Wavy vs Curly Hair for Men

For men out there, we cannot tell you how many questions we have been asked about wavy vs curly hair for men.

People have come to us with all sorts of curly hair problems, from the photoshopped to the real.

Hair is a very personal thing, and we are constantly asked how to tell if their curly hair is wavy or curly. So, we decided to create this blog to help people know the difference.

We often think of hair as just a cosmetic problem. But for men, it can be a bit more complicated.

There is a myriad of factors to consider when it comes to hair, including the amount of hair a person has, how thick it is and what the color is.

Whether it be thin and fine, thick, curly, or straight, there are several types of men’s hair.

What is the Difference Between Wavy and curly hair for men?

Wavy” and “curly” are possibly the most commonly used words in the barber’s world.

The reason is that both describe the same type of hair, but there are some subtle differences that actually make a difference to the way that your hair looks.

Wavy hair is defined as a type of hair that has loose curls, while curly hair is a type of hair that naturally has coils.

Curly hair is also known as kinky hair which is associated with the hair texture.

Wavy hair is a particular texture with curls clustered together.

This is different from curly hair, as it has more defined curls and far less volume.

The word “curl” is used to describe hair that is naturally curly or wavy.

The word “wavy” describes a pattern that causes waves on the surface of the hair but not on its core.

Some say that wavy hair is more attractive because it gives an illusion of fullness and a more voluminous hairline.

Is wavy hair the same as Curly?

Most people do get this mixed up and it’s very easy to see why, so let’s clear this up from the start.

Wavy hair is actually a type of curly hair and there is a way of grading the type of curl using the curliness and the texture of your hair.

Below is the curl pattern range that will help you to identify what curly hair types there are and which one you might have.

Curl Pattern Range

Did you know that there is also a curl pattern range to help you grade your natural waves depending on your curly hair type?

Below is a simple table with the grades with 1-3 being the amount of curl and A-C for the texture and thickness of your hair.

1 Straight Hair

2 Wavy Hair

3 Curly Hair

A-C is based on the hairs’ width or diameter of your curls, waves etc.

How to use the Curl Pattern Range

1A is perfectly straight hair with no curl at all so this is definitely the starting point for the range.

2C hair is one of the most popular styles because it is wavy thick hair which helps get better results when using a hair dryer/ blow dryer and has the most natural curls.

If you want curly locks, this is the guide to help you get them right.

wavy vs curly hair for men
wavy vs curly hair for men

What is Curly Hair?

When you think of curly hair, the first image that comes to mind is a cute little girl such as Shirley Temple.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else enjoying this hairstyle, but you know what?

That’s not the only way to wear a curly hairdo. Men can enjoy the same kind of hair, and it’s quite easy to do. There’s been so much confusion about curly hair for men.

You would probably have a good idea if you have curly hair, but you might be wondering why so many people suffer from straight or wavy hair?

Actually, the answer is that men have curly hair too, even if it’s short, medium, or long hair. Even though men have straight hair, it gets tons of attention once they have curly hair.

Curly hair for men is something that has been talked about for years.

Many men wonder why their hair is curly, is it genetic, is there a solution to the curly hair problem, and what do we think of the current fad of flat hair.

Benefits of Wavy hair

Wavy hair is a men’s hairstyle that has a pattern, such as curls, strands, and waves.

A hairdresser makes wavy hair, and it is not a natural hairstyle.

Most women who have wavy hair prefer their hair to have a wavy appearance, but not all women prefer having wavy hair; some women do not like having wavy hair.

Among the benefits of wavy hair are extra bounce, shiny hair, and healthy hair with its natural oils.

But wavy hair is not a miracle that makes your hair strands grow faster or stronger.

It’s a wave pattern in your hair, which actually gives your hair strength and shine.

The more wave hair you have, the more wave pattern you will have.

Wavy hair is a natural phenomenon. There are many ways to have wavy hair.

The most common way is to brush your hair often.

Besides, you can also use a wavy hair product such as Sea Salt Spray or use a dry shampoo.

