How to make yourself look better guys

How to make yourself look better guys

What makes a man look better? Is it the way he looks, the way he smells or a mix of them both? Today we are going to look at how to make yourself look better guys, so let’s get started.

The Occasion

Men with beard stubble lengths of 10mm

First, where are we going and what is the occasion? This might sound quite simple but if you and me are going to meet our mates down the pub for the last hour then it really isn’t a big issue. Unless you are looking to impress the local ladies.

On the other hand, if you are going to a wedding in the day time then a pair of jeans and a t shirt is going to get you more than a few looks for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s the deal.

Is the occasion formal or informal? If its formal then 9 times out of 10 its going to be a suit and tie without any exemptions.

However, if it’s a more informal occasion but you still want to look and feel good then there is no reason why you can’t dress to impress.

 I don’t know about you, but there is nothing like the feel of a clean shirt on your body after you’ve showered and groomed yourself.

It’s a good feel factor that should have you in a great mood as you hit the road on your way out.

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What’s the cost of looking good?

We all have a budget no matter how much we earn and it’s also important when planning your wardrobe. It’s no good having a designer shirt on your back and wanting to impress whilst your shoes look like they have been made by your nan.

Going for a specific look? Try to keep it consistent or at least look for cheaper options that can look the part.

 I would always use a mirror to check how I look before leaving the house. If your gut instinct tells you that the shoes are looking a little old and worn then ditch the shoes for a new pair.

Top Tip to get you started

 You don’t have to spend a fortune to make yourself look better……honestly!

 At a wedding recently, I noticed this guy had a lovely suit on that impressed me. I got talking with him and it turned out it was from Primark and cost £35!

How to make yourself look better

So what are you saying?

Just because it doesn’t have a designer label doesn’t mean it won’t look good. As long as it fits correctly and you wear it with the correct accessories. Sometimes, a nice watch or bracelet can enhance a shirt to give an appearance of it being more expensive than it really is.

Where to start

The clothes you wear are not going to impress anyone if you smell like a farm! First, let’s get the grooming done and out the way. I always prefer a shower for an important occasion due to baths feeling like a hippo wallowing in the mud.

Now I am not saying for one minute you look like a Hippo or smell like one!  You know where I am coming from with this one so we will quickly move on to the tips.

So let’s start from the top and work our way downwards.

Tips on how to make yourself look better guys

Eye Brow Grooming For Men

Yes eyebrows!

It’s one area that I must admit I have never really thought too much about and if I am to be honest, it was way down on my priority list. But as many more mature guys will tell you, the eyebrows can suddenly become a jungle if you let them get overrun so eyebrow grooming is essential.

A simple trim with the scissors is all that most men need but for those with darker hair then bushier eyebrows can be a worst nightmare. Its easy today to have them done professionally and if they’ve got to be done then why not get it done properly.

Top Tip!

Never wax your eyebrows!

Simply pluck then to keep them looking as natural as possible. Keep the eyebrows as masculine as you can and don’t overdo it or you will end up with a feminine look which is definitely not the look you are after. How to make yourself look better guys

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Practice good hygiene

You’ve had the shower and feel like a million dollars instead of a Hippo, so we are on the right track.

Let’s not waste all the good work by not following up with the essentials for good hygiene. This includes using a deodorant to ensure the women get a good first impression even if they can’t see you.

Wear some aftershave

This also includes wearing aftershave but not at the expense of the environment! It’s always a tough decision on how much to put on but my own personal preference is that a couple of squirts is enough and anymore can be off putting for most women

 We’ve all been at a bar and smelt the man five minutes before he has arrived, yeah, it’s not cool.  

How much should I tip my barber

Get a New Hair Cut

Nothing can boost your confidence quite like when you have had a great haircut and you feel like a god! 

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration! Take a look in the mirror, are happy with your hairstyle? Yes, well that’s got to be a good starting point.

Most times you don’t need a new hairstyle, a simple trim will make all the difference. 

Keep a Good Barber

Do you have the same barber? If yes, then this is another way to build confidence knowing that he is not going to make a hash of your precious locks before the big occasion.

As a bonus I have added “How to get the Perfect Haircut” at the bottom of the article, so enjoy some extra help at the end.

Beard Stubble length 10mm on man in shower

Get rid of acne and improve your skin

Easier said than done I can hear you saying.

Well in today’s world there are remedies for almost everything under the sun and skin conditions are no different.

It all goes back to the personal hygiene and if you wash, dry and apply the right products to your skin daily. This will help you too can greatly improve your chances of having better skin.

 For some, it’s not as simple as that and I can appreciate for some people chronic skin conditions are their worst enemy. Read our article on how to get rid of oily skin permanently 

Shave every day or groom your facial hair

mesomen's grooming tips

This is a whole topic and one that is very relevant in today’s market with beards being everywhere.

What’s best for me?

If you shave, just ensure that you apply a balm after you have shaven which will help to close out the pores and will also prevent bad skin.

