How To Apply Beard Butter

Beard butter is now becoming one of the most highly sought products in the beard care industry, and there’s good reason for that.

Beard butter could have a transformative effect on the feel, health, and
appearance of your beard, pulling away from ho-hum and driving it right to magnificence.

Beard owners across the globe are now exploring the advantages of frequent beard butter use.

But what is beard butter, and what makes it different from beard balm and beard oil Should you use it?

When you do, how and when should it be used?

Follow these simple steps below to learn how to apply beard butter, the right way.

How to apply beard butter?

Beard butter is a good tool to grow beard hairs and maintain full, thick, and healthy hair follicles.

Follow these simple steps on how to apply beard balm for healthy hair


1. Wash your beard and unruly hair with warm water, so your pores are open. You may like to start applying beard butter right after you take a hot shower.

2. With a dry towel, pat down your beard. You can also consider running a beard comb through the
beard hairs right after drying it.

3. Scoop a tiny amount of your beard butter from the container through your finger. The specific amount will differ based on the size of your facial hair.

4. Rub the beard butter in both your hands and make sure the fingertips are lubricated with the shea butter.

5. Evenly apply the beard grooming product with your fingertips in an upward direction as if you’re
raking through the beard.

Make sure you offer your skin beneath a decent application of beard butter.

6. With fingertips and palms, rub your damp beard. Make sure you do so in a downward direction.

Apply the beard butter evenly on your entire beard, including the beard lines.

7. Comb your beard hairs with a wide-tooth sandalwood beard comb to massage your hair and skin.

Doing so will help stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood flow to the area in charge of healthy growth.

ginger haired man with long beard after he applied beard butter
Muscular man with ginger hair and long beard possing after using beard butter

How often should you apply beard butter?

For a beard grooming routine, you should use beard butter daily.

The frequency of application must be at least one to two times a day, especially if you’re only starting to grow your facial hair.

What is the purpose of beard butter?

Beard oil is primarily for the conditioning of the face.

On the other hand, beard butter is for conditioning
beard hair.

Granted, you can also start using beard butter for beard skin underneath and condition them skin.

However, the main purpose of beard butter is to condition your beard hair while also enabling a bit of styling.

What are the benefits of beard butter?

Using the best beard butter comes with proven benefits, both for your beard and skin.

Some of them are the following:

  • Untangle loose hair

We know those annoying hairs can get in the way of clean-looking beard growth.

The best beard shea butter can help those out of the way.

  • Skin hydration

You may have dry skin underneath your beard.

Fortunately, beard butter will keep it nice and soft.

  • Soothing skin irritation

For an irritating skin or beard that dries out beneath the air, a beard butter with vitamin e or essential oils stops the itchiness feeling.

If you have unruly or wiry beard hair, beard butter calms it down and makes it a lot softer to the touch.

It also gives a fuller appearance.

What’s better: beard oil or beard butter?

Take note that beard oil is a thin and light beard conditioner, keeping the skin and beard soft and

It’s simple to apply beard oils to long beards.

The main difference between beard oils and beard butter is the latter has more than simple oils for scent and moisturization.

Also, shea butter filled with vitamins is utilized when creating beard butter.

The vitamins act as an anti-inflammatory, keeping the skin underneath the beard from itching and helping it clear any clogged pores.

Should I use beard butter at night?

Yes, you can. One practice is to apply beard butter along with beard oil at night.

If you shower before bed, work your beard oil in and wait a few minutes and massage the beard butter before you go to bed.

But if you don’t shower, you can skip the oil and just use the beard butter as a daily beard care routine.

Can I use beard butter alone?

Yes, you can. Even if your beard is a lot short, you can still use beard butter instead of using beard oils or beard balm.

Keep in mind that beard butter will mainly hang out on the beard hair, but some of the
carrier oils in the butter will make their way to your skin.

How long does beard butter last?

Compared to a styling agent like a beard balm and beard wax, beard butter will just offer a light hold and styling effect on your beard.

Also, beard butter can be applied daily and is an excellent option post shoer to lock in moisture and stop the skin from drying out.

Can you use beard butter every day?

Absolutely! If you are not using any other beard care products like beard conditioner, beard wash, beard oil, or beard balm, you can apply beard oil every day at least once.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to what your beard grooming routine is and your own

Also, it is suitable when you like a product you can use every day and remove easily.

Final Thoughts

Compared to beard balm and beard oil, beard butter offers your beard a softer surface and keep the flyaway hairs at bay.

If you’re searching for a beard care product which adds a healthy glow to your facial hair without dragging you down, then you should go ahead with the beard butter.

It is also ideal for men with finer or sparser facial hair


There you have it—that’s everything you need to know about how to apply beard butter and achieving beard hair that is smelling great and healthy skin.

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