What is The Best Beard Length?

What is The Best Beard Length?

It is crucial that you select the best beard length while trimming if you want to get the ideal beard for your appearance. If you want a simple beard length chart, then here are some beard lengths in mm.

Although numerous trimmer guards have varying lengths, it is impossible to picture how the facial hair would appear afterward.

In addition, how you groom your beard will determine how you keep and style your facial hair until it grows out!

And while your genetics will influence how long and thick your beard can grow, it is essential for men to learn about the perfect beard trimmer lengths and their sizes and styles.

Check out this full guide for beard lengths if you want a stubble, a small, medium, or a long beard. We will help you understand how short or long your facial hair should be.

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Stubble Beard

Stubble is easy to see as a light beard-style that naturally grows without shaving after a few days.

It was traditionally viewed as lazy and bold to wear stubble, while a beard stubble is now regarded as fashionable and stylish.

Often known as the shadow of 5 p.m. or the bear of 3 days, the stubble beard look is rugged and roughly attractive and can make young men or boys look mature and more manly.

Quick and stylish as long as you begin from the beginning and use a facial scrub to strip the dead skin and unclog pores, this is a simple look.

A number of beard lengths may be stubble. If you have 0.5mm to 1mm, you’re going to have a light stubble. Guys from 2mm to 3mm have a complete stubble beard and a 4mm beard is known to be a heavy stubble.

The 10mm beard length is also very popular and below is an example of what a 10mm beard looks like.

what does a 10mm beard look like?

What does a 10mm beard look like?

The 10mm beard length is also very popular so here is an example of what a 10mm beard looks like.

Why Stubble beard is best?

Stubble beard is one of the right options to look pretty because this beard size is perfect for a professional, casual and neat look.

One of the best things about this beard size is that you can easily scrub your face and remove the dead cells.

As we all know in the long beard we cannot provide the right amount of nutrients to your cheeks and face skin.

This makes your face dull and full of dead cells. This can then lead to beard acne which is common in longer beards. If you want to know how to prevent beard acne, click on the link.

Who Should Style A Stubble Beard?

A stubble beard, because it’s masculine, professional, and casual, is an excellent choice for almost every man. But for guys with baby faces who struggle to make the transition between small growth and full beard it works remarkably well.

It is not only a fantastic centerpiece but a great way to add robustness to soft characteristics.

A short stubble beard that is well-groomed is often the best beard style for business professionals.

Although long facial hair can look wild and unfeeling, a limited amount of hair growth will meet and balance the workplace expectations for a man’s appearance.

How to maintain Stubble Beard?

One of the easiest beards to maintain is Stubble length beards. A Stubble beard can be maintained at no cost.

The only gadget you need is a beard trimmer. You don’t have to go to a salon to maintain a Stubble beard. You can use a 1mm clipper to maintain your Stubble Beard.

Once you shave completely your beard, according to your genetics in five to six days you can get a Stubble beard itself.

Now, just you have to use the  beard trimmer every two to three days to maintain your desired stubble beard length.

Short Beard

A short beard is a chic, smooth face hair type, longer than stubble, but still simple to keep.

Short beard types for men are common for many reasons, including the fact that short facial hair is flexible, low-maintenance, and robustly good.

Men who want to play with their facial hair will do this by opting for a goatee style.

Another explanation why it is a popular feature of modern men is that it provides an option for people who suffer from erratic development.

Although a short beard works well, guys with smooth growth should let their facial hair develop and use the longer duration to cover their shallow spots.

perfect beard size
short beard

Who Should Style A Short Beard?

All men with whom facial hair will develop can experiment with a short beard. Stylish and classy, short beard types, particularly if you can develop a full beard are great for business.

If you are uncertain about the thickness of your growth, a good step is by going to your barber and asking for support. Likewise, you might want to make lifestyle improvements, including food, fitness, and beard growth items.

From long, square, and round, the good news is that short beards complement almost every sort of face so you don’t have to think too much about your natural contours.

Maybe you need to trim or fade your beard to lengthen your face or to keep it longer to add depth, but for both, there is certainly a beard type.

Best Beard Trimmers

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Medium Length Beard

The medium-length beard is a stage of growth at which your facial hair begins taking shape and it is necessary to periodically trim and groom your beard.

Medium beards need sufficient treatment and cleaning including washing, conditioning, grooming, and good quality beard items.

It’s not the sort of facial hair you can treat lightly.

Although the need for treatment grows, medium-beard models are attractive and sexy for people. It’s about keeping it clean and ensuring it suits your personality like a power suit.

