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Stubble vs Beard

Modern women don’t always prefer men with clean-shaven face like you would expect from an office workers type. Sometimes, other females also find guys attractive with some degrees of facial hair. But do they prefer stubble vs beard?

Of course, single men want to impress the woman of their dreams and a beard look is now a good look to have.

Scientific studies have shown that around 60% of women prefer a men’s facial hair over the clean-shaven look. for women in a long-term relationships, they see male faces with days of growth as a great look.

Thus, they are doing their best to ensure that girls find them attractive and well-groomed.

When it comes to shaving, shaping, and choosing the right facial hairstyle for you, you only have a few options to choose from.

You may consider maintaining a clean-shaven face, creating a stubble look, or keeping your facial hair a little longer until it goes for a full beard.

Despite your preferred facial hairstyle, it is essential to choose the one that complements your facial shape.

In most cases, many men patronize full beards and stubble facial hair. Both facial hairstyles can give a person a manly and stylish look.

They can also set the right tone for the look and feel you are trying to achieve in some cases.

But, which of these facial hairstyles can make you look more handsome and appealing?

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Stubble vs. Beard – What are the Main Differences?

Most of you are now interested in growing facial hair, but not sure if they should grow stubble vs beard?. But still problematic which type of facial hairstyle is right for you. Well, that will depend on your face shape and preference.

Many men prefer a stubble beard rather than a full beard facial hairstyle in most cases. The answer is simple: a stubble beard looks nicer and neater than a full beard. It is mostly seen in men working in an office that does not allow full beards.

Also, some guys struggle with a baby face and so try to grow a mane only to have issues with a patchy beard.

On the other hand, if you fail to maintain your stubble and your facial hair starts to grow longer, it will now be considered a beard. A facial hair can be considered a beard when its length is longer than five inches


So typically, the main difference between stubble and a beard is their length and hair thickness. A full beard is much longer and thicker than a stubble beard.

But a stubble beard looks more stylish and cleaner than a full beard. A short beard style or designer stubble is also a lot easier to maintain and helps keep your facial features.

stubble vs beard
stubble vs beard

Length of Stubble vs Length of Beard

One simple way to change the appearance of a man is by growing or shaving their facial hair. If you want to achieve a cleaner look but don’t like to shave your beard fully, it would be best if you would maintain it as stubble.

On the other hand, if you like keeping it long for a more rugged look, growing a full-length beard is an idea.

How can you tell if your facial hairstyle is stubble or full beard?

Here’s the difference between the length of stubble vs beard.

Stubble – You may consider having a stubble beard if your facial hair has a length of less than 4mm. For this beard type, we highly recommend you keep the length of your facial hair at 2.5mm.

Beard – If your facial hair measures more than 5mm, then it is considered a beard hairstyle. The ideal length of a beard will depend on your preference and the look you want to achieve.

Sometimes, outdoors people prefer to grow their beards as long as possible to create a stronger and more real statement.

How Much Maintenance Do Stubble and Beards Take?

Stubble – Maintaining a stubble beard is easy. But, before you create your stubble beard routine, you must know how fast your facial hair grows. Generally, stubble beard requires less frequent washing than lengthy beards.

You can also style your own stubble with a beard wax to get a perfect style, quickly and easily.

Beard – Considering that long beards accumulate more oil and dirt than stubble beards, they require more washing and maintenance.

In that case, it would be best to invest in high-quality beard grooming essentials, including beard oil, to keep your facial hair and the skin beneath it smooth and moisturized.

A good quality beard trimmer is also essential to keep your beard hairs and stray hairs at bay. Nobody wants a scruffy beard after al.

Which is More Comfortable

The comfortability level of a stubble and beard facial hairstyle will depend on the man growing it.

But in general, we can say that a stubble beard is more comfortable to grow and maintain compared to beards because of its short length.

On the other hand, men who rock lengthy beards would say that they feel more comfortable with their beards being long.

Is Stubble or a Beard the Most Versatile?

A stubble beard is more versatile than a long beard for different reasons. One of these is that it looks good on men of different age ranges.

This means that even a young teenage man can grow a stubble beard and rock it.

