Home manicure tips for men

Of all the human body’s external parts,  men’s hands are among the most exposed to daily dirt, and your nails are part of it.

Having clean hands can help you to prevent getting your hands infected with diseases.

That is why home manicure tips for men should be one of the your  priorities. One of the ways to keep your hands clean is through a home manicure.

It doesn’t just give you aesthetic nails but provides you cleaner and healthier hands.

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How can a manicure help my hands?

Manicure helps to remove dirt stuck on your nails, prevents your nails from tearing, and keeps the protector of your nail, namely cuticle, in good condition.

The cuticle is the one that provides protection to your nails when growing out from the nail root.

It is very prone to dryness that eventually tears, causing pain. Thus, taking care of it will really help to keep your hands in great condition.

In addition, manicure involves discarding dead skin cells, which is important for a new cell to grow.

The process helps the skin around your nails to be hydrated, making your manicured hands feel and look healthier.  

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home manicure tips for men
home manicure tips for men

Home Manicure tips for men :

What Tools Do I Need to Manicure my Nails?

Here is a video below of the tools you will need to manicure your hands at home. Basically, you will need the following tools for a simple hand manicure:

  • Nail Brush 
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Cuticle Scissors
  • Nippers

The Perfect Manicure for Men

Not only women should manicure but men as well. Hence, men have the same nail structure as women.

Both men’s and women’s nails are susceptible to damage when not taken care of.  

Ashley Weston, a celebrity stylist, pointed out that women check out about men in their hands, including their fingernails.

They check to see how well and neat men’s hands are groomed. So, men should also put extra care of their hands.  

In addition, according to Grant Harris, the owner and chief style consultant of Image Granted, having an aesthetic or well-groomed and healthy nail is essential to have a good personal and business relationship.

He also stated that it is important for men who work in an industry where hands are noticeable to have a clean and good-looking nails, contributing to a better client impression.

So here are the tips for men’s manicure that you can do even at home:

Clipping your hands

The first step you should do before clipping your nails is clean and soak your hands for a few minutes to make your nail soft.

Then, grab your nail clippers and start clipping. When clipping, it does not have to be too short.

It could be just until your desired nail length, enough for you not to get hurt. Be careful,  if you clip your nails super short, you may cut your live nails and bleed, resulting in infection.

You cannot cut your nails in one go. It involves a number of snips to the nails.

Then as you clip your nails, do not bother shaping your nails perfectly because it can be done after cutting your nails short enough through nail filing.

Filing your nails

Now that your done clipping your nails, you should then file your nails.

Filing is done to smoothen and shape the edge of your nail.

You can use either a nail file or an emery board to shape your nails.

Do not file your nails too hard, do it just until no sharp edges are left.  

The process can be over with just a few swipes of every fingernail. To check that your filing is pretty good, slide your nails on a cloth.

Then, if you feel nothing gets stuck, meaning you’re done, no snags are left.

Now your fingernails should be starting to look much better and start to feel manicured.

I play guitar and need manicured fingernails to help my finger picking guitar style.

So I know from experience that this part of the manicure needs to be done correctly.

hands, soap, wash-4917949.jpg

Under the nails

After filing, check what’s under your nails. Is there any dirt left?

If there are, use the pointed edge of the file to discard them.

Do it gently to avoid tearing your skin under the nail. Pushing it too hard can lift your nail away from the nail bed then bleed.

You probably wouldn’t want that to happen as it can be painful.

Remove those hangnails

Hangnails are not actual nails. These are skin chips from the cuticle or the side edge of the fingernail.

The dryness of your cuticle causes hangnails.

These split slivers are quite annoying, making people try to pull them or bite them off, which is most likely to cause a tear on the nailbed.

A nailbed tear might be small, but it poses a serious infection making the area swell and, worst, making the area filled with puss.

In order to prevent any infection, use you’re sanitized nipper to remove the hangnails.

Watch out for your skin when removing them. Do it gently because if you mistakenly tear your skin, it will bleed and may become prone to infection.

So, you should be extra careful at this stage of the manicure.

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Clean up those cuticles

The cuticle is the layer of skin that is clear located at the bottom edge of your fingernail.

It serves as the protection of the newly growing nail from bacterial infections.

If it is beneficial, what does it have to do with a manicure?  

The cuticle sometimes builds up and goes overboard. It advances toward the matured nail making your fingernails look bad.

So, to fix it, use your cuticle pusher and push it back to the clean line where it is supposed to be.

You may also use cuticle remover for a neat result.

When cleaning up the cuticles, just push it gently because it may damage the cuticle baseline if you push too hard.

Buff those nails

Not yet satisfied with how your fingernails look?

Well, to cover that, you should buff your nails. This will make your nails look smoother and shine.

So how shiny, it really is up to the individual to decide. Buffing them can make your nails much cleaner looking for a few days.

But this process is not necessarily required, and it is up to you.  

hands, disinfection, disinfectant-4973030.jpg

Moisturize you hands

The final process is to moisturize your hands and nails.

It is an essential step since hands are susceptible to dehydration.

Because hands have a lesser concentration of sebaceous glands, the responsible for sebum secretion enables human skin to bind moisture.  

As stated in Eucerin, the skin barrier function of the hands can be damaged due to exposure to various external factors possessing lipid-stripping substances, which make the hands’ natural protection to overwork.

So, moisturize your hands with lotion or hand moisturizer to keep them healthier and hydrated.  

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Don’t forget to manicure your feet.

Your feet also have nails, that needs protection, care and aesthetic factor the same as your hands.

So, when you do manicures, do not forget to include the toenails on your feet.

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