How To Twist Men’s Hair – Afro Hair

How to Twist Men’s Hair- Afro Hair

Hair is one of the most important parts of the body that plays a big role in every being. It has different purposes that contribute a big impact on anyone.It protects them in many ways, like head injury and other fractures in the head. Aside from that, it can also be the reason for someone to look attractive and gain public confidence.

Hair can be an asset to anyone.Additionally, it can also be the source of income since there are a lot of people who are very conscious about their hair to the point that they are mostly consulting a hairdresser, barber, and beautician to take care of their hair.

In this guide, we will show you how to twist men’s hair.

Hair Twist
How to Twist Afro Hair

Your Hair As You Grow Up

When people were on the stage of being a child, they were not really giving attention to their hair.It was okay for them to look whatever their hair looks like and how short and long it was, but people become very mindful about their hair growing up.

How it looks like, how it presents itself, how shiny it is, and how healthier it really matters to them.They become very hygienic and sensitive about it. They are always checking on their hair, washing it very well, using different products to make it shiny and healthier.

This is why, as people grow up, they tend to explore something about themselves, make it looks good, and fix it according to what they want it to look like.

Men Also Care About Their Hair

Everybody is aware that women love to go to salons or parlors to fix them and make them look wonderful.But not only women are very concerned about their hair because men are very concerned too. That is why there is this shop called Barber Shop

Men are likely to fix their hair to look clean and attractive.Aside from that, it can also add to their confidence when facing someone and boost themselves.

Hair Twisting

There are a lot of styles that people are trying for them to look better and attractive. One of these styles is the Hair Twists. Now, what is hair twisting? And also learn how to twist men’s hair?

Twist hair is one kind of hairstyle. It is one of the best and popular hairstyles, especially for afro twist men. Men with Afro hair are commonly using the twists hairstyle for the same and different reasons.Twist Hair is great, and it is also a hassle-free hairstyle. It is better than any kind of hairstyle because it is very versatile.

It looks good for both short hair and long hair.It also can be matched into other styles. Another one is, it also helps to keep the hair healthy. In a different part of the world, twist hair is most likely to be used especially for afro twist men.

The twisted hair will achieve by dividing hair into sections and twisting it into something that the person wants it to be twisted.

How To Twist Natural Hair?

Some people are questioning if it is safe to twist natural hair? If yes, how to twist natural hair? If no, why? The answer to the first question is a big YES. It is safe and recommended to twists natural hair.

Twisting hair can make people’s hair healthier. Now, how to twist natural hair? 

1. Sections of your hair. Divide your hair into sections. It can be into four or how many sections that the person wants to divide the hair.  Remember that the smaller the shape section is, the tighter the twists in the end.  2. Put a conditioner to prepare the hair and make it hydrated. Aside from that, putting conditioner helps to make the twisting process smoother. 3. Apply cream to the section part so that the hair will be moisturized and healthy. Apply the cream using the comb. 4. Split the section into two. Half the section and start twisting it left over right or right over left. 5. Twist it into what direction is possible.  6. Repeat twisting up to the last section. Repeat the process of twisting up to the end. 7. Clean the edges. After cleaning the edges, the desired twist look is already visible. Check Out this page for some great Twist Hairstyles for Menhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=596pGBhNbw4

The Proper Way To Twist Hair

Natural hair is very important to take care of. That is why the proper way of twisting hair must be followed. It is also very important how to prepare before twisting a hair.

The proper way to prepare before twisting the hair prevents damages that will lead to other hair problems

1. Section the hair into the layers that the customer wants. Use a clip to section the hair up until the last section. 2. Grab a spray bottle to make it hydrated. 3. Moisturize the sections of the hair using hair products. Another is detangling all the hair in the section. 4. Start twisting the divided section. 

How To Keep Twisted Hair Good and Frizzy

As mentioned earlier, twist hair is one of the best hairstyles. When people have a twist hairstyle, it is a goal for them to look better and keep it healthier. Men’s twists look best when groomed properly so make sure to look after your twists.

It is very important to take care of the twisted hair. They are recommendations on how to keep the twisted hair good and frizzy

After showering or washing the hair, make sure to make it dry first before sleeping.Put a cover and a clip to the hair to maintain the strands of it. Another is to apply a little hair oil or butter every night to keep the hair’s smoothness.

Twist hair will not require everyone to wash the hair every day or normally.

But it is also important to use a shampoo and conditioner to make the roots of the hair stronger and healthy.Taking care of the hair is like taking care of the body.

Hair is not just for a look, and it is also for confidence and good body hygiene. If you want to improve your Men’s Grooming, check out our Men’s Grooming Guide and Tips


By now, I hope you have a good understanding of how to twist men’s hair- Afro Hair. As with any men’s hairstyle, you need to take your time and do the job properly to get the best results.

If you cant manage to do the hair twists yourself, then why not go to your local barber and get someone professional to do this for you.

Men’s twists will take time to learn, but will definitely be worth the effort.

If you have any tips or hacks that work well for you, please share them in the comments below.

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