How To Wear a Pork Pie Hat: Style Guide for Men

Pork pie sounds like a delectable treat. You’re not wrong to think that, as pork pie hats are a treat to the eye. Also called the “English pasty Hat” this fashion piece is for both men and women.

Pork pie hats have a pinched and creased circular crown that is highly flexible. It looks similar to the old-timey English meat pies if you take a closer look. But what shot them to stardom is the jazz era and Walter White from Breaking Bad. The latter anti-hero always used it as an accessory for his dark identity.

Throughout the years, pork pies have been confused with fedoras. To ensure you don’t use it the wrong way, this article will give you some tips on how to wear a pork pie hat.

Does the Pork Pie Hat Suit Me?

Pork pie hats are surprisingly highly adapting to anyone. Regardless of your hairstyle or whether your face shape is long, oval, or short, you can wear a pork pie hat. Unfortunately, if you have a round or square face, steer clear from this one.

Compared to trilby hats or fedora hats, pork pie hats have a shorter crown. So, if you’re a tall person, this one’s a good choice for you to avoid giving you more height. To check properly, the brim should be wider than your jawline. This is why pork pies are not advisable for square or round faces.

Pork pie hats should also be worn comfortably on the top of your head. To add a bit more spice to it, you can tilt it at a slight angle. Overall, it should be worn level to how wide your jawline is or more, but never less.

How To Wear a Pork Pie Hat

Pork pies have different unique styles for you to choose from. The materials used to make these vary: braided hemp to linen to paper braid to wool felt, and even Toyo straw. This goes to show how pork pies work in both hot and cold weather.

Pork pie hats also go well with different outfits. Since they are created from a variety of materials, you can wear them with casual and formal clothes. Just make sure you follow Heisenberg’s rule of wearing it directly atop your head and sitting level.

Hats are simple, easy to accessorize fashion items, and if you want your outfit to be more personalized, consider a custom hat. BPS Hats has a wide range of styles and patterns for you to choose from. Accessories are essential to a stylish look, and a simple hat style can add a fun or dapper touch to your look. As a fashion pioneer, consider silk scarves as well as enamel pins to adorn your hat. Incorporate your own style of clothing into your accessories and it will make your outfit stand out.

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how to wear a pork pie hat

Top 3 Recommended Pork Pie Hat Styles in 2021

1. Creed by Bailey

bailey of hollywood creed wide brimmed

Creed by Bailey’s Large Brim Genuine Panama Pork Pie Hat just gives off the best vintage summer vibes. Made from hand-woven straw, this beauty has a medium-width brim and a Japanese grosgrain ribbon. It is also made from 100% Toquilla palm with a hand-curled brim.

No two hats will ever look the same, so this one’s a classic for sure. It’s definitely a charming statement piece that will last you long.

2. Giorgio by Bruno Capelo


For those who want added zest to their pork pies, Giorgio from Bruno Capelo is your best bet. Suitable for both spring and summer, this fun straw pork pie might interest you.

It has a contrasting hatband and braid as well as some feathers to add life to your wardrobe. Made from 100% soft poly braid and with an elasticized cotton sweatband, comfort isn’t compromised too!

3. Belfast by Stetson


Just like its name, the Belfast by Stetson’s Cashmere Blend Pork Pie is one of the finest pork pies out there. It has the classic telescoping crown and a flexible brim. You can turn it up or down, depending on what you would like.

Pork Pie Hat: A Treat You Must Try

As mentioned earlier, the pork pie hat line is truly a sight for sore eyes. It goes well with virtually anything, making it a must for your wardrobe.

Sometimes, simple things go a long way. So, if you’re looking for a neat men’s hat style to do wonders to your outfit, the pork pie hat is the right choice for you.

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