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Best Time to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to apply beard oil is after a hot shower, face wash, or sauna. This will ensure your skin and hair are clean and free from any products. Be sure to towel dry your beard so that it’s damp but not too wet before applying the beard oil.

These oils are a must-have for anyone with a beard, and the best time to apply beard oil is when your pores are open.

No matter how well you take care of your beard, it’s bound to get dry, scratchy, and itchy at times. While there are plenty of remedies available to fix these problems, one of the most effective ones is using beard oils.

When should I apply beard oil morning or night?

The traditional advice for beard care is to apply beard oil or beard balm after a hot shower when you got a thin beard when it’s at its most oily.

If you have a beard, you’ll know this means in the morning. However, there is no sense in using beard oil or balm in the evening.

The reason is that although your beard will be oily in the morning, it will still be wet in the evening, and once it has dried, it will be less oily.

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How long do you leave beard oil in?

The question is, how long should you leave beard oil in your beard at the time of application.

If you leave your beard oil in for too long, it gets clogged up by the oils and becomes thick and less effective. If you leave beard oil in for too little time, it will be ineffective.

In between, having a beard oil that is in too long can let your beard oil dry out and make your beard feel dry.

Do you brush before or after beard oil?

Do you brush before or after beard oil? The type of beard brush you use can significantly impact the kind of beard oil you apply.

Bristle brushes are better for applying beard oil to your beard hair, while boar bristle brushes are better for applying beard oil to your face


Many believe that the easiest and most time-saving way is to brush your beard after applying beard oil.

The problem is that brushing before applying beard oil means you have to wait longer between steps, leading to a messier face.

best time to use beard oil
best time to use beard oil

How often should you put beard oil on?

How often should you put beard oil on?” The truth is that it depends on your beard type, the climate you live in, your lifestyle, and how well you take care of your beard.

If you want to get the most out of your beard, you need to treat it right. During the day, make sure you’re applying beard oil because it will hydrate your beard and vitamin E helps repair your hair and skin. Beard oil will also soften your beard and stubble.

You don’t want to overdo it, though. If you use too much oil, your beard will turn into a wet sponge, and you may be pulling out your beard when you shave. It’s better to use too little oil than too much.

Can I apply beard oil every day?

The answer is a resounding yes! As a man, it is your responsibility to care for your beard! Because of this, you should apply beard oil to keep your beard looking fluffy, healthy, and smooth.

Simply apply the right amount of beard oil each day to keep your beard feeling clean. It’s not rocket science, but too much beard oil can be bad for some guys with skin irritation, beard dandruff, itchy skin or the dreaded beard itch.

Apply a smaller amount initially to avoid skin issues and then increase depending on the length of your beard and also the thickness.

Can I apply Beard oil to stubble or only a beard?

Beard oil is a very versatile beard product that works great on a fuller beard when you have full facial hair growth, but it can be used on many beard lengths.

I have also personally used it when I had beard stubble and found it to work great. Even  If you have a 3-day growth or heavy stubble, it’s a great product to use.

How long does beard oil take to work

Bear in mind that it depends on the type of beard oil, what you expect from the same, and how long you have been using the same.

We recommend that you start with a small amount of beard oil and slowly increase the amount and duration over time as your beard grows. Keep using beard oil if your beard is healthy, and use a little less if unkempt.

There are numerous beard oil brands, and not all of them are suitable for your beard. You can check the ingredients on the bottle to determine whether the same will suit your needs.

What ingredients should beard oil have?

As a general rule, most use various natural ingredients, essential oils or natural oils to keep your hair follicles feeling great.

The benefits of beard oil is that they can also include some great oils such as-

  • jojoba oil
  • argan oil
  • carrier oils
  • almond oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • natural shea butter

For best results, these oils only require a few drops of beard oil to help achieve a healthy beard.

If you really want to spoil your beard, premium beard oils of high quality might be the answer for you. Its all about personal preference, but a good beard oil will get right to the hair root and help prevent split ends.

Combine this with a beard brush or beard comb, and your hair shaft will love you even more.

Conclusion – Best time to apply beard oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is definitely a personal choice, but there are some crucial factors to take into consideration.

We hope this post has answered your initial question and if you have found the perfect time to apply beard oil, then please share your routine with our readers.

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