How to Trim a Beard

It cannot be denied that beards are still on trend today. Your beard can be a fashion accessory and symbol that may represent your personality. With that, you need to be responsible for your beard care. In this article, we will reveal to you the best ways on how to trim a beard.

Trimming a long beard

 Do you want to feel more confident about your beard? Then, you should know how to trim a long beard. The following are steps to trim your long beard.

1. Use a comb in brushing the direction of the hair 

One essential tool in trimming your long beard is a beard comb. Its smaller teeth can tame your mustache whole the comb’s wide teeth glides through your beard’s thicker parts. With the comb, you can also tame stray hairs.

With the comb, brush your hair from the neckline, then the jawline and chin. Next, you can move the comb to your cheek to separate the hair. You can now fan your beard out and away from your mouth.

2. Shave and trim around the beard to make your desired shape

Keep in mind that shaping your beard is essential to enhance your look. So, choose the best one that can make you look great. Then, you can use beard scissors for sniping away your long untidy hairs.

Use an electric shaver to keep your beard between your neckline and Adam’s apple clean. With the best beard trimmers, you can have different attachments that allow you to prune your cheeks and neckline to get your desired beard shape.

how to trim a beard

3. Choose the suitable beard trimmer for your long beard

If you have a long beard, you should have a quality long beard trimmer. Your trimmer may come with different blades, trimmers, and comb attachments that will help you style your beard easily.

4. Trim your cheeks and sideburns 

If you know how to trim a long beard, you can have an impressive beard that can enhance your overall fashion appearance. Trim your cheeks and sideburns to have a natural and softer beard look. Neater sideburns and cheeks can create firm facial edges and angles.

5. Trim your beard 

Next, comb your mustache hair over your lip. Then, trim it using a clipper or scissors. You must know how to trim beard with clippers to style your beard safely.

6. Shape your long beard based on your preference

Lastly, you can shape your long beard according to your style and preference.

Trimming a short beard 

Do you have a short beard? Well, you should know how to trim a short beard to highlight your handsome face. We will reveal to you the proper way of trimming a short beard.

1. First, allow your short beard to grow to get the best look. Usually, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to grow your beard to make your desired short style.

2. Next, you can use a beard brush to make your short beard look clean. Use a non-plastic com to give volume and straighten your beard.

3. Trim your short beard according to your desired length using a quality beard trimmer.

4. Style your beard in your preferred shape.

How to trim a beard using scissors      

Scissors are among the most common tools in trimming a beard. The following are the steps on how to trim a beard with scissors.

First, wash and shampoo your beard to make it clean. Comb it to create a tidy look.

Begin trimming around your chin. Use freehand to trim the loose ends of your beard. Make sure to take an equal amount on both sides to achieve the best look. Then, trim from the bottom of your sideburns.

Always remember about symmetry when using scissors in trimming your beard.

How to trim a beard using clippers

Another tool you can for beard trimming are clippers. The following are ways on how to trim a beard with clippers.

Compared to scissors, clippers can provide more control in trimming your beard. First, comb your beard. You can use clippers in defining the boundaries of your beard and fade your neckline. So, it can be easy for you to shape your beard.

Trim your beard according to your desired length. Start with your jawline and chin. Then, move to your cheeks and sides of your face.

Trimming a beard neckline 

Do you want to learn how to trim a beard neckline? Consider the following ideas.

In trimming your beard neckline, imagine an arched line above your Adam’s apple. It is the line where your neck hair will stop.

Then, you can trim your neckline to your desired length using your beard trimmer. It can offer a natural-looking fade to your neckline.

Use a razor to remove stray hairs below this line.

Trimming sideburns with a beard 

Trimming sideburns with a beard is easy. The following are the steps on how to trim sideburns with a beard.

You can use different tools like a trimmer, razor, or clipper in trimming your sideburns. First, wash your beard to make it free from grease, oil, and other styling products.

Next, comb your sideburns downward and choose the right guard for your beard trimmer. Use a comb to blend the length slowly.

Then, you can trim your sideburn to the length you desire. You can use a razor to have a smooth close-cut. Make sure to have symmetry on both sides.

Trimming a beard properly 

If you want to know how to properly trim a beard, you can follow the steps below.

1. Wash your beard to clean it. Then, dry it to trim it to your desired length.

2. Create your desired beard neckline by putting your finger horizontally above your Adam’s apple. Then, vertically trim below this line.

3. Then, trim hair below your neckline.

4. Decide the length for your cheek line.

5. Shape your mustache in your desired style.

Conclusion – How To Trim a Beard?

With the help of this post, we hope you now have an idea of how to trim your beard properly. To sum it up, trimming your beard is essential to enhance your overall manly look. Your beard can make a statement about yourself, so you should know how to trim your beard in the best way.

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