But if you want to look like a virile alpha male, now you can develop a medium-length beard.

Who Should Style A Medium Length Beard?

Coverage with a medium mustache is a huge deal. If you can grow a dense, full beard uniformly over your face genetically, you would prefer medium-long facial hair.

For guys with thin or patchy regions, a longer beard style is not preferred.

Unlike a small beard, without a complete facial covering, you cannot run free.

This style of facial hair often places considerable focus on hygiene, so you do not want a longer beard if you want a longer beard grooming routine.

How to maintain Medium Length Beard?

Medium length  beards can be expensive to maintain due to it requiring more daily maintenance than a simple designer stubble length beard .

Simply, you have to use many products to maintain this type of beard size. On, a daily basis you have to make extra efforts like conditioning, brushing, washing, and different high-quality beard oils.

You will also have to shampoo your hair to remove the dead cells of your skin behind the hairs.

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Long Beard

A long beard, also known as a whole beard, is a kind of facial hair that is spectacular and epic.

Your beard must grow for at least 6 months in order to grow from short to long facial hair.

In recent years, these long beard types have become common and need daily treatment, grooming, and care.

Who Should Style A Long Beard?

Needless to say, the growth must be on a separate stage to take out a long beard.

Form-wise, whether you have the right face shape, it’s far simpler to style a long beard.

Even with the correct look and facial features, most men won’t grow their beards too long, as it’s not the business look.

How to maintain a long size beard?

It is very tough to maintain long size beard. You always need daily grooming to maintain its shape.

The long size beard can get expensive to maintain as you have to take monthly barber appointments to keep the beast under control.

Once, you get the right shape you can also, groom this at your home if you have the time.


What are the different beard trimmer lengths?

Beard trimmers typically come with various length settings that allow you to achieve different beard styles. The specific length settings can vary depending on the brand and model of the trimmer, but some common lengths you might find are:

1. 1mm – This length setting is ideal for achieving a close shave or a very short stubble look.

2. 3mm – A popular length for achieving a light stubble or a short beard style.

3. 5mm – This setting is suitable for a slightly longer stubble or a well-maintained short beard.

4. 7mm – Gives a medium-length beard, suitable for those who want a more substantial beard without it being too long.

5. 10mm – Often considered as “heavy stubble” or “short beard,” it offers a more rugged look.

6. 12mm – Provides a medium-length beard style that looks well-groomed and refined.

7. 15mm – Ideal for a fuller beard look with more length and volume.

8. 20mm and above – Suitable for achieving a long beard style, perfect for those who prefer a more substantial and majestic beard appearance.

Keep in mind that the available length settings may vary from trimmer to trimmer, so it’s essential to check the specific settings of the beard trimmer you are using to achieve your desired beard length.

What length of beard  is most attractive?

People have their preferences, and it’s true that different strokes suit different folks. However, a study conducted in 2008 revealed that women find “heavy stubble,” which is approximately ten days of beard growth, to be the most appealing length.

best beard length

Is 6mm a good beard length?

The suitability of a 6mm beard length depends on personal preferences and facial features. Some individuals may find a 6mm beard length to be well-groomed and attractive, while others might prefer shorter or longer lengths.

It’s essential to experiment with different lengths and styles to discover what suits you best and complements your facial structure. Ultimately, the “good” beard length is subjective and varies from person to person.

What is the best beard length to shave?

The best beard length to shave entirely depends on individual preferences and desired facial appearance. Some people may prefer a clean-shaven look with no facial hair at all, while others may opt for a short stubble or a well-groomed beard.

There is no universal “best” beard length to shave; it’s entirely up to the person’s style, facial features, and personal preferences. Whether it’s a clean shave, short stubble, or a well-maintained beard, the choice should be based on what makes the individual feel most confident and comfortable.

How long is 4mm beard?

A 4mm beard refers to facial hair that measures 4 millimeters in length. It is a relatively short beard length, often considered as “stubble” or “light stubble.”

At this length, the facial hair is visible, but it hasn’t fully grown into a noticeable beard yet. It can give a rugged and slightly unkempt appearance, depending on how it’s styled and maintained. This length is popular among those who prefer a low-maintenance yet somewhat groomed facial hair look.

Our Final Thoughts – Best Beard Length

What is the best beard length? Well, that’s for you to decide!

We have given you the pro’s and con’s of the  most popular beard types and will leave the final decision to you.

Which is your favourite and why? Leave your comments below and we will aim to respond to each and every comment.

For me personally, the stubble beard length is the easiest to maintain and will never go out of style.

So for me, its a no brainer and I look forward to reading people’s comments below.

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