How to get Wavy Hair Using a Curling Iron

Well, there is no single way to achieve this wonderful look. So what is it that makes a wave so famous?

The answer is simple: the wave is a hairstyle that is characterized by soft and loose curls.

When it comes to achieving this look, there are two different ways: curling iron or flat iron.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to hair care products, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd.

Wave hair is a type of hair that is created by a chemical process known as electrolysis.

The process involves the use of a small amount of electricity to enable the hair follicle to be transformed into a negative messenger that traps and locks in water, which subsequently causes the hair to look wavy and curly.

Best Styling Product for Wavy hair

Sea Salt Spray is an absolute must if you want to get that unkept wavy hairstyle that most men love.

I used to call it the surfer look with sea salt making the hair dryer and a feeling of added volume.

The spray helps to get damp hair which allows the waves to look cooler with a natural texture.

This is also one of the easiest hair types to achieve as you can simply spray the sea salt onto your hair and let the wavy hair appear.

Check out our article on the benefits of sea salt spray and see how it can help to add curls and thicken fine hair.

Best Styling Product for wavey hair

Short hair is a trend that has been making its way around social media over the last couple of years, especially among young men.

From the ever-popular buzz cut to the long and luscious tresses, short hairstyles are becoming a lot more popular than ever before.

At first glance, guys who have wavy hair can be easily mistaken.

The hair may appear to be straight, but it is not. It looks a lot like an unruly forest of horsetails.

However, a good hairstylist can make all these waves work for them.

He can make them into curls or waves, define them for structure and create a style that works for your face shape.

Check out our guide on men’s hair products

Benefits of Curly Hair

Most of us want to be able to look beyond our hair and see it as something more than just wavy or straight.

Curly hair has many benefits, and you should take every opportunity to learn more about and appreciate it.

Curly hair is not always easy to manage—especially if you possess thick hair.

But with a little patience and a few tools, you can have the bouncy, voluminous curls you’ve always wanted.

And for those with naturally curly hair, you’ll know why you should use a curling iron on your hair every day.

Curly hair is one of those things that seems to be loved or hated more than it should be.

Those with curly hair are often teased and viewed as uncool, while those who don’t have curly hair feel guilty for not having it.

However, there’s no need to feel bad about having curly hair. In fact, there are many benefits to having curly hair.

Hair Maintenance for Curly Hair

Dry hair and tight curls are not a good look when you are trying to achieve a naturally curly hair look associated with cool surfers.

As far as an easiest hair type goes, curls can be super easy if you get it right.

With slightly longer hair and the best products such as a sea salt spray, you should be able to maintain your hairstyle.

  1. Get the right haircut, you can’t have curly hair with short sides or hair.
  2. You don’t need to shampoo as often, curls don’t like blow drying.
  3. Use a Sea Salt Spray or Dry Shampoo instead of a shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Why not try co-washing.
  5. Get yourself some high-quality styling products.
  6. Use a diffuser attachment if you have one.
  7. Use a deep conditioner.

Curly hair is very popular in modern culture, and one of the things that makes it so beautiful is the many different ways people use to style it.

Curly hair has always been a trend in the fashion industry and one that brands are now trying to capitalize upon.

But, of course, curls require a special touch and care, and that means going to the stylist for many people.

Getting curly hair is hard to do. There are so many things to get right.

You have to get your hair cut in the perfect way, you have to wash it at the perfect time, and you have to condition it at the perfect time.

If you don’t get a thinner conditioner and perfect water temperature, your wet hair has a tendency to become frizzy, tangled, and flat.

Curly hair has a unique appeal that is hard to define. It’s what you get when your hair learns to defy gravity.

It’s hair that wraps around your head in layers, giving you the look of a helmet or a boa constrictor.

It’s as individual as your fingerprint. But as with other things we are told are impossible to grow, curly hair is not a myth. It is natural. And it is attainable.

Famous Men With Curly Hair

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier curly hair

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks curly hair

Kitt Harrington

Kitt Harrington curly hair

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