 A good moisturiser will also help to keep the skin moist and in condition long after you have shaved. How to make yourself look better guys

How to make yourself look better guys

For the bearded type then a good beard oil or beard balm can work wonders. I personally use a beard oil because my beard is quite short but for longer and more fuller beards then a beard balm works best for most guys

Whiten or straighten your teeth

Everybody now knows someone who has had their teeth whitened and its now big business.

I do know someone who has tried a home care kit and I can strongly recommend you to use a qualified dentist. Once they are gone they are gone, so playing Russian Roulette with your teeth is not a good idea.

Do need your teeth straightening? If yes, then visit your dentist and I am sure it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. A good smile is one thing all women love about a guy and to have this as a confidence booster is a great asset.

Change your wardrobe

Unfortunately, not all of us have the greatest of dress sense even if we think we do think we can give James Bond a lesson or two about style.

So, what should I do?

Most of us, if we are truly honest dress more for the pub with the lads than to impress so it’s no wonder our clothes wardrobe can look more like a gym locker.

 If you want to impress a woman then you have to make a special effort which might mean you have to step outside of your comfort zone. 

You don’t need to over spend

I myself am not a suit type of guy. However, at a wedding recently I felt like a million dollars because I knew I was dressed properly for the occasion. If you need to spend some money on new clothes then think of it as an investment in you!

After all, it’s no good getting your men’s grooming down and then letting all the hard word down with old clothes that new renewing.

Work on your posture

Here are 3 signs you have bad posture and how to improve on it.

Yeah posture!

Have you ever seen a guy hunched over at a bar or in the office? It really does make a guy look lazy and unattractive to women.

Sometimes it’s just a case of being consciously aware of your posture and simply standing up straight like a meerkat looking for his next meal. 

This will increase your height for a start. It will also allow you to feel more confident as you stand like an alpha male that you are, ready to find your next partner.

Why not try this

Another great tip for anyone with bad posture is exercise especially yoga. I know my vision of yoga is nan’s in a leotard (sorry for that image) but these days yoga and meditation can be done at home. Just check out You Tube but the leotard is optional. How to make yourself look better guys

Top Tip

Over 50% of communication is body language! If your body is saying hey I am unconfident and can’t stand up straight, a woman isn’t going to appreciate the look. Turn the tables and think about what you find attractive in a woman and I am sure the above will not be at the top of your wish list.

As Promised,
Here’s your Extra Bonus tip on how to get the perfect haircut

Ok so you have decided what new hairstyle or haircut you are after and you have that image firmly planted in your head.

So what next?

You get to the barbers and after 30 minutes of hoping it was going to turn out as you had imagined, you get to see all angles from the mirror and it’s not what you wanted. Now you must pay for the cut with your hard-earned cash and walk out like you love the barber, what a killer.

So how do we get a haircut right if it is literally out of our hands. How to make yourself look better guys

Lets Get started!

1 Firstly, remember that your barber wants you to be happy with the finished cut. Why? Because most barbers rely on word of mouth especially in tight communities where word of mouth is gold dust. Happy customers are the best advertising in the world and most of all its free so no barber is ever going to give you a bad hair day just for the sake of it.

2 I know this might sound obvious but have a quick chat with the barber before he starts. Explain to him what you like and don’t like. I know as a youngster I never liked having a short fringe so even as a teenager this would be discussed with the barber before he started.

Take a photo!

3 Why not take a photo of the hairstyle if you have seen it in a magazine. That way, you can show the barber exactly what you want and he can help and advise you.

 It might be that your type of hair or the shape of you face might not suit a certain style. Most barbers will offer you some good honest advice and it’s up to you if you take the advice or not.

4 During the hair cut, speak up if you feel it’s starting to not look like you had imagined it to look. The barber will either put your mind at ease that it will be as you wanted by the end or will be able to stop before taking too much off.

water based pomade for men
Pomade for curly hair? Man with long curly hair.

5 Once you get home with your new haircut, how do you keep it as was when you left the barbers. As with all this advice, simply ask the barber for any tips on how to reproduce the hairstyle in the mornings and what products he can recommend.

 Normally, they will be more than happy to explain what brushing techniques to use and what type of product has been used to get the effects.

Grooming Products

6 Most barbers these days offer a selection of men’s grooming products that can help you keep that style. If for any reason you don’t buy the items immediately then Amazon can help you out. Try our Sea Salt Spray at in our store.

They have set out to put all the best and most reputable brands into one place for everyone to enjoy. They even offer you some accessories including trimmers and hair dryers to help you get the style you want and to help you keep it looking good. How to make yourself look better guys

Getting the perfect haircut is never going to be easy if we don’t communicate with your barber. Like a good builder or electrician, find a good barber and keep them!

You can also check out our  Men’s Hair Product Guide

How to make yourself look better
cure bad body odours

So whats your Conclusion?

Well we have reached the end of the article but don’t forget the other articles highlighted for more in depth looks at certain topics.

If you want to look good and impress the women in your life or to find a new woman then one things for sure. 

A woman loves a well presented and well-groomed man…. period! None of us are perfect and we will all have parts of us that we do and don’t like for various reasons.

However, if you make the most of what you have and work on the areas that need improving then you are heading in the right direction.

Which tip is your favourite? Write a comment below and we will always reply to them.

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