Simple Skin Care Routine – Mend Review

As most of us lead hectic and modern-day lives, finding the time to look after our skin can be more than an effort.

Having a simple skin care routine is something we would all love, but finding one to follow is a different story. That has now all changed, thanks to mend.co.uk

Mend have come up with a simple skincare routine for their anti-aging skincare range that will help even the busiest of us improve our skincare.

With a simple skincare routine for your skin, they include Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Bright Eye Cooling Gel and Retinol Face Cream.

Meso did not receive any payments or add affiliate links for this review. I did receive free products from Mend skin Care to test but the review is totally independent.

Mend- Simple Skin Care

Mend was started is a small family run business that wears its heart on its sleeve. Their aim is to put simple back into skincare including the products themselves and including how we apply skin creams.

Their products are clean, natural and organic which is what most people are now searching for in their men’s grooming products.

If you are Vegan, don’t worry, the Mend product range are all registered with the Vegan Society and are also Animal Cruelty Free.

Martin the owner, has spotted a gap in the market for the “Little Guy”, and with the help of four other family members and two dogs (Daisy and Willow), have developed a skin care range that is both simple to follow and naturally refreshing.

Forget the big guys, these guys just want to give us highly effective skincare products that will help you and me improve our skin.

As well as offering a personal touch of customer service that is so refreshing, Mend really do have a passion for their products and customers.

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What are the benefits of Vitamin C Serum

Firstly, let’s educate ourselves about one of the key ingredients, vitamin C. Collagen is great for our skin as its helps to reduce wrinkles and helps to smooth out our skin.

This in turn makes our skin look and feel better. The more Collagen we produce, the more improvement we will see in our skin’s appearance.

The biggest benefit of Mend’s serum, is it’s full of organic and natural antioxidants which will help to promote the production of collagen.

This in turn will improve your skin and aid for a much younger and brighter looking skin.

Simple Skin Care Routine in 4 easy steps

To keep life simple, mend have developed a simple 4 step plan for your daily skin care routine.

Follow each step to get the most out of your mend range of skin care products.

Step 1- Mend Vitamin C Serum

simple skin care routine

Vitamin C Serum is the starting point and with Mend’s Vegan serum lasting longer than most other counterparts, this is a definite benefit.

To watch the benefits of Vitamin C Serum, Check out the video below by James Walsh

You can also access to a full guide on skincare routine’s at mend.com HERE

How to apply Vitamin C Serum –

Simply wash your hands and then face. Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and then apply to your face and neck.

Rub into your skin and you will feel the serum acting almost immediately with your skin having a cleansed feel to it.

I really liked the droplet applicator which ensured there is no over use and wastage.

Step 2 Mend Hyaluronic Acid Serum

simple skin care routine

Suitable for all skin types, this really does feel and smell really healthy when applying.

The natural ingredients included are Green Tea, Vitamin C and E, Jojoba Oil, Dandelion, Aloe Vera as well as natural Botanical ingredients.

The Hyaluronic Acid naturally plumps up fine lines and naturally hydrates the skin, leaving your skin feeling restored.

Yet again, the droplet applicator is a great idea and one that makes the whole process simple.

Step 3 Mend Bright Eye Cooling Gel

As I have gotten older, my eyes have almost certainly gained the most lines and after effects of the sun.

With Bright Eye Cooling Gel, you can gently de puff the skin and lines around your eyes. As with all of the products in this simple skin care range, the ingredients follow the natural theme including Argan Oil and Cucumber.

With a simple to use pump applicator that is also eco friendly, it’s another great way to apply with the minimum of wastage and helps to apply smaller amounts.

Step 4 Mend Retinol Face Cream

The final stage of the simple skin care routine process is to add the Retinol Face Cream.  This is where we rejuvenate the skin and add the moisturiser.

Containing a full 2.5 % Retinol, this will help to recharge and revitalise your skin.

The formula is again all natural with the Botanical ingredients and by now my skin is alive and ready for anythi

Helpful Guides and information

I really like mend’s website as it offers tons of helpful guides and information on each of the products including how to use each skincare item.

Below are a few links that I think will be most helpful to my readers who might want to give mend a try for themselves.

Full Skin Care Routine  Guide

FAQ Page

The Benefits of Vitamin C

Verdict and take away

Mend have really approached the simple skin care routine with a fresh way of thinking that is easy enough to follow.

Their skin care range is suitable for both men and women, so in theory, you could share this with your partner and give the products a try together?

As a male on the go, I needed something that I could quickly apply, which would produce the results I wanted, for better-looking skin.

I can say that Mend have achieved this and more with this simple skin care routine.

The range comes in luxury gift boxes which are real quality and more than suitable as a gift. You can tell from the moment you open the box, that every bit of detail has been scrutinized, which backs up the quality of the skincare products themselves.

If you think of unboxing an Apple product, you will see the similarities, pure quality!

Each bottle will last approximately 2 months with the price point being mid-range. In today’s skin care market, this is real value for money for such a premium quality skin care product.

With discounts for multi buys, this will make Mend even more appealing to men and women looking for new products to add to their skin care range. Check out their full range at mend.co.uk

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