

Tips For Beard Braiding

A braided beard is the simplest and easy to maintain the style you can do to your facial hair. Despite that, it is essential to maintain your facial hair properly cared for and groomed. To do this, here are the essential steps to follow:

Follow a well-balanced and healthy diet to nourish your facial hair. It is best to keep yourself away from consuming processed or canned foods.

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Instead, eat healthier alternatives that contain essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Keep your beard clean and hydrated by using a mild shampoo, conditioner, and beard oil.

Doing so will give you a health-growing and longer beard. Moreover, beard oil is an essential product to keep your facial skin moisturized and free from dryness and dandruff. Use different braided beard accessories, such as rubber bands and beads to maximize the look of your beard style.

Ensure to treat your facial hair gently and braid it loose to keep healthy hair follicles.

How to Care For My Braided Beard

Beard balm is a great option for grooming and taking care of your beard, it also has amazing long term results.

man with  viking braided beard wearing a beanie

Final Thoughts

Learning how to braid your beard will have some great benefits and will help you to create different styles of Viking beard. Braided beard styles are on-trend nowadays among men with either long or short facial hair. If you also want to improve the look of your beard, you can try and experiment with the different beard styles mentioned above.

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