How to use Hair Clay – Ultimate Guide

Hair clay is one of the best and most versatile products to hit the men’s hair care market in recent years. Over the past few years, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing products with a string of benefits which are listed below. So let’s look at how to use hair clay!

  • Promotes Hair Growth – Rich in natural minerals and nutrients, this helps to condition and moisturize the hair as well as giving you great style.
  • Naturally Heals – By stimulating the hair shaft and scalp, this encourages hair recovery.
  • Great on Sensitive Skin and Scalps- If you suffer from either or both, clay can really help reduce the sensitivity.
  • Most versatile hair product – Adds texture, definition, medium to strong hold and with a matte finish.

Table of Contents

In this ultimate guide to men’s clay, we will also explain how to use it correctly to get the most out of your clay.

1 What is a hair clay?

In most top brands, the product will have one of the two main clay’s that are used and these are Bentonite and Kaolin. If the product does not contain one of these two key ingredients, then it is most likely not a proper clay.

I also look for a paraben free and animal cruelty free product which will ensure that your hair clay is as natural as can be.

2 Which hairstyles work best

After speaking with many Barbers, they all agreed that clay is great for short to medium length hairstyles. This is because the clay can offer a really good hold that will work great for most shorter hair styles. It is also mentioned that most guys use a clay as an informal cool looking way to make their hair look and feel great.

With its ease of use, the clay also does not stiffen up like other hair products such as hair spray. This gives you the ultimate freedom to restyle during the day leaving your hair always looking fresh and natural.

3 Can hair clay help thin hair

Hair clay has many benefits as listed in this page, and one of the main ones being that clay adds volume and texture to your hair. This allows the hair to look thicker and fuller and hence, being great for guys with thinning or fine hair.

4 Is it good for long hair?

Absolutely yes, but for longer hair, we would recommend using it on your hair when its dry.

5 How much should I use?

This really will depend on a few things. This includes the thickness and length of your hair as well your hair type and the style you are aiming to achieve.

As a rule of thumb, we always suggest you start with a pea sized amount. If you feel you need more, then simply add more until the desired style and hold is achieved.

It is always much easier to add some more hair clay little by little than to remove it if you have added too much at first.

Out top tip is to layer the clay until you get the desired hold and style. This way, you won’t end up with a too much product on your hair.

6 How to use Hair Clay in simple steps

Step 1 – Prep your hair

For the best results, wash your hair or at least ensure it is free from any other products residue such as wax before using the clay. You can use your own pre-styling product such as Sea Salt Spray prior to using the clay, this will help give your hair some boost.

Hair clay can be applied to both dry hair and damp/wet hair. If you need to dry and style the hair first, then do so as mentioned above to get the desired style. You are now ready to apply the hair clay.

Step 2 – Take a Pea Sized Amount

Take a small pea sized amount of clay and rub it into the palm of your hand. The thicker and longer the hair, the more will probably need. However, start with a small amount at first and add more as you go.

It is always easier to add more if needed than to take it off if you apply too much.

Step 3 – Warm the Clay

Warm the clay up that is in the palm of your hands. Warm the clay for about 10 – 15 seconds until the consistency feels even.

Work the Clay Into Your Hair

Work the product into your hair starting at the back and working towards the front. Don’t forget that clay works great on the roots and hair shafts so make sure you start here. You also don’t want too much at the tips of your hair.

Step 4 – Style and Finish

Now you can start to get the style you are after. If it’s a messy textured look you are after, this will be quite quick and easy to achieve using simply your fingers. If you are after a more finished style, use a comb or brush to get the desired look and finish.

Step 5 – Add more Clay if required.

If you do not get the desired hold and style, add another pea sized amount and keep on building the hold and style. Add more and go back through the steps above.

7 Which are the Best?

Everyone will have their own go to product or will be looking to buy one for the first time. At Meso we have what we believe is the best Men’s Hair Clay on the market! With the benefits listed above, it is also Made in The UK with the finest ingredients as well as being Animal Cruelty Free and Paraben Free. We also offer Free UK Shipping, so why not check us out! Try our men’s Grooming Clay 100 ml – Shop Now


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