Lumin Skin Care Review

Lumin Skin Care Review

Lumin Skin Care trial offers guys the opportunity to try out their range of men’s skin care products for the low cost of post ad packaging. In this article , we will give an honest review on our experience of the Lumin Skin Care Trial.

This will also include the one question everyone wants to know before entering any free trials – Is Lumin easy to cancel?

Now we have got the intro out the way, let’s get down to business!

Lumin Skin Care range
Lumin Skin Care review

Table of Contents

Men's Skin Care Range

Men’s skincare is big business at the moment with all the major brands focusing on Men’s Grooming ranges. The Lumin range also includes hair care as well as skin care ranges.

Firstly, Lumin was set up by a guy who was travelling around the world and realised that most men don’t have any skin care regimes. The most men knew about was a simple moisturiser and that was about it.

He then set out to make men’s skin care products that helped guys to make the most of their skin care. This has includes many different products including

As you can see from the above list, Lumin has come up with a pretty extensive range of products that literally cover every man’s skin care needs.

To also simplify the list and to make it easier for you guys to pick which products you want, they have come up with a simple skin care solution. Lumin has taken the pain away for you, by creating simple skin care collections and sets that will help you get the one that’s right for you. These sets include-

Free Trial Skin Care Products

Applying for the Lumin Skin Trial, is simple and effective. You are asked a number of questions before the data is analysed and the best suitable skin products are selected for you.

It’s a simple yet effective system, that takes all the hassle out of the process of picking skin care products. Most men starting out in skin care will only know the normal popular products such as moisturisers and face masks, so this really does help us guys out.

Lumin Skin Care Products Arrive – What to Expect

The outer packaging is in a cool black and very masculine bag.

Inside I had Exfoliating Rub, Charcoal Cleanser and Moisturizing Balm.

The products are high quality in both packaging and the products themselves. The box for each product is in a light grey colour with white writing and again fits in with the masculine male market.

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Lumin Exfoliating Rub

For this product, you need to start with a dry face, and then just use a small amount. For best result, rub the exfoliator around your face until you feel the product balling up. Then its time to wash your face with warm water and towel dry your skin.

After this, you can then go onto the Lumin Mooisturizing Balm below.

Lumin Charcoal Cleanser

Lumin Charcoal Cleanser is a great product and probably my favourite out of the Lumin Free Trial pack. All you need is a small amount, dampen your face and then let the charcoal lather as you rub it around your face. 

Once your finished, wash off any excess charcoal and then dry your face by lightly damping down with a towel. Now you are ready for the Lumin Moisturising Balm.

Lumin Moisturizing balm

Lumin Men’s Skin Care has many products but the first one I had to try was the Moisturising Balm. Their website states that it is used to help prevent dullness and dryness. After the moisturiser, I must admit that the skin on my face felt good and hydrated which is always good. My skin felt refreshed so this was a definite positive for me.

Part of this Lumin skin care review was to ensure I was totally honest with our audience. That said, it is a good quality moisturiser that will help you skin feel good.

Is Lumin Skin Care Good?

Absolutely yes! The products are really high quality and the ingredients work great. I started using the products each day and I could tell the difference in the odd day that I missed putting the skincare products on before leaving home.

If you follow the skincare regime that you are initially sent, then you really can’t go far wrong. I am an older guy, so for me, its was easy to see some improvements over a few weeks to my facial lines. This is not a quick solution and a silver bullet, but at my age, I will take anything that’s an improvement.

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Is Lumin Easy To Cancel?

I have added this into the post because people are nowadays very sceptical about Free Trials. With Lumin, the free trial allows you to simply pay for postage and shipping to get the free trial products.

This allows you to try and review the products yourself for one month. After the end of the month’s trial, if you are happy with the products, you will simply be sent more products. This will consist of the same products, but in larger sizes that will last you for approximately 2 months at a go.

So How Easy Was It To Cancel Lumin?

To be totally honest, I had an initial issue due to my own fault. I forgot to cancel the trial within the month trial period. I only noticed once I had received an email about my order being dispatched and thanks for the payment of £46.55.

If you are planning on cancelling, plan to do it as soon as possible, to avoid the order being automatically dispatched.

Lumin Customer Service

At this point, I remember thinking “Any company is only as good as its Customer Service”. It’s a philosophy that has worked very well for Amazon.

After contacting Lumin, my enquiry was handled by a lady called Honey. If the rest of Lumin’s staff are as good as this lady, then they have my vote 100%!

Quickly and effectively Honey dealt with the process and after a couple of simple emails, the subscription was cancelled and the monies refunded. All I needed to do was to return my goods and show proof of dispatch with a simple photo of the Royal Mail payment.

Conclusion - Is Lumin Subscription for me?

If I am to be totally honest, yes it is. It’s a premium quality skincare range for men that does exactly what you want from it. After a few weeks, my skin definitely improved and it has now become part of my daily skincare regime.

Is it for everybody? Absolutely not! Its not the cheapest skin product on the market and some people don’t like subscription models.

However, on the whole, the products look and work great, the customer service is excellent and if you are looking for a new skincare product, then Lumin should be at least on your list to try. Try out the Lumin Free Trial Offer 

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