Best Long Hairstyles For Men

Best Long Hairstyles for Men

Long Hairstyles For Men

Suppose you are the more laid back, casual type of man who wants a fun and natural texture look now and then, long hair can be your next favorite long hairstyle for men!

Also known as one of the sexiest long hairstyles for guys, this simple and easy hairstyle allows you to instantly make a head-turning style in just a few minutes with just a little bit of styling.

Long hair is always a good idea when styling it. It gives you something to work with, and it also adds a lot of volume to your head that makes your face look great. Long hair can add a finishing touch to your personality and make you feel more like yourself.

Short Hairstyles

One of the first things you should do when deciding on long hair is gone for a short cut that is very sleek.

Short hair always looks more professional and still looks very well cut. You also have fewer choices when it comes to a long haircut for men because your choice of length is restricted to your face shape.

With so many hairstyles to pick from, it’s also difficult to pick the best long hairstyle for men, which is why we have created this guide. If you want to improve on ore than just your hair, check out Men’s Grooming Guide and Top Tips.

When deciding on your colour for your long hair, you want to pick a colour that goes with your overall facial complexion.

Black hair has a darker tint to it, and blond hair has a slight tint to it. If you have pale skin, you should choose a black hairstyle. This way, you can balance out the colour of your skin with the colour of your hair.

If you have beautiful hair or you want to try something funkier, then going with a shoulder-length is the way to go.

You also have the option of getting your hair cut in layers. A layer of bangs is the perfect way to keep your hair simple. If you have a full face, you can get your sheets done in the middle of your forehead. 

Best long hairstyles for men

Best Long Hairstyle for Men Options

You have several options when it comes to long hairstyles. There is the classic cut, where you take your hair up to the back of your head and leave a little to grow in there.

There are a variety of shortcuts that will give you the appearance of a longer face. As long as you know what look you are trying to achieve, there is a perfect long hairstyle for you.

Another thing you can do with long hairstyles is to do an updo. This is an easy way to turn a short cut into something completely different and give it a new look.

When deciding on long hair for your day, it is always a good idea to consult a stylist so they can help you choose the style that is best for your face shape.

It is still a good idea to try out a few different methods to see what works best for your face shape and which hair products are suitable for you.

Top 5 Best Long Hairstyles For Men

1 Man Bun

This hairstyle is very classic. In the past, it considers unique and mostly uses by hipsters. This definitely had to be on the list of best long hairstyles for men!

Time flies and most peoples adopt this hairstyle. This hairstyle gives a sophisticated hairstyle. This hairstyle is not outdated yet, and it looks perfect for tall height. Maintain this hairstyle is very also very easy. That’s why we have included this in the best hairstyles for men, simple and quick to tie up.

2 Top Knot

The topknot is a neat and clean version of the man bun. It gives a sharp and very focused look.

Nowadays, this hairstyle is one of the trendy hairstyle, many people who have medium and style long hair try their own version. If you have hair between long and medium you should try this as it’s definitely one of the best hairstyles for men

3 Professional Viking Hair

This hairstyle adds a tough and rough look to your appearance. With a trimmed beard this hairstyle looks very good and amazing.

If your hair is between long and medium from the blow dryer and good haircut gives you this fantastic haircut


4 Braided Curly Ponytail Updo

This hairstyle is very complicated to maintain and care for, but if you are dedicated to making your look awesome, this hairstyle is for you.

It would help if you cared very much, but this hairstyle gives you a look which no one can forget


5 Brushed Back Hair

if your face is round type this hairstyle suits you very much. It is something modern pompadour in an extended hairstyle version for thick hair. This is definitely one of my favorite best hairstyles for long hair men.

You don’t need to pay extra attention to this hair type of style. For office going people this hairstyle is perfect if you want to look well maintained as well as wish to have a long hairstyle.

If you need some hair care products to help style your long hair, check out our haircare range.


Long Hair has many styles and in this article, we wanted to feature the main top five.

If you have a favorite long hairstyle, then comment below and let our readers know from your experience, which hairstyles are the best.

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