Goatee Vs Beard – Which One is Best for You?

Men’s facial hair or beard is more than just a trend. Some men want to grow facial hair to express themselves, while others simply want to boost their confidence.

Facial hair offers endless possibilities, from length to styling. The right choice can change your overall appearance. So, it’s no surprise why you can find lots of tools used to style your beard based on your preference.

However, the question is, “Will you pick goatee vs beard?”

I have done some digging and created a simple guide to help you decide whether to have a goatee or beard. So, let’s get started.

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Goatee Vs Beard – What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between goatee vs beard is critical before styling your  facial hair. That way, you will not regret anything in the future.

Goatee refers to a small, pointed hair on the chin and nowhere else. However, another form of goatee called “full-beard” includes hair on both cheeks and chin.

In modern days, a goatee can also have a mustache. In fact, it is now considered a “new style” of a goatee.

A beard should be 5mm long. This full, thick facial hair grows in the chin, lower cheek, and upper lip.

If the hair is shorter than that is considered “stubble,” whether it is heavy stubble, medium, or light.

Below is a great video to help you understand the different beard types including Full Beard, Faded Beard, Goatee Beard, Salt and Pepper beard and Designer Stubble.

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Is Face Shape Important

Yes, your face shape dramatically affects how good the facial hair will look. So, ensure that you know the shape of your face and decide based on the recommended face shape for goatee and beard.

Round Face

Round face benefits from a triangular style, same as the goatee. Having more hair on the chin and less on the cheeks produces a glorious illusion through a more pronounced and longer chin.

Square Face

Since a square face features a broad jawline, a style with hair on the cheeks easily creates attention. So, a goatee effectively softens the look while keeping it well-chiseled.

Oval Face
Men with oval faces are fortunate because they can pull off most goatee styles.
Rectangular Face
If you have a rectangular-shaped face, I recommend opting for a full beard instead of a goatee. A rectangular face comes with a long shape; a goatee would result to an undesirable length. If you have a diamond- or triangular-shaped face, a beard is also an ideal style for you because the goal is to draw attention away from your chin.

Is a Patchy Beard an Issue?

Many men experience a patchy beard. Often, the stage men go through will eventually form into a full beard as they age. Fortunately, you can take advantage of male grooming kits that help untrap the hair particles so that the beards could grow thicker.

The patchiness on your beard starts from the cheeks , meaning a goatee is a better choice. You can change your look without the need to grow a full beard due to patchiness.

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Which Beard Style Will Suit You?

Not every beard style will suit every man. You need to consider your face shape. I was hoping you could take a look at the different beard styles I have discovered and see which one suits you best.

A full beard is the longest and fullest style. It combines with a mustache to achieve a suitable style for all face shapes while covering the chin, neck, and cheeks. This style is easy to maintain.

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Short Boxed Beard

This style is suitable for a more rounded face shape and comes with more length around the chin and thinner trimmed sides than a full beard. It helps highlight your jaw to be more defined shaped if you lack a sharp jawline.

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Wolverine or Mutton Chop Beard

This beard style offers a bold and timeless look. It is often used to hide receding hair as it connects the sideburns to a mustache.

If you have a triangle or oval face shape, it will help the shape balance out while making the jawline look fuller.

Lockdown or Scruffy Beard

This style is made popular by men who started to grow their beards during the lockdown. It is easy to replicate, particularly if you are too lazy to regularly maintain and trim a beard.

All you need to do is wash it to keep it looking clean and prevent it from getting too greasy.

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Hipster Beard

This well-styled beard offers an easy way to display your full creativity. It is a longer version of a full beard. It allows you to look great and stand out.

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Which Beard is Easiest to Grow?

While growing a beard is rewarding, the journey can be stressful. You may encounter itchy phases, awkward phases, or patchy phases. Some parts may not connect as you want them to, so some hairs will stop sticking out.
That is why many men prefer growing a goatee because it is easier to achieve. You don’t need fancy grooming or beard trimming skills to grow and maintain it.

How to Trim a Goatee

Trimming a goatee is very straightforward. First, ensure to grow it out, around a seven-day worth of stubble or 10mm. Ensure to trim around 5mm. Then, make an outline of your choice.

It would be best to combine trimming and shaving to keep your face look presentable and fresh for a goatee.This requires enough shaving to look clean and trimming to prevent it from getting out of control.

How to Trim a Beard

Similar to a goatee, you need to grow the beard out first. Since it is much longer than a goatee, ensure to grow it out about 2-3 weeks worth before trimming. Next is to even it out by cutting back any cheek or neck hairs.

Once your beard looks tidier, trim, and comb the beard on the areas based on the style you want, ensure that your beard is always symmetrical to achieve the style you desire.

The Difference in Maintaining a Beard Vs Goatee

Longer facial hair is generally harder to maintain. I use different products to keep my facial hair look desirable, including  a beard brush, comb, beard balms, beard oils, pomades, and waxes.

A goatee is easier to maintain than a beard. It involves less hair, unlike the beard that requires regular grooming on the cheeks to keep the beard style tidy and neat.

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Which Beard Style is Less Irritating?

If you have not grown a goatee or full beard before, you may experience discomfort. Don’t worry; I know some techniques to reduce irritation.

A beard becomes problematic when it is long. However, a combination of beard oils, combing, and brushing can help avoid itchiness.

If you want to reduce a certain level of irritation caused by a beard or goatee, ensure to wash your face  regularly. Dry skin often reacts badly against facial hairs. As a result, you can experience itchiness.
Washing and hydrating your face and facial hair every day helps stop irritation.

Will My New Look Beard Cost Much?

Like any other thing, the price you spend varies depending on the beard product’s quality. Whether you want to grow a goatee or beard, you will need a few accessories to give it the best possible look.

Some items to help you increase the quality of your facial hair look include beard oils

, pomades, balms, waxes, beard comb, or beard brush. The price of these items changes from time to time. So, I recommend focusing more on high-grade waxes, beard balms, pomades, and beard oils rather than buying expensive combs or brushes.

Which Beard Looks Best on Short Hair or a Bald Head?

Hair loss becomes harder to avoid as people age. That is why many men opt to have a short haircut or to shave their heads. Whether you have a short hair or a bald head, a specific facial hairstyle suits your look best.

I recommend having a full beard if you have a bald head or short hair. Thick hair around your chin, lip, and cheeks can draw attention away from your head as it provides an effective contrast.

How to Keep Your Beard Looking Clean

As mentioned earlier, you can use multiple beard grooming products to keep your beard or goatee looking its best and clean. Just like your hair on the head, your facial hair requires a regular washing.

Then, ensure to use incorporating it into your shower routine to provide the best results.

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Facial hair can hugely impact your overall look. Ensure to consider different factors when choosing between the goatee vs beard, including the shape of your face, maintenance requirements, and your personal preference.

Do not forget to practice the right routine; there is no way for you not to achieve your desired beard style. Then, be confident about your look. Happy styling!

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