How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out?

How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out?

Part of your morning men’s grooming routine should include your beard.

However, it’s frustrating when you check your beard in the mirror and notice a few stray hairs.

Some of your beard hairs sticking out will not cooperate and sticks out one way or the other to make your beard look untidy.

You find some hairs here and there that can go against the flow and do their own thing.

This can be so annoying, so here’s some tips on how to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

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How to get your beard to lay flat?

Beard hair has to be looked after in the same way as the hair on you head.

If it is not washed, conditioned and trimmed on a regular basis, then beard hairs will stick out for sure.

To help you to stay on top of your beard grooming game, we have some help below.

What tools will I need fo my beard?

You must be aware of the things you will need to fix your beard. There are many beard products created to help you keep your beard in top condition.

You will find products that help tame your beard in the same way you may utilize argan oil or conditioner for your hair.

  • Beard Oil
    Beard oil is a concoction of carrier oils. It moisturizes and softens your beard hair and efficient for moisturizing the skin under your beard. Men often utilize it to keep their beards looking tamer, softer, and fuller.
  • Beard Balm
    A beard balm functions as a leave-in conditioner that will soften, style, condition, and moisturize your beard. Commonly, it’s composed of four major ingredients: essential oil, carrier oil, butter, and beeswax.
  • Beard Balm Styling products
    Like getting hair pastes and hair clays to style your hair, you will also find beard products used for styling. The key with these items is that they are rich in wax and combined with butter. These ingredients will help your beard lay flat throughout the day.
  • Beard Wax
    Beard wax is massively composed of beeswax. That’s a natural ingredient that could be softened and used to your beard hair. It then dries to make a firm hold without feeling sticky to the hair. That’s extremely natural and efficient and unlikely to irritate your skin.

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Beard to Lay Flat

For the final part, here’s the best way to get your beard to lay flat we are going to show you how to keep beard hair down.

Just follow all the instructions in this section, and you’re good to go.

  • Wash you beard
    The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly wash your beard. Ensure the water you use is not too hot, but just a lukewarm water. Use a beard-friendly conditioner.
  • Apply beard oil
    For the next step, apply the beard oil after patting dry your beard with a clean towel. This is the perfect time to do this, as this is when your skin pores are most exposed.
  • Comb your beard
    Comb the beard through to help spread the beard oil and untangle any intertwined hairs. Ensure you do it in a way that is not tugging on the beard.
  • Apply some beard styling balm
    For the fourth step, grab your styling balm and emulsify it through your hand. Begin spreading it out across your beard and right through it. You can help your beard lay flat with the hold the balm is giving you.
  • Use a beard brush to shape your beard
    Finally, for the last step. Grab the boar bristle and run it through your beard hair. Do these steps regularly for a few weeks, and you’ll soon notice your beard hair growing in the right direction.

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How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out

Why are you beard hairs still sticking out?

As a last resort, you can use a beard straightener to help prevent those stray beard hairs from sticking out. It helps you get rid of all the roughness and frizz easily without using beard hair oil.

It’s worth mentioning and using a beard straightening brush or comb that smoothens your beard and makes it well-kept.

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Could your beard simply need a trim?

Maybe the only reason your beard looks untidy is because beard needs a simple beard trim.

Like your hair, beards need to be trimmed on a regular basis depending on the length of your beard.

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How Often Should I Trim My Beard?

For a shorter stubble beard, you can trim your beard every 2- 4 days to keep it looking great.

If you have a fully grown beard, then you will need to trim and clean your beard

every 7-10 days

Your beard needs to be kept looking good so washing your beard, conditioning those hairs and getting your beard trimmed regularly are all very important for beard care.

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Can My Barber Trim My Beard?

Yes, Barbers can trim your beard as long as they avoid the main high risk areas of your face such as your eyes, nose and mouth.

You can check out full guidance here from the British Barbers Association

With beards being so fashionable at the moment, I have seen many barbers locally offering beard grooming services.

Simply call in and have a chat with your barber if you are unsure what beard services they offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my beard hairs sticking out?
How do I get my facial hair to lay flat?
How can I make my beard less scraggly?
Why are my beard hairs sticking out?

Beard hairs will stick out naturally if they are not fully groomed and maintained. If you want to prevent beard stray hairs, then shampoo and condition your beard regularly. Introduce beard oil to your beard care routine and make sure you trim your beard on a regular basis.

How do I get my facial hair to lay flat?

Here are five simple steps:

1 wash your beard and use a beard friendly conditioner.

2 Apply beard oil.

3 Comb your beard to spread the beard oil.

4 Style your beard with some beard balm.

5 Use a beard brush to straighten and style your beard.

How can I make my beard less scraggly?

Simple steps to help reduce a scraggly beard can include:

1 Beard straighteners

2 Using bear oil or beard balm. If these don’t work, try a beard wax.

3 Use a beard brush or comb everyday

4 Trim your beard on a regular basis.

5 Wash and condition your beard.

Final Thoughts

Beards can be many a man’s pride and joy as well as being loved by many women.

That’s why it’s important to look after your beard and to make sure if looks it great condition. 

We hope that you can now keep your beard hairs from sticking out with our useful tis.

If you have any beard care tips for our readers, please pop them in the comments below.

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