Aside from that, it also has a smooth texture that is easy to care for and can be styled in a variety of ways.

In fact, a stubble beard can be worn for attending a meeting, going to the office, or making a night out in a club or bar.

But this does not mean that a lengthy beard is not versatile. Growing a longer beard allows you to style it differently every day.

You can braid it or keep it straight. Aside from that, it also looks good in mean wearing business or casual suits.

Which One Looks the Best on Men?

There is no doubt that growing beards have become a part of every man’s life and they are now classed as a fashion statement.

This is because it can completely alter the overall aesthetic of a person. If you ask which beard style looks best on men, the answer will vary depending on different perspectives.

If you like to achieve a more manly figure, many would recommend growing a full beard.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to take care of a lengthy beard, it would be best to cut it and maintain a stubble look.

Between the two, there is no big difference. However, the stubble beard will probably look good on many men compared to a long beard because of its versatility.

Aside from that, it also looks good in different facial shapes. So, whether you have an oval, round, or square face shape, you will surely rock a stubble beard.

Stubble vs. Beard – Which is Better Overall?

As the number of women who prefer men with some facial hair is increasing, a lot of men now think twice about clean-shaving their faces.

But, there are some women who prefer their partners to have a well-groomed and rugged look at the same time.

There is also the level of maintenance that goes with keeping a clean look or the long stubble.

But if you are still wondering which type of beard style is the best, it would be probably the stubble hairstyle.

There are many reasons why many men prefer stubble beard more attractive than growing a full-length beard.

One of these is that a fuller beard can get dirtier and oilier fastest. On the other hand, a stubble beard is easy to maintain and does not accumulate much oil and dirt.

Another reason is that a stubble beard looks good in different men, no matter their face shape.

If you want something in between, then why not go for a heavy stubble beard style, also known as the 10 o’clock shadow beard.

So to conclude, stubble is the best facial hairstyle for a beard.

Stubble vs. Heavy Stubble vs. Short Beard

Stubble, heavy stubble, and short beards are three different facial hairstyles that many men are confused about. This is because these three are different but look almost the same.

If you are also confused about the differences between the three, keep reading.

Stubble Beard: A stubble beard is a facial hairstyle where the man has shaved off all the hair on his face except for a small amount of hair on his upper lip, cheeks, and chin.

The stubble is usually about a half-inch long and gives the man an unshaven and manly look.

The good thing about a stubble beard is that almost anyone can grow it. All that is needed is the ability to grow a little facial hair.

Heavy Stubble: If you let your light stubble grow for a few more weeks, then it will turn to be heavy stubble.

Many describe it as an unshaven man’s face with a little hair covering that is quite difficult to remove. Its hair density makes it look thicker.

You may have difficulty growing your beard back when you shave a heavy stubble because there is not as much hair growth in the first place.

Short Beard: A short beard is another type of beard not longer than a quarter of an inch.

The short beard is popular among males who want to maintain a particular image.

In most cases, men with short beards want to express strong and toughness without being threatened.

How Long for a Stubble Becomes a Beard?

Your stubble can turn into a beard.

But, if you are asking how long will it take to achieve a full beard will depend on different factors, such as the texture and density of your facial hair, how fast your hair grows, and the texture and thickness of your stubble.

But in most cases, stubble can become a beard after four to eight weeks. You can also speed up your facial hair growth by using some products, such as beard oil.

Is Stubble More Attractive than a Beard?

The short answer is yes. A stubble can make a man incredibly sexy and turn his manly face into a more attractive one than a full-on beard.

Even though a beard can give you a rugged and manly appearance, stubble can exude a sense of sexiness in a man.

It provides a man to feel a fresh and sexy face without shaving for several days.

This type of facial hairstyle looks good during the summer months.

What Type of Stubble Do Women Prefer?

Women prefer men with heavy stubble. They find men more attractive with a 10-day unshaved stubble.

Many studies claim that heavy stubble is one of the sexiest stubble women prefer because it shows aggression, dominance, and maturity.


To conclude, stubble vs beard are both popular facial hairstyles for men. But the former is more desirable than the latter because of the good looks it offers to males.

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