Best Beard Style For Your Face

Growing a beard has become quite a trend in the last few years among men all around the
world, and Dubai is no exception. The No-Shave-November trend that started in 2009 is
seeing more and more men embracing facial hair like never before.

Both locals and residents of Dubai take deliberate efforts to grow and groom their beards. Moreover, there
are several salons and barber shop in Bur Dubai, Deira, and other areas of the city that help
men in keeping their beards looking well-groomed. But before you grow a beard, you must
know that not all beards will look good on you.

In fact, the shape of your face shape will determine which beard or mustache will look good on you. Hence, here is a guide that will
help you choose the best beard style as per your face shape.

Round Shaped Face

If you have a round face, you should have a beard that makes your face look longer and
slimmer. You must choose a beard that adds definition to your face. One of the best beard
styles for round shaped face is the stiletto beard style.

To achieve this look, you need to first grow a full beard and then work towards creating a stiletto by making the sides thin,
creating a V-shape underneath the jaw, and keeping the chin hair narrow and pointy.

Then there is the Van dyke beard, where you have a full goatee along with a detached mustache.
Balbo beard and anchor beard are few other suitable options for round shaped face.

Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you have won the lottery, as almost all types of beards go
well with this type of facial structure. If you want to have a simple, yet neat and clean look,
you must go for a beard that is squared at the jaw, short at the sides and at the chin, and
clean lines on the cheeks.

However, it is best to avoid the stiletto style, as it may make your face look longer. A closely-trimmed beard that gives the appearance of a 3-day stubble will also look good on oval faces. Apart from this, different types of mustaches like chevron,
horseshoe mustache, etc., will also look good on men with this face type.

Rectangular or Oblong Shaped Face

If you have a long face and a square jaw, you are likely to have a rectangular face, also known as an oblong shaped face. People with this face shape should avoid long beards that taper at the end. Instead, a short beard that has sharp angles around the jawline will give you a chiseled look.

The mutton chops beard, where the mustache is connected with long sideburns, while your chin remains clean-shaven, is a good option. Then there is the Balboa beard, where the mustache and beard are not connected. Some other options for this face shape will be gunslinger beard and mustache, chin strip, and chin strap style beard.

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Square Shaped Face

A square face is where you have a well-defined, square shape. While a clean-shaven look is best to flaunt this perfect jawline, you can experiment with a few beard styles too. The best look will be a beard that full on the chin area but short on the sides.

Goatee style beards, including circle beard, royale beard, goatee, and petite goatee will look the best for people with this type of face shape. You can also experiment with scruffy beard, full beard, and stubble beard if you have a square shaped face.

Triangular Shaped Face

If you have a prominent jawline that is wider than your cheekbones, you have a triangular shaped face. If you are planning to grow a beard on this kind of face, you need to ensure that it does not highlight your jawline.

The best option here would be a beard stache, which is actually a mustache with slight stubble or even a short beard. It would also be a good idea to have a side burn and square the beard at the chin level. Avoid having a long beard, especially at the chin area. 

best beard style for your face

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is when your face begins with a wide forehead and tapers towards the end with a roundish and softer chin. In this case, you must go for a beard style that adds definitely to your narrow jawline and chin area.

One of the best beard styles here would be the Garibaldi beard, which looks like a full beard with short sides and full mustache. The Verdi beard is also a good option here, where you will have a medium-length face beard with a thick mustache curled on both sides. Apart from this, a scruffy beard will also look good on a person with a heart-shaped face.

So, you see, there is a beard style for every face shape; all you need to do is find out what your face shape is. If you find this confusing, you can visit a barber shop in Bur Dubai, Deira, Downtown, or any other part of Dubai, where the experts will help you to decide the right beard style for your face shape.

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Conclusion -Best Beard Style for Your Face

Do you have a preferred beard style to suit your face? Most guys will experiment to get the beard style to suit their own face. We have given you what we feel are the best beard styles for faces, but please comment below with your favourite beard style and why?

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